EDC For Men: Always Have a Watch and a Knife

A while back, Kyle Defoor shared a Facebook post discussing his essential everyday carry (EDC) items.

In the post, he referred to the timeless advice given by the Frogmen/UDT teams of World War II, emphasizing the significance of always carrying a watch and a knife.

UDT/SEAL Ron Damon
UDT/SEAL Ron Damon in 1960 with a Rolex 6542 GMT-Master. (Photo: Watches of Espionage)

During the Second World War, the UDT teams performed beach reconnaissance missions armed solely with a dive knife and a wristwatch. At the UDT/SEAL Museum in Ft Pierce, Florida, there are multiple exhibits dedicated to the original frogmen and their equipment.

One particular display prominently showcases the two crucial pieces of gear they carried on every mission: a watch and a knife.

EDC For Men: Always Have a Watch and a Knife
Photo taken during a tour of the UDT/SEAL Museum

Although the watches and knives used by these men have evolved over time, the principle of carrying them remains. In keeping with this principle, I thought I would chime in with an EDC for men based on the above statement.

My EDC (everyday carry) evolves over time as I try new gear. Previously, I would tend to get wrapped around specific brands and more often than not, pay the higher price tag.

In a way I guess, I was paying for the name. When people ask, what brand of watch or knife, or flashlight should I get, I commonly answer them with ‘the one that feels right in your hand’. Or ‘the one that makes you happy’ when you pick it up in the morning before heading out for the day.

With that said, the following watch, knife, and flashlight are what I’m currently carrying and happy with.

EDC For Men: Always Have a Watch and a Knife
Author’s EDC

Citizen Nighthawk EcoDrive

Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology has established itself as the ultimate in solar-powered movements. Its longevity in terms of battery life and widespread integration across its watch collection demonstrate that Citizen is dedicated to creating reliable and trusted timepieces.

The Citizen Nighthawk watch serves as a prime example of the perfect blend of functionality, timeless elegance, and affordability in a solar-powered timepiece. It is truly commendable how Citizen consistently delivers exceptional quality in their watches.

With a price tag of roughly $300 or less, the Nighthawk offers excellent value for money, considering its impressive range of features. Not only are you acquiring a stylish and sophisticated watch, but you are also investing in a durable timepiece that will easily endure nearly a decade without encountering any significant issues.

The Citizen Nighthawk has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the finest tool watches available on the market. Its combination of reliability, functionality, and affordability sets it apart from many other timepieces in its class.

EDC For Men: Always Have a Watch and a Knife

Whether you’re a professional in need of a reliable tool watch for your demanding tasks or an avid adventurer seeking a timepiece that can withstand rugged environments, the Nighthawk proves to be an excellent choice.

Spyderco Tenacious Lightweight

The Spyderco Tenacious lightweight knife with a fully serrated blade is a remarkable tool designed for exceptional cutting performance.

The fully serrated blade adds versatility, allowing for the efficient slicing of tough materials with minimal effort. Although not great for outdoor use, the fully serrated blade does quick work for any EDC task and is a force multiplier in a medical situation. An added benefit of a fully serrated blade is the ease of maintenance; there is virtually no sharpening needed.

EDC For Men: Always Have a Watch and a Knife

The Spyderco Tenacious combines a reliable locking mechanism with a comfortable textured handle, providing a secure grip and preventing any accidental slips during use. This knife delivers the reliability and functionality that Spyderco is renowned for, making it an excellent choice for everyday carry.

Spyderco Tenacious Lightweight Folding Utility Pocket Knife

at Amazon
Prices accurate at time of writing

Streamlight Protac 1L-1AA

Just like the aforementioned items, I have extensively tested various brands of everyday carry (EDC) flashlights and have come across a few favorites. Among my regular choices, one flashlight that I find myself reaching for more often than others is the Streamlight Protac 1L-1AA. This flashlight offers versatility in terms of power source, as it can be operated using a single AA battery, which is readily available almost anywhere, or a single CR123 battery.

The Streamlight Protac 1L-1AA is impressively bright, providing ample illumination for various EDC tasks. It offers a high mode that emits up to 350 lumens, ensuring excellent visibility, and a low mode that emits 40 lumens, perfect for tasks that require less intense lighting. In addition to its functionality as a light source, this flashlight can also serve as a personal defense tool due to its sturdy construction, allowing for effective striking if the need arises.

What sets the Streamlight Protac 1L-1AA apart is its ideal combination of performance and durability. It delivers powerful illumination when needed, making it reliable in various situations, while also exhibiting robust build quality to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Its durability ensures that it can endure accidental drops or other minor impacts without compromising its functionality.

EDC For Men: Always Have a Watch and a Knife

When it comes to air travel via commercial airlines, certain items are restricted for security reasons. However, the only adjustment I make to my EDC loadout in such cases is to remove the knife while keeping the watch and flashlight. This demonstrates the practicality and convenience of the Streamlight Protac 1L-1AA as a travel companion, as it remains a valuable tool even in situations where other items may need to be temporarily excluded.

Overall, the Streamlight Protac 1L-1AA is an exceptional EDC flashlight that combines reliable performance, convenient power options, and durable construction. Whether for everyday tasks or unexpected situations, it proves to be a trustworthy companion, offering both ample lighting and the potential for personal defense if required.


Obviously, my EDC evolves over time as products evolve, but this is the bare minimum I walk out of the house with.

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