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One of the few things that have always got the attention of my civilian friends during my time in the military was Night Vision Goggles (NVGs). As a veteran, I always get the normal questions about war and what it’s like, but NVGs always come up in the conversation about how cool it would be to own a pair of NVGs. I’m here to tell our readers that the time has come for military-grade night vision capabilities for everyone.

SiOnyx is a photonics company that manufactures proprietary ultra-low-light CMOS image sensors and high-performance night vision camera systems. SiOnyx also works directly with the Department of Defense (DOD) and our federal intelligence agencies to accommodate our soldiers and operators in the field. SiOnyx image sensors and night vision cameras have earned a great reputation in the military community due to the clear, HD quality night vision. The Army has been so impressed with the quality of their products that they gave them a $20 million contract for their IVAS (Integrated Visual Augmentation System) program.

What Can I Use Sionyx Night Vision For?

Before I get into each of the cameras and their intended purposes, I wanted to give an overview of all the applications that are covered in their product line.  Each product has similar applications, but each night vision optic has specific attributes that allow it to be used for a broader range of applications. As with any new advanced technology, the bigger the task, the more money it’s going to cost. However, the U.S. Army would not have given them $20 million if the SiOnyx night vision cameras weren’t worth it. Especially since they’re a smaller company and don’t have billions to spend in lobbying.


Whether you go with the Aurora Sport, Pro, or original, using the SiOnyx for boating purposes is a game-changer. All hyperbole aside, once you attach this to your boat and start using it in low-light or complete darkness, you’ll be kicking yourself for not buying one earlier. As anyone with a boat knows, time on the ocean or lake feels like it stands still, but always goes too fast.

Aurora Pro

When traveling at night or in low-light conditions the water can play tricks on your eyes and affect your depth perception. Floating debris in the water around harbors or coastlines can wreak havoc on your hull if you don’t see it in time. Any of their products will ensure you see in full color and are able to catch any inconsistency in the water before you hit it with your boat.


As any of our readers know by now, I love hunting almost more than anything else I do in life. I want to make it clear that hunting regulations and guidelines should always be followed when hunting. For those who are confused, I despise anyone hunting deer, elk, or moose with a spotlight or outside the legal times to hunt. However, hunting wild boar (hogs, pigs) is a whole another story and should be hunted at night. In fact, once you hunt boar at night with NVGs, I’m willing to bet that it will change how you view hunting and wildlife. The clarity and instant feedback from the Aurora Pro are so incredible that you’ll feel like you’re seeing your prey in broad daylight.


Ever since I spent a season as a Park Ranger in Yellowstone National Park, I realized that stargazing is one of the most life-changing events in my life. The ability to see the Milkyway Galaxy with my naked eye changed the way I look at life. For most of us, we don’t live in an environment where the light pollution is low enough to see the number of stars that are actually out there on a clear night. However, the good news is that with a little help from SiOnyx everyone can get that inspirational stargazing moment that in first had in Montana.


Specific SiOnyx cameras are able to be mounted to both a Picatinny rail system and a Wilcox helmet mount for optimal versatility. The capability to use these NVGs on your weapon or helmet ensures you’re able to keep your hands on your weapon and your focus clear on the mission. Many operators, including those in special operations, trust their lives on the SiOnyx night vision cameras.


SiOnyx developed its products to not only cater to the tactical and civilian world but also the law enforcement career fields.  The advanced technology placed inside these cameras is capable of filtering light to obtain the clearest possible picture in low light or complete darkness. For example, Aurora is capable of providing a clear picture at night in urban environments, such as big cities like New York City. This is perfect for police detectives, private investigators, and Federal agents for urban surveillance.

