How To Properly Call in a 9 Line MEDEVAC

Step 1: Conduct care under fire and TCCC

Step 2: Determine number of patients by type

Step 3: Contact MEDEVAC channel

Step 4: Using 9 Line MEDEVAC format call in MEDEVAC.

The first 5 lines are most important when calling in a MEDEVAC, the other 4 can be relayed when birds are in the air. Ensure you have a safe LZ for the landing party.

How To Call In A 9Line MEDEVAC And MIST Report

Example of 9 Line MEDEVAC: “Bravo five this is Victor two, request 9 line MEDEVAC” “Victor two this is Bravo five prepared to copy” “Line one, one eight sierra whisky papa one two tree one four fife one seven” “Line two, two seven zero zero Bravo Five” “Line tree, alpha one, bravo tree” “line four, alpha” “line five, alpha four” “How copy over?” At this point the MEDEVAC line will repeat all given and initiate movement for MEDEVAC.

Once in the air the operator will relay final four lines in the same manner given. It’s always important to remain calm on the radio and ALWAYS have a 9 Line MEDEVAC on hand. These can be laminated or get some of our stickers from our store here!

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