How To Upgrade Your Mossberg Shockwave| The Ultimate guide to Shockwave Accessories

Mossberg Shockwave on the Range

Mossberg Shockwave

The Mossberg 590 Shockwave is the revolutionary personal defense shotgun that is taking the country by storm. Mossberg was the 1st gun manufacturer to produce a shotgun with a 14″ barrel that is in accordance with the Gun Control Act in the ATF. The reason it’s legal for civilians to own is that Mossberg collaborated with Shockwave Industrustries with their patented Birds Eye Raptor pistol grip. One of the best parts about the Mossberg is the ability to customize the shotgun in dozens of different configurations to ensure the shotgun fits your personality and shooting style.


Gauge 12
Capacity 5+1
Chamber 3″
Barrel Type Heavy-Walled
Barrel Length 14.375″
Sight/Base Bead
Choke Cylinder Bore
Barrel Finish Matte Blued
Stock Finish Raptor Grip / Corn Cob Forend w/ Strap
Weight 5.25
Length 26.37″

TRUGLO TRU-TEC Micro Red Dot Sight

TRUGLO TRU-TEC Micro Red Dot Sight is perfect for your Shockwave because of the wide-open window and bright red dot. This window provides a rapid target acquisition for the shooter and the red dot is bright with 10 distinct brightness settings. The sight picture also provides unlimited eye relief, meaning that you won’t have to close one eye and strain your eyes to see the red dot. If you’re anything like me and forget to turn your equipment off, the TRU-Tec has an idle auto-off system to ensure your battery lasts. It also comes with a Picatinny rail mount for easy installation and has a built-in lug and bolt for compatibility with any of your guns. The TRU-TEC is also water-resistant, shock-resistant, and fog-resistant to allow you to shoot in bad weather conditions without adjustments.




Monstrum Side Mounted 12 Gauge Shell Holder with Picatinny Rail Mount

A lot of accessories tend to seek because they’re flashy and have an incredible amount of technology put into them. The Monstrum side-mounted shell holder is none of those things, but it’s still one of the most necessary accessories for your shotgun. The rail mount is easily installed with the factory-drilled holes and requires no additional tools or gunsmithing skills. The shell holder accommodates up to 6 12 ga shells and is designed to be completely ambidextrous, so you can attach it to the left or right side of the shotgun. To make this shell holder even better, the Picatinny Rail on top can accommodate your optics, scopes, or any aftermarket sight. It might not be flashy or filled with tech, but its practical, easy to use, and will increase your chances of successfully defending yourself.




Crimson Trace Shotgun Lasersaddle 

Crimson Trace always shows out with the coolest laser attachments on the market and the LS- 250 Lasersaddle is no different. The laser is easily attached to the receiver of the shotgun and has multiple activation pad points to turn on and off. This laser will fit perfectly on your shockwave and is built to be completely ambidextrous for maximum comfort for all shooters. The Crimson Trace laser Saddle is run on 2 CR2032 batteries and lasts up to 3 hours of continuous use before it starts to dim or turn off. I love this laser because it’s incredibly easy to use, it is customizable for wind and elevation, and it’s extremely practical with the touchpad points. You won’t have to take your hand off the grip or adjust your line of sight to use this laser.




CDM GEAR Fits Mossberg 590 Shockwave 

Much like the Monstrum shell holder, the CDM rail mount is much more about making your shotgun better than making it look better. Using the CDM Gear tactical light rail mount will ensure your light will be securely mounted at the front of your shotgun for quick and easy access. You can remove the barrel and other accessories without having to touch the CDM mount. I love the fact that it sits perfectly next to the front sling so your off-hand can stay in the sling and turn on/off the light without adjusting your grip or taking your hand off the trigger. If you want a light attachment on your Shockwave, this mount is the best way to accomplish that goal.





Demonstrated Concepts Recoil Strap

I added the Demonstrated Recoil Strap to the list because the Raptor Grip can take some getting used to before you feel comfortable shooting with it. Since the Shockwave provides no stock with a shock absorber, this strap will take some of that felt recoil for you. It works with either right or left-handed shooters and gives you the confidence that your grip will never fall off the handle after it’s been shot. It might not look like much, but this strap will significantly reduce your felt recoil, give you added retention for improved confidence, and improve the ergonomics of the shotgun. I’ve included the video below to guide you on how to install the grip within 5-7 minutes with no added tools.



TRUGLO Fiber-Optic Universal Shotgun Front Sight

The TRUGLO Fiber-Optic is perfect for your Shockwave because it offers an affordable and easy way to improve your shooting in low light without splurging on a Night Vision Optic (NVG). The fiber optic is made to withstand just about anything you can throw at it and still not break. I love the idea that it’s a low-profile attachment that can make your shotgun more effective in low-light situations. I’d highly recommend using a fiber optic if you decide you don’t want to add a front optic on a Picatinny Rail or if you want an advantage in the dark over someone without night vision capabilities.



Shockwave Technologies Tactical Strap Kit

Not all Mossberg 590 Shockwaves will come with the forend strap to help prevent your hand from slipping in front of the barrel after a shot. Whether you get it used or a model without the strap, I recommend at least trying it out. The strap can be rugged and chafe your hand if you’re putting a lot of shells through, but I always wear a kevlar glove on my off hand to help keep my hand protected. The strap will also help with control, accuracy, and reduce the felt-recoil of your shotgun. If you use this front strap with the Demonstrated Concepts Recoil Strap, you’ll have complete control of your shotgun and the felt-recoil will be significantly reduced.





Tactical Mossberg Shotgun Handguard Staps 20 GA Shells Holder

I wanted to give everyone another option to use a shell holder that didn’t have to be installed with a Picatinny Rail system. If you bought the 20 gauge model, this Mossberg Handguard strap is for you. It holds 4 20 gauge shells and is easily velcro-attached to the tactical strap on the forend of the shotgun. Personally, I think it can be distracting to have my shells right underneath my hand, but this is a good alternative to spend less money and still customize your shotgun. the velcro will stay in place and not move, so it’s going to be effective and allow you to quickly cycle shells through if you’re in a hurry.





GripOn Textured Rubber Grip Wrap for Shockwave Raptor Mossberg

The GripOn Textured Rubber grip wrap is a no-brainer for me because it doesn’t inhibit any other attachment or the functionality of the shotgun. It’s easily attached to any model of the Shockwave and provides an improved grip for less than $13.00. This grip is easily attached with all necessary equipment included in the packaging for quick and easy installation. This grip wrap will improve your grip in humid environments where your hands will get sweaty and slick, shooting in the rain, or if you have gloves on your hands. You can easily remove the wrap with little no residue left on it, but you can’t reuse the grip once you take it off. Either way, I would always add this grip to my Raptor Grip for a more secure and comfortable feel on the grip.



Depring MOLLE Tactical 25 Rounds Shotshell Pouch Holder

Although this can’t be attached to the Shockwave, this Molle pouch is compact and hols up to 2 shells with an easy velcro open tab. The Molle straps allow you to easily fasten this pouch onto your shotgun vest, any ballistic vests, or a backpack. I love the idea that you can hold 25 shells on your body while being able to have an additional 4-6 on the gun and still chamber 6 shells inside the shotgun. If this doesn’t provide enough firepower with 35 shells, you need to practice more or get professional help to fix your mechanics.



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