Best Tactical Watches From MTM Watch

Tactical watches have been around for a while. Most of us probably have a drawer full of watches and most of them fall into that category.

If you’re like us and aren’t opposed to spending some of that hard-earned cash on a badass tactical watch, then you need to check out the offerings from MTM Watch.

With inspiration from the Special Ops community, these military-style timepieces feature exotic alloys, carbon fiber, and a heavy dose of sex appeal.

Best Tactical Watches | MTM Watch
Photo: MTM Watch

MTM Cobra

This hefty timepiece arrived in a tactial Pelican-style hard case and is individually numbered. The large 47.5mm case sculpted from a block of titanium is neither subtle nor covert. In fact, it’s the largest watch I own.

Although the MTM website states a weight of 7.1oz, my Cobra tipped the scales at 6.3oz after removing a few links from the bracelet. Which is surprisingly light for a watch this size. Thanks in part to the lightweight titanium construction. Removing the metal links from a watch band typically involves a trip to the jeweler.

Not so with the user-friendly band from MTM. Link removal was a breeze with the supplied tools taking me no more than 5 minutes to dial in the size.

The MTM Cobra is a great daily driver looking good in various environments. Subdued enough not to compromise your position in a tactical setting, yet classy enough to accompany you for a night on the town. MTM Watch offers not only DLC Black, but brushed silver and sandblasted gray for a more traditional look.

"The MTM Cobra is a pilot watch that contains a classic slide rule bezel for aviators. It can be used for aviation related calculations that can provide valuable metrics with out a calculator, such as flight time & distance, fuel consumption, the rate of descent/climb and more."

MTM Cobra

at MTM Watch
Prices accurate at time of writing

MTM Cobra Specs

  • MOVEMENT:  Highly Calibrated Japanese Quartz Chronograph With Alarm
  • CASE & BAND  |  Solid Titanium
  • BAND  |  Adjustable Links Are Connected With Allen Screws, Making Band Easy To Adjust With The Allen Key Supplied. Compatible with all other MTM bands.
  • FINISH  |  Available in Brushed Silver, Sandblasted Grey, and Black DLC Coating
  • BEZEL  |  Unidirectional, Ratcheting Bezel
  • CROWN AND PUSHER  |  Locking, Screw Down
  • GLASS  |  Sapphire Crystal with Ultraviolet, Anti Reflective, Protective Coating
  • DIAL  |  Carbon Fiber or Brass – Available in Black, Silver, Tan & Green Lumi Colors
  • HANDS   |  Luminous (Super LumiNova)
  • WATER RESISTANCE  |  660 Feet / 200 Meters
  • CASE SIZES  |  44.0 mm & 47.5 mm (Without Crown) x 15 & 15.5 mm (Thickness)
  • WEIGHT  |  6.6 oz (44.0 mm) & 7.1 oz. (47.50mm)
  • BATTERY  |  Manufacturer Rated At 3-Year Maximum
  • WARRANTY  |  3 Years
  • LIMITED EDITION  |  Each Watch is Individually Numbered
  • PACKAGING  |  Securely Shipped In Its Own Watertight Tactical Box
  • MSRP | $1835

MTM Predator II

Although my need for a "tactical watch" is practically zero nowadays, the functionality and style remain my favorite features. Large easy-to-read analog faces and robust cases made from titanium or stainless steel.

Capable of use while in and around water, i.e. scuba diving, kayaking, etc. But what sets the MTM line apart from other tactical watch companies is the ability to heavily customize the look of the watch.

The Predator II is no exception. With options for stainless steel or titanium cases, along with three case finishes, two hand colors, twelve dial configurations and a whopping 34 available bands. There is virtually no way you can’t dial in the look you want when ordering a Predator II.

The Predator II does possess two key features that we really like.

First is the very precise Swiss Ronda 5040.D Quartz Chronograph movement. In a couple of months, it’s only varied by a few seconds against my atomic clock.

Second is the gas-filled tritium tubes on the hour and minute hands. Tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, creates visible light by emitting electrons through beta decay. The same material is found in night sights for a pistol or other firearm. Unlike the traditional luminescent dials that require external light to capture and produce a glow, these tritium tubes provide a green glow for up to 25 years on their own.

