Magpul Hunter Stock For The Ruger 10/22

Do you own a Ruger 10/22 and want to transform it into one of the most accurate 22 rifles?

One of the easiest ways to accomplish that is to upgrade the stock.

The stock we’re taking a look at in this article is the Magpul Hunter Stock.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of this stock, other than it being indestructible, is its price.

Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock for Ruger 10/22

at Faxon Firearms
Prices accurate at time of writing

Magpul Hunter 10/22 Stock Review

Magpul manufactures the Hunter 10/22 stock in a way that it accepts 10/22 parts for a perfect fit every single time.

The bedding block has a lot to do with that.

The bedding block is made of A380 cast aluminum; one of the most popular aluminum alloys known for its durability and being lightweight.

The bedding block resembles more of an insert by the way it is designed. The way it fits into the hunter stock provides improved stability and reliability in your action.

Additionally, Magpul machined the polymer stock to ergonomic perfection.

Magpul Hunter Stock Ergonomics
Enhanced ergonomics include a 60-degree grip angle from the bore axis, a Non-slip rubber butt-pad, and a Spacer system that provides adjustable LOP from 12.5"-14.5" with 0.50" spacers.

The butt pad was designed and placed in the best possible position to reduce recoil and slippage, resulting in improved shot-to-shot accuracy.

Likewise, the grip is also designed to ergonomic perfection.

It is manufactured to an angle of 60 degrees from the bore axis. This specific angle was purposely designed to conform to the contours of your hand and provide comfort for extended periods of time.

Magpul Hunter Stock for Ruger 10/22
Whether your .22 build is Black, FDE, or OD Green, we’ve got a Magpul Industries Corp. stock for you now on the site.

From Faxon Firearms

The Hunter X-22 Stock is an ergonomic, full-featured stock for the ubiquitous Ruger 10/22 rifle.

Made from high-quality reinforced polymer, the Hunter X-22 features an ergonomic grip, adjustable length of pull and comb height to fit a wide variety of shooters, multiple sling mounting options, a non-slip rubber butt-pad, and M-LOK slots for accessory attachment.

The Hunter X-22 fits standard Ruger 10/22 pattern rifles with no gunsmithing, and a reversible barrel tray ensures proper fit with factory pencil profile as well as heavy bull barrels.

The Hunter X-22 stock is also compatible with the Thompson Center T/CR22.

Are Magpul Stocks Any Good?

The Magpul Hunter stocks are made using a reinforced polymer process and an anodized aluminum bedding block.

This is not to be confused with the typical injection molded construction found on the very cheap stocks associated with cheaper rifles.

This stock offers a cost-effective replacement featuring a fully adjustable length of pull and enhanced ergonomics.

Magpul Hunter Stock For The Ruger 10/22

Is the Magpul Hunter Stock Free Float?

The design of the Magpul Hunter Stock features a tapered beam that provides the right amount of rigidity throughout the forend.

This tapered beam allows for a free float system for any of the Faxon 10/22 barrels.

Wrapping it Up!

The Magpul Hunter Stock promotes more confidence when you grab and shoulder your Ruger 10/22. It just feels indestructible.

Head on over to Faxon Firearms to check out the Magpul Hunter Stock and other Ruger 10/22 upgrades.

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