New Product Highlight: Glock 49 MOS Hits US Market

The Glock 49 MOS, a cutting-edge creation from TALO Distributors, represents a significant evolution in the Glock series.

This model ingeniously merges the compactness of the Glock 19 with the extended capabilities of the Glock 17, offering a unique balance of size and performance for personal defense.

New Product Highlight: Glock 49 MOS Hits US Market

Optics-Ready and Enhanced Performance

The Glock 49 MOS features the Modular Optic System (MOS), catering to the growing trend of red dot carry guns.

This optics-ready design adds a layer of versatility and accuracy. The pistol’s size is a perfect blend of the Glock 19’s manageability and the Glock 17’s extended barrel and sight radius.

With a 4.49-inch barrel and a 15+1 round capacity (10+1 in certain states), it combines portability with ample firepower.

Additionally, the integration of Gen 5 features signifies Glock’s commitment to continual technological advancements.

New Product Highlight: Glock 49 MOS Hits US Market

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A Perfect Blend of Glock 19 and Glock 17

The G49 MOS stands out by combining the best aspects of two of Glock’s most popular models.

It maintains the Glock 19’s ease of carry and concealment while inheriting the Glock 17’s extended sight radius and barrel length.

This combination results in a firearm that is both comfortable to carry and excellent in accuracy and performance.

Unlike the standard Glock 19 and Glock 17, the G49 MOS’s MOS system allows for a higher level of customization and versatility with optics.

New Product Highlight: Glock 49 MOS Hits US Market

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Where To Buy a Glock 49

The Glock 49 MOS is now available in limited quantities, with ongoing shipments expected.

For those interested in acquiring the Glock 49 MOS, multiple purchasing options are available to cater to a variety of preferences.

In addition to being available through TALO member distributors, such as Camfour, Davidson’s, and Gunarama, the Glock 49 MOS can also be conveniently purchased through several online firearm marketplaces.

Notably, offers an easy and accessible platform for those looking to make an online purchase.


Prices accurate at time of writing

Detailed information about the Glock 49 MOS, including current availability and specifications, can be found on TALO’s website.

The pistol is available in two versions to accommodate different needs: the standard model with a 15-round capacity (UPC 764503058424) and a 10-round version (UPC 764503058400), which is designed to comply with state-specific firearm regulations.

This ensures that customers across various states can select the option that best aligns with their local laws and personal preferences.

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The Glock 49 MOS is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a firearm that combines the compactness of the Glock 19, the accuracy and capacity of the Glock 17, and the added functionality of the MOS system.

This crossover model is set to redefine standards in the world of concealed carry handguns.

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