Best Rifle Cleaning Kit For Gun Owners

As hunting season gets closer, it’s time we start preparing our rifles. The need for safe and practical cleaning tools is a necessity for whitetail hunters. There are many companies that make rifle cleaning kits, but not as many that make great ones.

The best rifle cleaning kits are going to last longer, are made with better components, and will keep your rifles clean and safe for many years to come.

Best Rifle Cleaning Kit For Gun Owners

Why Should I Use Copper, Bronze, or Nylon To Clean My Barrel?

Many people are going to have many different thoughts on the types of materials used in your barrel, but as with anything in life, I like to trust the professionals and see if it works for me. I think one thing most of us can agree on is that you shouldn’t use stainless steel in your rifle barrels. 

Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit

at Amazon
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I’m not a gunsmith, but from what I’ve always been told by my weapon instructors in the military is that stainless steel is a heavier metal than many modern barrels. Using a heavier metal will cause your barrel to degrade fast over time than softer metals like copper or bronze.

The best thing about copper and bronze is that they’re both strong enough to remove the toughest carbon inside your barrel and action components. 

Nylon has been used for many years, but advancements in processing have allowed companies to use hardened nylon that can be easier on your barrel and just as tough on carbon and oil.

For example, U.S. F-Class World Shooting Champion, John Brewer uses nylon in his barrels. Like many other people that are starting to see nylon is easier on the barrel than any other surface. 

When you choose between nylon or bronze, you have to take into consideration which tool is going to get your gun cleaner, as well as safer. Nylon is easier on the barrel, but bronze does a little better job cleaning.

There are enough people around the world that have seen stainless steel ruin barrels, but I can’t find one that says a bronze and copper brush ruined their rifle barrel.

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Tipton Ultra Gun Cleaning Kit

When it comes to getting my rifle cleaned, I want to get it done as quickly and safely as possible. Tipton has been a company that I’ve trusted for a few years now since I first learned about their Ultra Gun Vise. I use the Ultra Gun Cleaning Kit as my go-to for my rifles because it has everything that I need for both my 7mm Rem Mag and 30-06 rifles.

Tipton uses both bronze and nylon for their bore brushes because it’s shown to be the best material to clean and protect the barrel of your rifle. The Ultra Gun Cleaning Kit comes with the Best Bore Brushes that are made of bronze bristles and a brass core to keep the bristles intact at all times. 

Tipton Deluxe Bore Guide

The bronze brushes are made to be longer-lasting and provide at least 20% more surface area for cleaning with the Tipton brass core design. The one thing to consider is that the brush is very dense, so it’s important to use a bore guide to have the perfect placement as the rod slides through your barrel. 

What is Included in the Tipton Ultra Gun Cleaning Kit?

3-Piece Stainless Steel RodTipton Stainless Steel Rod
Rapid Deluxe Bore Guide KitTipton Deluxe Bore Guide
13-Piece Ultra Jag Set Tipton Ultra Jag Set
13 Piece Best Bore Brush SetTipton Ultra Gun Cleaning Kit Best Bore Brush
2 General Purpose Brushes (1 Nylon, 1 Bronze)General Purpose Nylon Brushes
AR-15 Bolt Carrier and Action BrushesTipton Action Cleaning Brush
4 Polymer Cleaning PicksTipton Polymer Cleaning Picks
Carrying CaseTipton Ultra Gun Cleaning Kit

Should I Buy a Gun Vise?

When I was in the military, I rarely ever had a vise to use for my M4 rifle as we cleaned our rifles in large groups with limited supplies. As a civilian with more time to work on my rifles, using a vise makes your life much easier. My favorite gun vise for cleaning my AR and hunting rifles is the Tipton Ultra Standing Gun Vise. It only weighs 20 lbs and the legs are sturdy, durable, and they fold up when you’re not using it. 

Standing Ultra Gun Vise

At first, I thought I didn’t need a gun vise, but now that I have one that stands and supports itself, I’m so glad I spent the money. It holds all of my rifles with non-marring rubber and glass-filled nylon. I like to make sure my guns are incredibly tight inside my vise, and some vises will mar the crap out of a wooden stock. The Ultra Standing Gun Vise doesn’t mar any surface on my rifles and provides the stability and control that I look for in a gun vise. 

Would I Buy any Other Cleaning Tools?

Yes, because I prefer to have as many options as possible with my tools kits. However, the biggest reason I’d like to sub a product for would be buying the carbon-fiber cleaning rods. A stainless steel cleaning rod that the kit comes with isn’t going to give you problems if you use it correctly. What happens when you get a stuck bore brush or patch and you try to push/pull it through? With a steel rod, you must use the Deluxe Bore Guide or risk hurting your barrel. 

The Deluxe Bore Guide comes with the kit because Tipton gives you all the tools you need to keep your barrel from getting scratched. The Max Force Carbon-Fiber Cleaning Rod from Tipton is a tool that I’d buy in addition to any kit I have. It’s incredibly durable and strong enough to push any stuck patch through the barrel. The carbon-fiber construction ensures that even if your cleaning rod does get stuck, it won’t hurt the barrel. 

Could I Make My Own Kit?

Yes, of course. I always end up buying at least a couple of other tools instead of some that kits come with. This kit from Tipton has everything you’d need and more to get your rifles clean and keep them safe. However, I respect the fact that some gun owners would rather have a carbon-fiber cleaning rod instead of stainless steel. I have found recently that some of the best deals on Tipton gear can be found on Amazon.

Where Can I Buy Tipton Rifle Cleaning Tools?

Most of the time you can buy Tipton gun cleaning tools on Amazon for the most affordable price available. We haven’t really gotten into patches and slotted tip jags for your cleaning rod. Amazon has a 4 pack of slotted tip jags for under $10.00 and you can get the Power Swabs for $9.00 to clean the action trigger assembly areas. 

The best deal on Amazon is the 13-piece Nylon Rifle Bore Brush for about $6.00-$8.00 cheaper than any other site. As I’ve stated previously, nylon is a great way to ensure that your barrel is never scraped or gouged from a heavier metal.

If you use the right solvent in your barrel, you won’t need a lot of pressure to remove the carbon and debris. The Tipton Polymer Cleaning Picks can be bought for as cheap as $9.00 on Amazon, ass well. 

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