NATO 9 Line

Line 1: Location of Pickup Site (Grid or latitude/longitude)

Line 2: Frequency & Call Sign At Pickup Site Line

3: Number of Patients By Precedence

  1. Urgent (Non-Surgical)- evacuate within 2 hours
  2. Urgent-surgical (All Trauma)- need immediate Surgical Care
  3. Priority– evacuate within 4 hours
  4. Routine– evacuate within 24 hours
  5. Convenience– evacuate when possible

9 Line UXO Report

Line 4: Special Equip. Req (hoist, ventilator, extraction device)

Line 5: Number of Patients by Type: L+# of litter patents   A+# of ambulatory patients

Line 6: Wartime: Security of Pickup Site N- No Enemy Troops P- Possible Enemy Troops in the Area E- Confirmed Enemy Troops in Area (Use Caution) X- Engaged With Enemy Troops (Armed Escort Required)

Line 7: Marking of Pickup Site (Panel, Smoke, Lights-What Color?)

Line 8: Patient Status and Nationality (If Known) A= US/ Coalition Military, Nationality= B= US/ Coalition Force Civilian, Nationality= C= Non Coalition Force Soldier, Nationality= D=Non US/Coalition Civilian, Nationality= E= Enemy Prisoner of War F= High Value Target (Armed Escort Required)

Line 9: WARTIME: NBC Contamination

Glow in the Dark 9 Line MEDEVAC

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