B&T USA Introduces The 16-Inch SPC9 9mm Carbine

B&T USA is excited to introduce its 16-inch barreled model of its all-new SPC9-series.

Born from a European tender requesting a 9mm carbine with the same handling characteristics and ergonomics as the AR platform; the all-new SPC9 incorporates many of the features found on the B&T APC9, MP5, and AR platforms combined into one, very versatile platform. Lightweight and reliable, well balanced and accurate, safe and modular.

The SPC9 checks all the boxes and is one of the lightest recoiling 9mm carbines available, thanks in part to B&T’s innovative and effective hydraulic buffer system.

B&T USA Introduces The 16-Inch SPC9 9mm Carbine

"The new 16-inch barreled SPC9 is a PCC competitors dream — the carbine is incredibly flat shooting, handles like a race car and has minimal recoil thanks to B&T’s effective hydraulic buffer system" said Jon Scott, Vice President of Sales, B&T USA. "We expect the SPC9 16-inch to dominate both at home and on the competitive field, thanks to an ideal formula of features. Those in search of a premium home defense solution would be well served by this very lightweight, well balanced and incredibly easy to shoot well platform — flatteringly so. Most importantly the SPC9 has a proven record of reliability, produced by a company who has built its reputation on being dependable in the most austere conditions imaginable."

Some of the features found on the SPC9 are time-proven while others are state-of-the-art and modern. One of the unique features of the SPC9-series is that it is equipped with two different charging handle systems.

One of these is the handle found on AR platforms, while the other is a non-reciprocating, foldable charging handle located above the barrel. This gives the user the choice to use whatever manual of arms is preferred; both systems are ambidextrous.

SPC9 9mm Carbine Features

The weapon incorporates some rather unique features. Not found on other platforms and cannot see from the outside.

Barrel Construction

The barrel is a cold hammer-forged barrel that produces outstanding accuracy. When the first series of weapons were tested for accuracy, all weapons from the series were able to produce groups within 50mm at 30 meters with match grade 9mm ammo.

European Safety System

The trigger system is the "European" trigger system in which the weapon can be placed on safe with the hammer forward and during the manipulation process. This is much safer than the classic AR system which the safety cannot be engaged unless the hammer is rearward. On safe, all the time is always a good policy.

Two-Stage Trigger System

The trigger system is a two-stage system as opposed to the more common single-stage system.


The SPC9 9mm carbine pairs well with an Aimpoint T-Series optic on a 39mm riser and mount. This optic choice is virtually indestructible and will provide the operator with many years of hard service. The illumination system is designed so that the commonly found battery requires changing only every five years of normal service. The included Flip-up Iron-sights have the ability to co-witness with the Aimpoint T-series optics.

Aimpoint T-2 Micro Red Dot

at Euro Optic
Prices accurate at time of writing

Recoil Control

The recoil is greatly reduced because of the unique hydraulic buffer system. This system will reduce the felt recoil big time. This hydraulic buffer system is pioneered by B&T on SMG or PCC platforms.

EU Compliance

Finally, the SPC9 falls within the EU Compliant category. The overall minimum length is 626mm which is greater than the 600mm length. The gun can also be delivered with 10-rnd magazine that falls within the Firearms Directive, (EU) 2017/853 published on 17 May 2017.

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