Best Suppressor Cover

Suppressors have become unanimously popular across the civilian and government markets and revolutionized the shooting experience as one of the most significant innovations in the field. If you haven’t had the opportunity to shoot with a suppressor, I highly recommend trying it out.

It provides a truly unique experience with a range of advantages, such as reducing noise levels to protect your hearing, decreasing felt recoil, and potentially improving accuracy. However, shooting with a suppressor is not without its challenges.

One potential issue is the altered sight picture that may occur. The suppressor could obstruct your view through the optic while aiming. Additionally, the heat generated by the suppressor can create a mirage effect, distorting the view through your optic and making accurate shot placement difficult, especially at longer distances. Despite these challenges, there are solutions to mitigate the mirage effect, such as using a suppressor cover.

Best Suppressor Cover

These handy accessories effectively minimize the mirage effect resulting from the heat produced by the suppressor, allowing for the safe handling of a hot suppressor without the risk of burns. But what is the right suppressor cover for you and how do you sort through the hundreds of other options out there?

Fortunately, we have had the opportunity to test dozens of these suppressor covers but when asked what the best suppressor cover is, only one name comes to mind, Libertys Defense.

The Liberty’s Defense StaightJacket is engineered using a blend of Kevlar, basalt, amorphous silica, and aluminized silica, tightly woven together with Kevlar and stainless steel thread. This innovative design ensures complete flame resistance and effective heat reduction, allowing for direct and prolonged contact with your silencer’s extreme temperatures of up to 2,000°F and brief spikes of 3,000°F.

Best Suppressor Cover

Often, rifle accessories fall into two distinct categories: the visually striking (Gucci gear) that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your build, making you stand out on Instagram, and the practical upgrades that serve a specific purpose, prioritizing functionality over aesthetics.

Rarely do these two realms intersect in a magnificent fusion of style and functionality, where an accessory not only looks fantastic but also significantly enhances the performance of your rifle. As much as we all want to look cool at the range, performance is far more important. In short, the Libertys defense straight jacket tackles both!

In conclusion, the best Suppressor cover currently available is hands down the Libertys Defense straight jacket. We have them on almost all of our company cans (including our belt-fed 249) and we have no intention of switching any time soon. Learn more about what makes this company and its products so great at