IR.Tools™ just released a new shooting target, but not just any target, a powered thermal target. For those of you who aren’t sure what that looks like, we’re going to go ahead and break it down for you. We’ll get right into what makes IR. Tools’ thermal targets worth the purchase and of course, how they work. 


IR. Tools Releases a new Powered Thermal Target

If you’re familiar with IR.Tools, you are probably wearing one of their friend or foe infrared (IR) patches. A company whose mission, Protecting Those Who Protect Us, has stepped up its game even more. Not only did this company, which was founded in 2006, go from a single product, a ¾” infrared patch intended for every military uniform in the country, but they have made big advancements in the industry of IR patches. Of course, it’s not just who they are standing behind that gets our attention, it’s what they stand for, Honoring God, Blessing People, and Producing Premium Products for military, special forces, law enforcement, hunters, and recreational sportsmen.

IR.Tools is not only known for passive infrared patches, markers, and shooting targets for night vision and thermal image operations all over the world, but now Tom Boyer, owner and lead engineer of IR. Tools has introduced powered targets to go alongside his passive shooting targets inventory. 

Boyer’s new powered thermal targets are heated using a proprietary Fabroc™ technology, which is an exclusive rubber-like material he says is nearly indestructible. Unlike many targets, you might have seen in the field that catches fire or are jimmy-rigged to produce a thermal image, the ones at IR. Tools are safer to use and require a 12 or 24-volt battery to power up this lightweight, heat-efficient target, giving off a consistent thermal image. The bullet penetration causes a slit rather than a hole, and you can end your training without any flaring or disruption. And if that’s not enough for you, the target remains intact for over 500 rounds before you’ll need to think about purchasing a new one; efficient for training and the wallet.

If you’re interested in purchasing these powered thermal targets, you can do so at

Unique Powered Thermal Shooting Targets

What makes IR. Tools powered thermal shooting targets so unique in how durable they are. IR. Tools took their targets through the gauntlet to make sure they’re safe, durable, and provide realistic training. IR. Tools is on a mission to provide the best infrared tools to everyone from the military and law enforcement to recreational sportsmen, and that’s what they’ve done here.

Not only are powered thermal targets necessary if you want optimal training, but they’re very easy to set up and use. Because they are built to be durable, they have the longevity that makes them cost-effective. Instead of worrying about your powered target catching fire, you can worry about what really matters, getting quality training that leads to quality shots when they matter most.

What are thermal targets?

So, what are thermal targets? We’re glad you asked. You know how you can use a thermal scope in Call of Duty? Well, let’s put this in real life. Paper targets are difficult to see through a thermal scope because they typically emit a temperature similar to their surroundings. Thermal imaging works off of heat energy.  If something is producing heat, say a living animal or person, then you can see them through black and white settings. Thermal targets offer a different temperature contrast to the target’s background to help it stand out in a thermal environment. 

What is the difference between passive and powered thermal targets?

Passive Thermal Targets

Unlike a powered shooting target, passive targets don’t use power. That means no power cords or batteries. However, typically they must be used outside, where the contrast can be seen. IR. Tools use a High Contrast passive thermal film on their targets. All you have to do is peel and stick or staple it to a backer for target practice and you will be able to use it in a variety of environments. 

Powered thermal targets

Powered thermal targets use a power source to heat the target. The heat allows the target to contrast against a cooler background. 

IR. Tools

Because IR. Tools believe that the men and women who risk their lives every day deserve to come home to their loved ones, they’ll continue innovating products that Protecting Those Who Protect Us. From friend or foe (IFF) infrared patches, such as US Flags, Call Signs, Morale logos, and allied nations to Thermal Zeroing Targets for safer, more accurate zeroing of advanced weapons, IR Tools has what you need. With core values Honoring God, Blessing People, and Producing Premium Products, all IR products are made to protect the ones you love from life-altering injuries.