Anytime I hear the name Mossberg, I instantly think of some of the best shotguns in the world. However, Mossberg has quietly developed an incredible pistol designed for concealed carry. The pistol grip is made of a rough-textured polymer that is capable of withstanding any weather conditions thrown at it. The pistol is only 1.3 lbs fully loaded and is only 6.25″ long. This allows you to conceal this pistol in either a shoulder holster, waistband holster, or an ankle holster without adding any attention to yourself. The patented Clear Count pistol magazines will always let you know how many rounds you have without taking them out or counting your shots. The Safe Takedown System of the MC1SC sets the standard for safely handling your pistol during disassembly. In short, the MC1 Sub-Compact will give you a safer concealed carry weapon (CCW) with optimal ergonomics and a phenomenal trigger at an affordable price.


Mossberg MC1SC
Caliber 9mm
Frame Subcompact
Capacity 6, 7 rounds
Safety Cross-Bolt
Sight White 3-Dot
Sight Radius 5.4″
Trigger Flat-Profile Trigger
Trigger Pull Weight 5-6 lbs
Frame Material Polymer
Finish Matte Black
Barrel Length 3.4″
Overall Length 6.25″
Twist Rate 1:16 RH
Height 4.3″
Width 103″
Weight 1.19 lbs (19 oz)
MSRP $421.00


  • Superior Ergonomics
    Natural and comfortable in your hand thanks to the grip palm swell. Grip panels are integrated with aggressive texturing for added control for a confident, firm grip under a variety of conditions.
  • Flat-Profile Trigger
    The MC1sc trigger (approx. 6 lbs pull) has an integrated blade safety, a short, tactile reset, and reduced overtravel. It features a crisp, clean break and smooth take-up, which means less hand movement for a truer, more accurate shot.
  • Snag-Free Dovetail Sights
    Standard snag-free dovetail white three-dot sights (Sig #8 compatible) offer easier target acquisition and quicker draw. TRUGLO® Tritium PRO™ sights are also available as a factory option.
  • VIRIDIAN Laser Equipped Model: 89004
    A tiny laser sight tucks neatly between the trigger guard and muzzle, with no overhang. You can turn your laser on with a push of a button when you draw the weapon.
  • Clear-Count™ Polymer Magazines
    Each MC1sc ships with a flush-fit 6-round and an extended 7-round magazine. Clear-Count magazines feature easy-to-remove floor plates, and high-visibility followers made out of a lubricious polymer compound. All models have a reversible magazine release.

Where Can I Buy The MC1SC?

Palmetto State Armory is always a great choice if you’re in Law Enforcement or a military veteran so you can take advantage of the discount. However, Mossberg sells their guns through 3 major intermediaries, known as Gearfire, The Shooting Store, and Gallery of Guns.  If you don’t find the price or model you’re looking for, try the dozens of companies that sell Mossberg guns in the Locate a Dealer page. Cabela’s offers the cross-bolt safety model for $350.00, which is roughly $50.00 cheaper than most other places.

Mossberg MC1sc 9mm Pistol, Manual Safety - 89002


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What is a Safe Takedown System?

The Safe Takedown System on the MC1SC was designed to give pistol owners a level of comfort and safety that no other pistol offers. Mossberg accomplishes this feat by ensuring that the gun owner never has to pull the trigger to disassemble the pistol. As trivial as this sounds, every other handgun manufacturer requires the trigger to be pulled during the disassembly process. According to the CDC from 2006-2016, 6,885 people died from accidental shootings with 495 deaths in 2016 alone. This is important to consider because hundreds of those deaths could have been prevented with the extra safety precautions, such as the Safe Takedown System from Mossberg. many experienced gun owners like to think they would never make this kind of mistake, but think about long hours at the range and trying to get your gun cleaned and stored while worrying about getting your family dinner and ready for bed. It’s not difficult to forget a step in clearing your gun with all things considered.

How Do I Use the Safe Takedown System?

  1. Remove the magazine and lock open and clear the action. Push the slide cover plate button* and slide it down.
  2.  Once the slide cover plate is removed, the orange end of the striker assembly will be visible.
  3. Close the action by pulling the slide fully rearward and releasing it gently. This will allow the slide to push out the striker assembly.
  4. The striker assembly is safely removed from the pistol without ever pulling the trigger. The slide is then pushed forward towards the muzzle, and removed off of the frame.


Which Ammo Should I Use?