Search and Rescue

There are probably too many applications to put in one blog without writing 5,000 words, but the SAR capabilities are something that needs to be broadcasted. The Aurora is able to provide a clear image that shows color and doesn’t distort depth perception. The ability to use night vision cameras during a night search can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Aurora Sport

Aurora Sport is the most affordable option for people to buy from SiOnyx and can be used in a multitude of applications. The Aurora sport to me is best used in coastal environments, especially smaller boats. I’m actually buying an Aurora Sport for my father to use on his boat in Tampa, Florida. The Aurora Sport is able to show you full digital color with the ability to dim moonlight to prevent glare on the water. Personally, I’d love to use the Aurora Sport to stargaze on a clear night. The original price is $599.99 but they’re releasing the Aurora Sport for $399.99 as an end-of-year sale.  No other place will you be able to find a night vision camera in full color for $399.99 anywhere you look.

The Aurora Sport is capable of being mounted to a helmet to use as an NVG monocle, but I would be more comfortable putting my life in the hands of the Aurora Pro for instant feedback and clarity. Many Airsoft competitors prefer to use the Aurora Sport because it’s easily mounted on a helmet and can be wirelessly streamed online with the SiOyx App. Regardless of your intended purpose, the Sport will make your life much easier than it is without it.



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Prices accurate at time of writing


Aurora Black

The Aurora Black color digital night vision camera is designed for the tactical communities to use in conjunction with a Picatinny rail mount on a rifle or Wilcox mount for a helmet. SiOnyx has tested the Aurora Black with an M4 and is perfectly capable of holding strong for at least 4,000 rounds. I can tell you the night vision I used in 2008 for my combat tour would not last more than 1,000 rounds for my M4. SiOnyx has relentlessly tested this optic to ensure it will be able to last for deployment in any kind of environment. The optic is waterproof, shock-proof, and fog-proof. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it for those who need a tactical advantage.


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The Aurora  (Standard) is marketed and proven to be the world’s first digital night vision camera. The Standard is equipped with a low light sensor that allows the viewer to see in full color down to near moonless starlight conditions. I honestly can’t fathom how they were able to do this, but it’s incredible to see through this optic. This optic is not only the O.G., but it’s also the one that works for every application listed in this blog. It even comes with a compass, GPS, accelerometer, and is augmented reality (AR) capable. For $799.00, you’ll get the most advanced night vision camera with the versatility to accommodate any mission requirement. The Standard Aurora is similar to the Black but is equipped with advanced software ( GPS, compass, etc…).


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Aurora Pro

The Aurora Pro is equipped with the most advanced night vision optics and sensors that are available in a modular platform. The Pro is considered the flagship optic from SiOnyx because it’s incredibly complex but also easy to use. If you’re wanting to use a night vision camera in complete darkness with very little starlight, this is the optic for you. The Aurora Pro is designed to be used in the most extreme environments on earth, such as winters in Alaska and summers in the desert. You’ll be able to gain a tactical advantage in wartime environments as well as law enforcement searches in complete darkness. If you’re wanting to know which optic is the best and most versatile, it’s the Pro.


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Aurora Explorers Edition

The Explorers Edition is designed for those who are going into an expedition such as a 3 week trip into the Wilderness in Montana or an excursion for professional photographers. Pro’s like National Geographic or PBS would benefit greatly from buying the Explorers Edition. The kit includes a Standard Aurora as the optic and includes a 940nm IR Illuminator, rail mount for the IR illuminator. Similar to all other options it includes rechargeable batteries for both the camera and the IR Illuminator, a 32GB microSD card, and a USB charger. 


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Prices accurate at time of writing



As you can see SiOnyx is a company that is designed for those who are looking for adventure and those who need an advantage in a tactical environment. I’ve been so impressed with their equipment that I’ve been saving up to buy one for my father to use on his boat. All SiOnyx optics are capable of being used in more applications than we can list in one blog, but it’s incredibly versatile and durable.

As with everything in life, you get what you pay for and SiOnyx is no different. As my father once told me, “you mainly regret the things you don’t do instead of the things you do”. Don’t live with regret and spend the money on the top of line night vision cameras. Best of luck and we hope you enjoy your new purchase!


Table of Contents

  • What Can I Use Sionyx Night Vision For?
  • Boating
  • Hunting
  • Stargazing
  • Tactical
  • Surveillance
  • Search and Rescue
  • Aurora Sport
  • Aurora Black
  • Aurora
  • Aurora Pro
  • Aurora Explorers Edition

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