MTM Patriot II

at MTM Watch
Prices accurate at time of writing

MTM Predator II Specs

  • MOVEMENT  |  Chronograph Swiss Ronda 5040.D
  • CASE & BAND  |  Machined From A Solid Block Of 316L Stainless Steel or Titanium
  • BAND  | Self-Adjustable Links Which Are Individually Connected With Allen Screws, Easily Adjusted With The Allen Key Supplied
  • FINISH  |  Available in Brushed Silver, Sandblasted Grey and Black DLC Coating
  • BEZEL  |  Unidirectional, Ratcheting Bezel
  • CROWN  |  Locking, Screw Down
  • GLASS  |  Sapphire Crystal; Anti Reflective & Scratch Resistant
  • DIAL  |  Brass – Available in 12 Colors to Choose From
  • HANDS  |  Illuminated By Gas-Filled Tritium Tubes
  • CHRONO HANDS (SUB DIALS)  |  Available in Grey or Orange Color
  • WATER RESISTANCE  |  660 Feet / 200 Meters
  • CASE SIZE  |  44.5 mm (Without Crown) x 15mm (Thickness)
  • WEIGHT  |  9.5 oz. (Stainless Steel), 6.6 oz. (Titanium)
  • BATTERY  |  4 Year Rated Lithium
  • WARRANTY  |  3 Years
  • PACKAGING  |  Securely Shipped In Its Own Watertight Tactical Case
  • MSRP | $960 to $1100

MTM Air Stryk

The cockpit of an aircraft is surrounded by precision dials, gauges, meters, and displays. Each one with a specific purpose. Measuring fuel quantity, altitude, airspeed, rate of climb, bank angle, etc.

All are critical to the safe operation of the flight. Equally paramount to safe flying is time management. Making the instrument you wear on your wrist is just as important.

A bold and beautiful timepiece, the Air Stryk II embodies its aviation heritage. Cut from a solid piece of titanium, the massive 45mm case remains only 5.5 oz. Protecting the detailed 3D dial is a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Supplemental information can be viewed on the dual backlit digital displays. Never interrupting the timekeeping duties of the smooth and reliable Swiss analog movement. Great for travelers is the 58 City pre-defined timezone feature. A few quick pushes of a button and you’ll be dialed into your destination’s time zone.

Lastly, a backup digital compass is available if all else fails in navigation. These features make the Air Stryk II the perfect companion for pilots, adventurers, and travelers alike.

MTM Air Stryk II

at MTM Watch
Prices accurate at time of writing

MTM Air Stryk II Specs

  • MOVEMENT: MTM Proprietary With Swiss Analog
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY: Time Display: AM/PM, Hour, Minute, Seconds. | Date Display: Month-Day or Day-Month | Alarm, Timer, Chronograph, Digital Compass, Low Battery, Preset Time Zones: 58 Cities | EL Backlight
  • CHRONOGRAPH MODE: Measuring range: 23 Hours, 59 Minutes, 59.99 Seconds. 10 Lap Records
  • ALARM MODE: 5 Daily or Scheduled Alarms
  • PRE-DEFINED TIME ZONES : 58 Cities + My City (User Defined)
  • CASE : Solid Titanium
  • BAND: Choose From 30+ Different Types/Colors/Sizes
  • FINISH : Available in Brushed Silver, Sandblasted Grey and Black DLC Coating
  • CROWN: Locking, Screw Down
  • GLASS: Sapphire Crystal; AntiReflective & Scratch Resistant with Ultraviolet Protective Coating
  • DIAL: Split Carbon Fiber/Matte Brass – Available in 8 Colors
  • INDEX AND HANDS: Luminous
  • WATER RESISTANCE: 330 Feet / 100 Meters
  • CASE SIZE: 45mm (Without Crown) x 16 mm (Thickness)
  • WEIGHT: 5.5 oz
  • BATTERY: Lithium – Manufacturer Rated At 3 Years
  • WARRANTY: 3 Years
  • LIMITED EDITION: Each Watch is Individually Numbered
  • PACKAGING: Securely Shipped In Its Own Watertight Tactical Case

MTM US-744X Dive Watch

Inspired by the elusive Virginia class attack submarines, the US-744X is a tier-one diver’s watch. Machined from solid Grade 5 Titanium, the 45mm x 16mm case and bracelet weigh only 6.5 ounces combined.

A sleek multi-colored brass dial incorporates tritium-gas tubes in lieu of numerals to provide readability in low light conditions. The hands are also equipped with tritium-gas-filled tubes making them easy to read underwater.