The Mossberg MC1SC has a 1:16″ Right-Hand rifling means it’s meant to be used with lighter ammo, such as the 124 grain. I have 3 different brands that I trust and use regularly in my 9mm pistols. I wanted to ensure I included bullets for varying purposes, such as hollow points for self-defense, FMJ for target shooting or everyday carry rounds. The MC1SC can shoot heavier ammo, but with a 3.4″ barrel, I recommend going light since the twist rate is so slow. The 3 companies I use a lot in my 9mm handguns are Hornady, Federal, and Winchester.

Hornady 9MM+P 124GR XTP American Gunner Ammunition

With dozens of ammunition companies selling similar bullets, it can be difficult to decide which to choose from. I prefer to go with companies that are made in America that specialize in ammunition. Obviously, the major companies, like Winchester, Sig Sauer, and Remington make great ammo, but Hornady shouldn’t be overlooked. The American Gunner series is the most popular style of ammo from Hornady because of its dependability and accuracy. This ammo features the eXtreme Terminal Performance (XTP) technology that has combined the most up to date ballistic technology with the highest grade materials.


Hornady 9mm+P 124gr XTP American Gunner Ammuntion 25rds - 90224


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Federal 9mm 124Gr HST Ammunition

Federal is my normal choice for my concealed carry Glock 43 and my Sig P365 because it works great with short barrel pistols and packs an incredibly powerful punch. This hollow point hits its target with a noticeable difference in power and somehow provides nearly 100% weight retention. The HST is designed to expand uniformly through clothing and non-metallic related barriers. If you want a bullet to punch through metal and stay intact, buy the FMJ style. This bullet is the most reliable round that I’ve shot with and that’s why I trust it with my life. It’s going to cost about $30.00 per box (20/box), but when your life depends on the reliability of your gun and its ammo, an extra $10  is well worth it. If my word isn’t good enough, the FBI has rated the Federal HST as superior in its extensive testing for law enforcement purposes.



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Winchester USA FMJ 9mm Ammunition

I love using the Winchester USA FMJ for practice because this box comes with 50 rounds and is less than $17.00 at most stores. I normally buy 2 boxes for about $35.00 and get a couple of hours at the range with each of my pistols. Something to keep in mind is the importance of practice with new pistols. Every pistol feels and operates a little differently than other brands, so it’s paramount that you get the time with each gun you have. Putting 100 rounds down range at an affordable price each month will ensure you gain the experience needed to ensure you come home to your family every day.

Winchester USA 9mm 124gr FMJ Ammunition 50rds - USA9MM



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GT-5000 (3 Strips) Grip Tape

As much as I’d like to say the grip is great, I find it to be slick, especially when it’s wet outside or my hands get sweaty. The GT-5000 Grip Tape will fit on any gun and provides more than enough support to make this a primary CCW. I hate to admit that I have severe arthritis at 35 years old, but there’s really no hiding it. For me, this tape offers a great sturdy grip in humidity, rain, and protection against sweat. I notice an immediate difference in my recoil control, accuracy, and comfort, even on days when my hands are flaring up and it’s hard to grip something. I like how the GT-5000 doesn’t wear the fabric on my clothes down from the rough texture and never leaves behind the sticky goo that requires more chemicals to get off the grip.



Warren Tactical Pistol Grip Sleeve

The first time you see this grip, you’re going to be turned off because it doesn’t look comfortable, or at least that’s how I felt. However, this pistol grip allowed me to focus on my correct hand placement for my support hand. The rubber sleeve serves as a guide to placing your hand in the same position every time to ensure your mechanics are the same when you hold the gun. Warren Tactical even got it approved by the USPSA and IDPA to give the best shooters in the world a chance to review their product. This grip sleeve is even recommended by the legendary FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT).


Why Should I Buy the Mossberg MC1SC?

The Mossberg MC1SC sets itself apart with its advanced safety features, such as the Safe takedown System and, the loaded barrel port indicator, and the cross-bolt safety mechanism. This pistol reminds me a lot of my Glock 43 because its almost the same exact size, it’s incredibly easy to fire, and it’s made by a superior gun manufacturer. Whether you buy this gun new from $350-430 or used for around $300, you’ll get your money’s worth. This pistol is easily concealable and offers the shooter to holster it in any conceivable style (hip, pocket, purse, shoulder, or ankle holster). In my opinion, if you add grip tape to this pistol, it shoots just as well as my Sig P365 and my Glock 43. I’ve never had any malfunctions, misdeeds, or problems with durability while shooting this gun (500 rounds put through). I highly recommend giving the Mossberg MC1SC a chance and encourage you to reach out to us with your thoughts.