Evolution of the Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling

Blue Force Gear is an American company dedicated to making the best gear on the planet. From slings to plate carriers and mag pouches.

They make a bit of everything for the military, law enforcement, and the prepared citizen.

The Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Application Sling is likely what they are most well known for. They make a wide variety of different Vickers Sling configurations for just about every use.

Evolution of the Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling

They recently launched a new sling for a submachine gun with the help of Larry Vickers, but first, let’s cover the original sling since many of its features carry over to the new SMG sling.

The Original Vickers Sling

Larry Vickers has never been a fan of single-point or those complicated three-point slings. He identified the issues with the standard two-point slings and set out to design one based on his operational experience.

The problem with two-point slings is that in some situations they are too long, and in other situations, they are too short. Larry Vickers didn’t invent the adjustable two-point sling, he took the original design to the next level in order to be easier, faster, and more adjustable.

So, what sets the Vicker’s Combat Application sling apart from other two-point slings? The ability to rapidly adjust the length.

Grab the adjustment tab, pull it towards your body and the sling gets longer. Grab the tab and push it away from your body and the sling gets shorter. It’s that simple.

Vickers 2-Point Combat Sling

at Primary Arms
Prices accurate at time of writing

The combat application sling is designed for a carbine, specifically the AR-15, but it can be moved to different carbine setups with the proper sling mounts.

Vickers Sling Specifications

CompatibilityM4 carbines and other carbines and rifles
InstallationSecured with triglides through swivels, loops or combined with sling hardware.
MountReversible (muzzle up for traditional bolt guns and shotguns) carry for military applications.
Size1.25" sling webbing (unpadded)

2.00" tubular webbing with closed cell foam padding (padded)

Hardware BuildNylon hardware: glass reinforced DuPont Zytel Nylon

Metal Hardware: Anodized machined aluminum adjuster, phosphate steel triglides.

Sling BuildInvista solution dyed Cordura webbing
Lengthunpadded is 54 inches to 64"

padded is 57 inches to 67 inches

NSN1005-01-604-0627 (Coyote Brown, As issued with the M27), 1005-01-625-4470 (Black), and 1005-01-632-4682 (Black – Padded)
NIN01-604-0627 (Coyote Brown, As issued with the M27), NIIN: 01-525-4470 (Black), and 01-632-4682 (Black – Padded)

Blue Force Gear Vickers 221 Sling

For those that shoot an AR pistol or pistol caliber carbine, the need for a single-point sling would sometimes arise. For that, Blue Force Gear created the Vickers 221 Sling.

The evolution of personal defense weapons has evolved so much so that point slings are in higher demand. Platforms such as the Maxim Defense PDX with their patented pistol system require a single-point sling to effectively employ.

Vickers 221 Sling Specifications

CompatibilityPush button QD sockets found on most AR-15’s and other firearms
InstallationTwo push button sockets (front and rear of weapon)
Size1.25" sling webbing (unpadded)

2.00" tubular webbing with closed cell foam padding (padded)

Hardware BuildITW GhilleTex Acetal hardware – a military-grade low IR plastic
RED Swivel BuildMachined steel, phosphated for maximum corrosion resistance; nylon coated, double crimped directly to 7 strand stainless steel aircraft cable; textured sphero-conical shaped pull knob and stainless steel internals.
Sling BuildInvista solution dyed Cordura webbing
LengthUnpadded is 54 inches to 64 inches

Padded is 57 inches to 67 inches


Blue Force Gear Vickers 221 Sling

at Primary Arms
Prices accurate at time of writing

Again, Blue Force Gear has answered the call with their newest sling. They have taken the 221 sling and made improvements for it to excel on submachine gun platforms. Out of those improvements the Vickers SMG sling was born.

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Blue Force Gear Vickers SMG Sling

Blue Force Gear has expanded their Vickers line of slings with a new model specifically for SMGs and personal defense weapons.

Vickers SMG sling gallery

This scaled-down version of the Vickers Sling features the quick adjuster you are used to on the other models. What sets it apart is the ULoop attachment.

Vickers SMG Sling attachment

The SMG sling features the ULoop Attachment to interface with the weapon’s eyelets, holes in railed handguards, KeyMod rails, sling swivels, and other odd sling mount spaces.

With the ULoop, there’s no exposed metal which helps eliminate noise and won’t mar your guns surface.

Alternatively, you can attach the sling back in its self if you prefer single-point applications for sling tension shooting an SMG.

Vickers SMG Sling Specifications

CompatibilityHK MP5, MP7, UMP, Uzi, and other similar sized guns
InstallationEyelets, rail holes, sling swivels, and other sling mounts
Size1 inch sling webbing
Hardware BuildNylon hardware with military-grade low IR plastic
ULoopNylon coated aircraft-grade stainless steel wire

Mil-spec ball shank ends crimped to the wire

Glass-reinforced DuPont Zytel nylon body

Sling BuildInvista solution dyed Cordura webbing
Length54 inches – 64 inches


The new Vickers SMG Sling is Offered in black, coyote brown, MultiCam, and wolf grey. These are Pre-Orders, so your sling will ship one week after placing an order.

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