Who is EMP Shield? Complete Guide To EMP Protection

An EMP is America’s worst nightmare. The scenario is like a scene from the book "One Second After“: The United States jumps into darkness after an EMP attack.

The U.S. electrical grid is wiped out— not just for a few hours or days, but for months. The vulnerable power system could take 18 months to recover, so long that millions of Americans would die.

For most people, the only time you’ve ever heard the acronym EMP is when you’re watching a movie or show that shows how the whole power grid can be shut off with a simple electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

Who is EMP Shield? Complete Guide To EMP Protection

However, EMPs are very real and can cause irreplaceable damage to public infrastructure, personal homes, vehicles, and even RVs plugged into public power stations. This blog will help you understand who EMP Shield is, what it can protect, and how to find the right EMP device for your purpose.

What is an EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse)?

An EMP is a burst of high-intensity radio waves emitted from nuclear explosions in the upper atmosphere that scrambles electronics. Most nuclear warheads are multi-functional weapons capable of being detonated at a high altitude. This will cause a super-powerful EMP attack.

A thermonuclear bomb could wipe most of a city. The pulse from a high-altitude blast could cause chaos and destruction far beyond the city.

Think of it this way. A sudden power surge can overload a power outlet. An EMP is far, far worse. A nuclear blast detonated high in the atmosphere could knock out the power grid across a huge part of the continental U.S.

The higher the bomb is detonated, the wider the EMP’s range and the effects of a bomb. A bomb that exploded 19 miles above the country would affect all of Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota. The explosion would affect substantial chunks of surrounding states.  A powerful bomb detonated at an altitude 249 miles above the country would wipe all electronics in the U.S. That’s the height of the International Space Station and other low Earth orbit satellites.

Who is EMP Shield? Complete Guide To EMP Protection

A nuclear EMP has 3 pulses of voltage that are categorized by the time in which they occur.

For example, the E1 pulse happens immediately when the explosion occurs and releases gamma rays into the atmosphere. The E1 pulse lasts until 1 microsecond after the detonation, whereas, the E2 pulse starts immediately after the 1 microsecond and lasts until 1 second after the detonation.

The E2 pulse is simply caused by the matter bouncing off other matter in the weapon and creating friction with the atmospheric gases. Finally, the E3 pulse starts 1 second after the explosion and lasts for several minutes.

The E3 pulse happens when an explosion with enough force distorts the earth’s geomagnetic structure. The E3 pulse is what will cause an electronic blackout by forcing incredibly high levels of electricity to an antenna it can find. 

What is an EMP Shield?

The EMP Shield is a device that is designed and proven to protect your property from an EMP, solar flare, and most importantly lightning strikes. The EMP Shield works by shunting (shorting) over-voltage spikes in less than 500 trillionths of a second.

If you remember that the E3 pulse starts after 1 second after the explosion, then you’ll know you’re protected with the Shield. It will protect your entire home, office, data center, car, RV, and solar panels from a lightning strike, coronal mass ejection (CME), and EMP. 

EMP Shield Bundles

at EMP Shield
Prices accurate at time of writing

One of my favorite characteristics of a company that I’m thinking of buying from is transparency. Another great company we support is ShotStop® because they back up their claims with facts. If a coffee company claimed to have the best cup of joe and really made a poor cup of coffee, not much is going to be lost (other than a few bucks).

If a company claiming to protect your belongings from an EMP was not legitimate, it could cost you everything you’ve worked for. This is why I love the fact that you can download the testing results from the EMP Shield

How Does the EMP Shield Work?

As I mentioned above, the EMP Shield works by shorting over the voltages, meaning the device absorbs the electricity from the surge and pulls it away from your electrical system. The EMP Shield uses a new technology that has been tested and approved, called SightSpeed™. This technology ensures that the heat generated from a lightning strike, power surge, or EMP is diverted before it’s able to do damage.

I think EMP Shield did a great job of naming their product because it helps understand what it does. For example, if you think of a medieval metal shield, the knights used it to prevent incoming strikes from hitting their bodies.  The EMP Shield works in the same way by preventing electrical strikes from damaging your home and property. If you’ve ever experienced a power surge or lightning strike to your home, you know how scary it can be. With the EMP Shield, you don’t have to worry during the night if your power box is going to blow and destroy your electronics.

Does the EMP Shield Work on Solar Power Systems?

Yes, the EMP Shield has almost a dozen models that work specifically for solar power systems. If you’re going to spend a good bit of money on a device like an EMP protector, make sure you buy the correct one for your situation. For example, if you’re retired and want to travel the country riding in an RV, you’ll want a different one than normal solar panel systems. I recommend, calling or emailing EMP Shield to ask them the questions directly to ensure you get everything you want the first time. 

EMP Shield Solar System EMP Protection

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Prices accurate at time of writing

EMP Shield For Your Car

This is a great addition to your bug out vehicle. It’s something that can be installed and nobody is the wiser that your vehicle is protected from EMP emissions. 

EMP & Lightning Protection for Vehicles

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Prices accurate at time of writing

EMP Shield For Your Home

EMP Shield Home Protection

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Prices accurate at time of writing

The EMP Shield Hoax | Does It Really Work?

The reality is, you’re never going to know if it works until you’ve experienced either a solar storm or a nuclear EMP attack. If it’s the latter, then you’ve got bigger problems. 

I’ve seen what a mild solar storm can do to my electrical grid. I experienced one personally several years back. Looking out my window, I kept seeing the sky light up blue, but there was no thunder or severe weather in the area. And every time I saw the sky light up like that, every light in my house would get really bright for a few seconds then go dim and eventually back to normal. Having the current in my house wiring fluctuate like that caused damage to my television and refrigerator.  If I would have had the EMP Shield installed, it would have shunted that high current, and I wouldn’t have had to buy a new TV and frig. 

I consider the EMP Shield an investment to protect my home from the natural made solar storm events; not a nuclear attack. At this point, I just take their word for it based on their test data and product testing. That and the fact that the DoD bought a large quantity of these. 

Why Should I Choose EMP Shield?

The EMP Shield will protect your property from the strongest EMPs tested by the U.S. Military (MIL-STD-188-125-1, MIL-STD-464C, MIL-STD-461-G, RS-105). If you’re a fan of transparency, you’ll love the $25,000 coverage if the Shield doesn’t protect you when you need it.

The warranty provided by EMP Shield is 10 years, which is longer than any other EMP company that I’ve seen online (average=5-year). If the warranty, insurance, and standards are not enough,  the EMP Shield is listed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in their EMP Resiliency Report.  

Once you receive your EMP Shield you have 2 full weeks to return the product with a no-question 100% money-back guarantee. With as many ways to protect the consumer as possible, I believe EMP Shield shows it’s an honest company.

The transparency of displaying test results and publications about their product is comforting and reduces the anxiety of spending a few hundred dollars. 

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