Maxim Defense MD9 Home Defense Carbine

With the overall state of unrest in the country, the home defense carbine has become an attractive tool to provide a higher element of security and overall utility than a handgun for many homeowners.

For many, the pistol caliber carbine is easier to handle than the handgun due to the addition of a stock or stabilizing brace.

Felt recoil is significantly reduced with pistol caliber carbines, making target acquisition, accuracy, and engaging multiple threats much easier to accomplish.

Another major advantage of the pistol caliber carbine is the compatibility of ammunition with handguns.

Many pistol-caliber carbines, such as the Maxim Defense MD9, are compatible with Glock magazines. The benefit here is the ability to use the same magazines in both your 9mm home defense carbine and Glock handgun chambered in 9mm.

Maxim Defense MD9 Home Defense Carbine

Best Home Defense Carbine | Maxim Defense MD9

There are many great pistol caliber carbines out there, some newer to the scene and a few seasoned players. One of the newer platforms to make an entry into the PCC market is the Maxim Defense MD9.

When you’re looking for Maxim Defense ingenuity in a new standard AR-9, the MD-9 is your answer. The MD-9 was engineered to fit the growing demand for cutting-edge AR9-style rifles for today’s Military and commercial market.

For increased comfort and versatility every MD9 features Maxim’s free-floating barrel and custom handguard. These handguards provide a monolithic-like upper receiver platform and M-Slot compatibility.

Maxim Defense MD9 with CQB Brace

at Maxim Defense
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  • Modified Maxim Defense HATEBRAKE
  • M-Rax and M-Slot compatible handguard
  • Military-grade materials
  • 5.8" barrel
  • ALG Combat trigger
  • Radian charging handle and selector
  • Maxim Defense CQB brace
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Fully floated barrel
  • Last round hold open
  • Compatible with Glock 9mm magazines (Glock 19 and larger)


  • Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum
  • Barrel Thread Pitch: ½-28
  • Material Composition: 7075 Aluminum & tool steel
  • Finish: Nitride / Type III Anodizing
  • Barrel Length: 5.8" [147.32mm]
  • Overall Length: 20" [508mm] (collapsed stock)
  • Weight: 6lb 1oz [2.75kg]
  • Barrel Material: 4150 CrMoV
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,150 FPS (Federal FMJ 124gr)

What Makes The MD9 Such a Great Home Defense Carbine?

The package weighs in at just over six pounds unloaded and 20 inches collapsed, adding to the small footprint.

The Maxim Defense MD9 boasts an ambidextrous magazine release and Radian charging handle and selector. So whether you’re a right-handed shooter or one of those southpaw lefties, you’ll be served well with this platform.

An issue seen in previous pistol caliber carbine designs is that the shooter would use the magwell for their support grip which would cause the magazine to move just enough to cause failure to feed malfunctions. Not something you need to happen when your life is on the line.

Maxim Defense recognized this issue and mitigated it by extending the length of the magwell, giving the shooter a full support hand grip without interfering with the function of the magazine.

Maxim Defense MD9 Home Defense Carbine
Maxim Defense MD9 with CQB stock and included 33 round Glock magazine.

To maximize the velocity and accuracy, Maxim Defense went with a barrel length of 5.8".

The optimal barrel length for the 9mm cartridge is roughly 6", so with the MD9, you’re getting optimal performance out of the 5.8" barrel. The MD9 was tested with 124gr FMJ which resulted in a muzzle velocity of 1,150 feet per second.

Typically, with a short barrel, much of the propellant is burned outside of the muzzle, which generates large amounts of both flash and blast. This can be deafening and disorientating in a confined area.

The Modified HATEBRAKE somewhat mitigates these issues by emulating the back pressure of a suppressor. Not only is it directing the blast and sound forward and away from the shooter and those around the shooter, but regulates the cyclic rate.

The advantage of this is whether you’re running the included HATEBRAKE or a 9mm suppressor, the cyclic rate is going to be consistent and not over-gassed.


Although pistol caliber carbines come in a variety of calibers, the most popular is 9mm. But the caliber choice is ultimately personal preference and, if you want to pair it with your sidearm, what sidearm you have.

Regardless of the home defense carbine you choose, you’re going to stack the odds in your favor when it comes down to defending your home.

  • They are lighter and more maneuverable than rifles
  • They are more accurate and easier to control than a traditional handgun
  • They are not as loud as a rifle-caliber carbine
  • Pistol ammunition can be more affordable than rifle ammunition
  • You can use the same ammunition and magazines as your sidearm

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