The MP5k is a smaller variant of the MP5, specifically designed for close-quarters combat situations.

The MP5k is only about 4.4 pounds and is less than 13 inches long, which makes this one of the best-concealed carry guns on the market.

The biggest differences, besides the weight and length, are the receiver endcap and it fires from a close-bolt position. The Receiver endcap addition replaces a buttstock, making the gun shorter, while the closed-bolt firing mechanism allows for greater control and accuracy.

But that’s not the only cool thing about this weapon system, so keep reading for our full MP5k review.

The MP5k Explained

The MP5k can be used as a primary weapon in close-quarters environments or it’s small and light enough to be concealed and used as a secondary weapon. The versatility that made the MP5 so popular and useful was made better by the creation of the MP5k. The Receiver endcap allows the MP5k to cuts its overall length by more than half from 27 inches to 12.7 inches. Normally this would cause a gun to have added recoil and harder to control, but H&K made sure to configure the MP5k with a closed-bolt firing mechanism. Firing from a close-bolt position gives the MP5k the ability to reduce recoil and muzzle flip with the receiver endcap absorbing the delayed-blowback operation of the gun. H&K has always been a great company, but we think they stepped up their game with this gun. It shoots as accurate and handles better than the MP5, while still maintaining the craftsmanship and quality of parts we expect from H&K. The ease of maintenance and the ability to change the receiver cap to a buttstock adds an element of personalization that accommodates every style of shooter.

Specs| MP5k                                                                              


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MSRP: $1,600
Length overall: 12.7 in
Weight: 4.4 lbs
Width: 1.9 in
Barrel Length: 4.5 in
Magazine Capacities: 15,30
Fire Rate: 800 rounds/ min


· 15 and 30 round magazines
· Wide variety of trigger groups for different rates of fire (Single-fire, 2-round, 3-round, and full auto)
· Modular design enables the addition of different buttstocks, forearms, magazines, and sight mounts.

Who Should Buy an MP5k

The MP5k is very popular amongst the law enforcement and special operations communities because of it’s versatility and effectiveness. We recommend civilian law enforcement organizations, Federal Law Enforcement, and military special operations to test this gun out and see the benefits for themselves. We also strongly recommend any women in civilian or federal law enforcement to consider the MP5k. Many people struggle with pistols for a variety of reasons and most carbines or rifles are still too big to conceal properly, without restricting mobility and capability. The MP5k is only 4 pounds and 12 inches long, making it the perfect concealed carry gun on the market.

MP5 Vs. MP5k

The most popular question we get is why someone would buy an MP5k over an MP5, especially when you can get an MP5 cheaper than an MP5k. We created a table below to compare the similarities and differences.

Weight 4.4 lbs6.8 lbs
Overall Length12.7 inches27.6 (stock extended)

21.7 (stock retracted)

Barrell Length4.5 inches8.8 inches
Magazine capacity15,3015,30
Height9 inches9 inches
Rate of Fire900 per/min800 per/min
Width1.9 inches1.9inches
ButtstockReceiver capExtended Buttstock

MP5k VS Zenith MP5

The Zenith MP5 (Z-5RS) is very similar to the MP5, created by MKE out of Turkey. The Z-5RS is well built and has a great grip on the gun but its narrow forearm makes it feel less sturdy than the MP5k. The Z-5RS has the standard Picatinny rail system and almost all aesthetic parts are interchangeable and easily replaced. The Z-5RS has an awesome trigger that is much better than most MP5 style submachine guns, but the ergonomics in the H&K models are much better than the Z-5RS.

MP5kZenith MP5 (Z-5RS)
Weight4.4 lbs5.5 lbs
Overall Length12.7 inches17.9 inches

27 inches (buttstock extended)

Barrell Length4.5 inches8.9 inches
Magazine capacity15,3030
Height9 inches10 inches
Rate of Fire900 per/min800per/min
Width1.9 inches
ButtstockReceiver capReceiver Cap

MP5k Problems

The safety switch on the MP5k has been known to give owners a lot of problems because it can be clunky and hard to grip with your thumb. The easy fix with this issue is to change the safety selector switch with a custom model. Another common complaint is H&K does not include the last round bolt-open feature, which forces the user to know and calculate when their magazine is about out. This is something that we are ok with because every gun operator should be fully aware of his/her rate of fire and round capacity. However, it would be better if H&K engineered this feature to make the transition between magazines smoother.

MP5k Accessories

One of the best attributes of the MP5k is the amount of customization that it allows. Almost every part of this gun can be replaced, modified, or customized. Even though the MP5k comes with a receiver cap instead of the buttstock, you can easily add a buttstock for more stability. Our favorite one to use is the SB Folding side stock because it’s easy to attach and is locked in very well to the frame. If money isn’t a concern, the SB Tactical Folding Brace is a great option but is about $200 more. Some buttstocks need an adapter to attach the receiver before you put the brace on. Make sure before you buy a brace, you find out if an adapter is needed. We recommend SB Tactical Side Folding adapter but remember you may not need an adapter so do your homework before you buy something you don’t need.  If you do need an adapter, The SB tactical improves your versatility by allowing you to fold or unfold the brace based on your needs. The image below is a great way to learn more about buttstocks before you buy one.

