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I can tell you horror stories about how many times shoes and boots have failed me throughout my life. From wearing the standard-issue combat boots in basic training to wearing the wrong river boots, I’ve caused a lot of heartaches, pain, and bloody feet. I can remember my first ruck march in issued boots and the skin on my heels rubbed off so much that they stopped me and wrapped my feet in some dry towels with medication to prevent infection.

As an athlete and a soldier, I can tell you that picking the right shoes is one of the most important things you can do for your future success. This blog is dedicated to LALO Tactical and how to choose the best tactical boots or shoes for you based on your mission.

LALO Tactical got its start to cater to the Special Operations community and tactical law enforcement (SWAT, HRT). LALO founders have the field experience and wherewithal to provide footwear that is capable of standing up to the tough conditions that our warriors face on a normal day. this guide is set up to show you the different styles and models that accommodate not only our elite war-fighters but our nation’s elite athletes.

LALO Tactical Boots

LALO Tactical sells tactical boots for law enforcement and military and athletic shoes for serious athletes. The technology inside the tactical boots is impressive and somehow checks all the boxes you want in a tactical boot. When I was in the service and was looking for tactical boots, I always tried to look for the most comfortable, durable, and how they will hold up in the elements. I know for sure that there are many readers, like myself, who have worn boots that didn’t fit or broke apart after the first ruck. The days of having blood and water congeal as it forces it out of the tiny little vents in your toe box are engraved in my memory forever. With LALO Tactical boots, those days are long gone for those who have to ruck 10-30 miles in the mountains. 

For your convenience, LALO Tactical sells 8 different tactical boots depending on your mission requirements, comfort level, and price point. They are the Shadow Amphibian, Shadow Intruder, Shadow UCB, Operator, Rapid Assault, Shadow JCB, Phantom, and the Hydro Recon. We will not be going through each of these shoes during this blog because we want to focus on the technology and how to choose the right boot for you. However, we will be doing an entire review in the near future on all LALO Tactical boots and shoes. 

Shadow Amphibian

at LALO Tactical
Prices accurate at time of writing

What Makes LALO Tactical Special?

If LALO boots weren’t special, I wouldn’t take an entire day to write about them, I know that for sure. The reason they’re so special and important to the market is the incredible amount of care and technology put into each pair. The majority of the tactical boots have similar technology inside, but there are subtle differences between them that you really need to pay attention to. The LALO website does a good job of guiding you to find the right boot, but hopefully, if you read this blog it will help cut down on some of the time spent researching. 

Rapid Assault

at LALO Tactical
Prices accurate at time of writing

What Technology is Inside the Boots?

The LALO Tactical boots feature a hidden pocket at the top of the boot to put your laces in to keep them out of the way. In a tactical environment, this is a subtle, but important feature to ensure noise discipline is maintained. It also ensures your laces won’t get caught on anything and take your attention away from the mission. The KPU lacing system is one of the most unique designs I’ve ever seen. It uses friction from your foot pushing against the midsole to ensure that even if a lace breaks, it won’t impact the feel of your boot. You’ll have to replace the lace when you’re back from your mission, but it will last as long as you need it to. 

The dual drainage ports are very unique and sound crazy at first. The drainage system allows water to enter through the ports, but it ensures that water flows through the boot and doesn’t get trapped inside. With the added moisture-wicking, hydrophobic antimicrobial lining, the LALO boot ensures that it takes much longer for your skin to break down and cause the dogs to bleed and skin to shed off like a Husky in Spring.

The carbon rubber toe cap is one of my favorite features because it significantly reduces the movement and sliding of your forefoot and allows the boot to be more comfortable for longer periods of time. Anyone who hikes a lot knows how it feels when your foot slides back and forth every step you take at an incline or decline. After awhile the abrasion on your foot starts to break down the soft tissue and will cause pain and discomfort. 

One of the most important features of a tactical boot is the level of grip on the bottom of the boot. There is nothing worse than walking on skates during a mission and not knowing if you’re going to fall or not. LALO eliminates the possibility of losing your grip with their non-slip rubber molded outsole. The multi-density EVA provides a soft and stable platform for your foot and actually propels your foot forward as you walk or run. 

Shadow Intruder

at LALO Tactical
Prices accurate at time of writing

A feature that not many people think about until it’s too late is the noise level of the boot when you walk. For example, my first time hunting, I thought I could just wear my normal hiking boots that have great support and are brown, s they blend in easily to the woods. However, I didn’t know that my boots were too loud until I moved my foot to brace my rifle against a tree and spooked a 10-point buck. In a tactical environment, the stakes are obviously much higher than not getting a deer. With that said, LALO Tactical thought about this too and created an articulating heel and outsole in their boots to ensure they make no noise at all. It would not only be dangerous but embarrassing to blow your cover because of squeaky shoes with heavy outsoles.

For anyone who’s ever stepped on a nail, screw, glass, or shards of metal, and have it go through your boot or shoe like a knife through better knows the importance f a puncture-resistant sole. LALO Tactical uses a composite plate to cut down on weight and provide protection from nails, knives, and any other debris that can render you useless. The plate even rotates with the movement of your foot to ensure that no matter how you step or stand, you’re going to be covered. 

Why Should I Choose LALO Tactical?

The very first time I heard about LALO Tactical, I clicked on their website, saw the price, and immediately closed the page. As most of our readers know, the CEO of RE Factor Tactical is a former Green Beret with many tours of duty all over the world. He told me to take a chance on their boots and that I wouldn’t regret it. Not only was he right, but I bought a second pair for the winter activities that I get into. These boots are flexible, lightweight, durable, comfortable, and most importantly, practical. LALO Tactical was created to cater to the special operations career fields, but they’re incredible to use in multiple applications.

What Applications Can I Use LALO Tactical Boots For?

If you’ve read this far, chances are you understand that tactical boots can be used for things other than warfare. I personally use Shadow Amphibian 8" boots while hiking, spring turkey hunting, fishing, and sometimes when it rains outside and I want to limit how wet my feet get. These are by far my favorite fishing and Spring turkey hunting boots because they help keep my feet dry when I’m around water and make sure that I don’t slip and fall. Even with letting water slide through the ports in your boot, the water always drains and the fabric always dries within a few minutes.

Shadow Jungle

at LALO Tactical
Prices accurate at time of writing

What Advice Do I Have For LALO Tactical?

LALO Tactical is an awesome and creative company that deserves to grab a piece of the pie with a shot at your business. For me personally, I have to order them a full size bigger than what I normally wear because they don’t offer a wide in any of their shoes (that I see online). I can’t wear any of their boots if I’m going on multi-day hunting trips or multi-day hikes because I have paddle feet and need a 4E shoe. I know plenty of soldiers that are still in that feel the same and would love to see LALO with a wide model for their boots.

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