The second hand smoothly sweeps across the elegant dial giving the US-744X a very classy feel. A feature typically found on higher-end watches.

A unidirectional ratcheting bezel also features a tritium insert at the twelve o’clock position. Additionally, the US-744X is rated to an incredible depth of 1640 feel below the surface. Which is far beyond the depth a diver would find themselves but a good measure of the watch’s capability to withstand extreme pressures.

Finally, a thick multi-coated, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects the layered brass dial below.

MTM US-744X Silver

at MTM Watch
Prices accurate at time of writing

MTM US-744X Specs

  • Movement: Grand Automatic Caliber 6R20 29 -Jewel 45-Hour Automatic Power Reserve With Day/Date Indicators
  • Bezel: Unidirectional, Ratcheting Bezel With 12 Hour Tritium Indicator
  • Case: Solid Titanium (Grade 5)
  • Case Back: Sapphire Crystal Exhibition Case Back With Stamped MTM Dagger Insignia
  • Band: Solid Titanium (Grade 5); Adjustable Links. Individually Connected With Allen Screws, Making It Easy To Adjust With The Supplied Allen Keys. Includes: One Titanium Bracelet attached To The Watch, One Ballistic Velcro I, One Rubber Style I
  • Finish: Available In Brushed Silver or Black DLC Coating
  • Glass: 5.5mm Thick Sapphire Crystal; Scratch Resistant, Multi-Coated UV Layers, Anti-Reflective
  • Dial: Brass, Multiple Layers – 4 Colors To Choose From
  • Index & Hands: Equipped With Tritium-Gas Filled Tubes That Will Glow Brightly Without The Need For Any External Light Source For 25 Years. Approved by the US NRC. Hands Are Specially Designed For Easy Reading Under Water
  • Water Resistance: 640 Feet / 500 Meters
  • Case Size: 45mm (Without Crown) 16 mm (Thickness)
  • Weight: 6.5 oz (Titanium Bracelet) 4.25 oz (Ballistic Velcro Strap)
  • Limed Edition: Each Watch is Individually Numbered (Limited 500 Watches Manufactured)
  • Warranty: 3 Years

MTM Status Low Vis Smart Watch

At first glance, you’d have no idea the MTM Status is anything more than a traditional round-cased timepiece. The 45.5mm solid titanium case keeps weight down considering its 16mm thick as well.

Weighing only 6.25 oz with the metal band, even lighter with leather or nylon bands, it doesn’t feel as big as it looks. Lying below the anti-glare Sapphire Crystal glass is a slick composite dial with luminous hands and large easy-to-read numbers.

Within the lower half of the dial lies a discreet OLED display. Only visible on demand or when an incoming message or phone call is displayed. All of which can be programmed on the MTM App.

The guts of the Status operate on a proprietary MTM gearbox and are powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. Recharging is a snap (literally) with the included USB plug. Simply snap the plug onto the charging port on the back of the case. I’ve found that charging is necessary about every 7-10 days.

Fortunately, the smartwatch gives you a heads-up when the battery needs some juice. I tested a "smart GPS watch" from another manufacturer that barely made it through the day on a single charge. Finally, each Status is individually numbered on the back and shipped in a functional watertight tactical case.

MTM Status Smart Watch – Silver

at MTM Watch
Prices accurate at time of writing

MTM Status Smart Features

  • FUNCTIONS:  Activities, Multiple Time Zone, Navigation, Compass, Weather, Hot Keys, Notifications, Alarm, Chronograph and Count Down Timer
  • APPLICATIONS: MTM Proprietary App, Compatible with IOS and Android using Bluetooth
  • ACTIVITIES:  Steps and calories recorded and logged so you can track your activity over time
  • NAVIGATION:  Enter a destination to receive directions from your MTM Status Watch
  • COMPASS:  Yes. Analog watch hands switch into an all-terrain compass
  • CHRONOGRAPH:  Measuring range: 23 Hours, 59 Minutes, 59.99 Seconds.
  • ALARM MODE:  Scheduled Alarm
  • MULTIPLE TIME ZONES:  Local Time, Home City, World Time, Up to 50 Time Zones

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After wearing and using several timepieces from MTM Watch, we clearly like what they bring to the table.

For the money, they are a great value. The durability and designs from MTM easily sustain any abuse you dish out.

If you haven’t checked out MTM Watch, take a look at their wide range of offerings and start configuring your next timepiece.

MTM Patriot Tactical Watch


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