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MP5k Magazine

The MP5k magazine is 30 rounds that come in translucent and black. MP5k magazines normally start around $30 per magazine but can reach up to $60 if you get a custom magazine. H&K also sells a 15 round magazine if you don’t want to carry the full 30, but we think its best to go with the 30-round mag. We also recommend getting a speed loader from Palmetto State Armory.

MP5k Sights

The standard sight for the MP5k is the diopter sight, which is an aperture sight that is used to line up with the front sight element. The site itself is very sturdy and well made, so there is no issue to zero your sights during range time. We recommend the Castle Rear sight from H&K if you want a clearer sight picture. The Castle’s rear sight widens the sight picture and is much faster to get on target than standard iron sights.

MP5k Grips

H&K creates dozens of grips that can easily be replaced with very little effort. With the only real knock on the MP5k being the safety selector and grip well, we recommend a few alternatives to the stock version of the gun. The front vertical grip is great for stability, but you can easily replace it with a Picatinny rail system. 

MP5k Trigger GroupHK clipped and pinned ambi gripAmbi left side extended selector leverAmbi right side selector leverComplete and ready to put on you MP5kSynopsisPrice
MP5 94 Group 3 Navy Housing (0,1)

No full auto for this grip

          ♦             ♦                ♦              ♦The 94 group 3 is a great alternative to the stock version because it converts the MP5k to fully ambidextrous. This grip provides a great non-slip easy to handle grip for any shooter with average-sized hands.$389.95
MP5 Navy group 3 (0,1, full auto)          ♦            ♦               ♦              ♦This is the same as the 94 groups, except it has the full auto lever on the selector switch.$624.95
MP5 group 3 position Navy (0,1, full auto)          ♦              ♦This grip not only provides a full auto switch, but it corrects the trigger flaw by extending the safety selector switch. This is a great buy if the safety bothers you or you simply want a more ergonomic trigger group.$698.95
9mm MP5 trigger Group SEF


           ♦This is one of the most economical trigger groups you can buy. It still has the H&K name, so you know it is high quality, but it is not ready to go as is. Most do not come with a friction trip lever or friction sear, so you’d have to order another piece, separately.$274.95
9mm MP5 4 position group (0,1,2, full auto)           ♦              ♦             ♦             ♦This is the top of the line trigger group for someone who needs to the versatility in fire rate and comfort. This fits every version of the MP5 and can be easily converted within a few minutes.$839.95

H&K MP5k Rail Options

There are many different rail systems you can place on your MP5k that will either make it look better or function better. As with any gun, you need to figure out what you want to do with that gun (e.g., close-quarters, mid-range, long-range, etc…), so you can decide if you want to replace the stock receiver with an attachment. One of our favorite combinations is to use a sling with a laser sight or use a flashlight with the sling. The rail systems below are a few of our favorites, but try to remember the more you add, the more weight you’re holding and attachments could get in the way of accuracy.

Rail SystemsLaserLightSlingOpticsSynopsisPrice
Front sight tower rail mount    ♦   ♦   ♦     ♦All three attachments can be placed on the tower rail, but not at the same time. This rail is meant to be lightweight with two attachments at most.$39.95
Second Gen Picatinny Rail to weld to receiver   ♦     ♦This rail system is used specifically if you want to add a scope or optic to your gun. With 17 rail slots available, it can accommodate any scope or optic you would like to put on.$69.95
MP5k Rail Segment   ♦   ♦   ♦     ♦This system is great for the MP5k because it is small, light, and easily attached to the receiver. Although you can put any of these attachments on the receiver, we only recommend 1 or 2 at a time. A laser and sling are a great combination to use.$59.95

Best Concealed Carry SMG|MP5k

The MP5k is hands down the best concealed carry gun on the market today. It’s essentially the size of a mid-sized handgun with the firepower of a machine gun. The gun only weighs 4.4 pounds and is barely over 12 inches long.

The Best Method to Conceal MP5k

H&K created a briefcase that can be used to transport or can be used as a  firing platform. This reminds us of a James Bond movie, but it’s as real as it gets. The briefcase has a professional look and feels great while providing easy access to the gun. We recommend practicing with the briefcase if you’re going to put it into action.

Where to Buy the MP5k

The best place to search for an MP5k is Palmetto State Armory will give you the best possible prices for any accessories or gun you need. We highly recommend Palmetto State Armory or Gunbroker. Both are great companies that have given us exceptional customer service and quality products.