Who is Creedmoor Sports? Buyer’s Guide

Many people have heard about the now world-famous 6.5 Creedmoor bullet, especially in competitive shooting. How many of our readers know that Creedmoor Sports is an actual company that sells more than rifle ammo? This blog is dedicated to the incredible inventory of shooting-related products that Creedmoor sells. Before we get started, there is one issue that we must fix before we start. How many people of you have seen the name Creedmoor spelled like “Creedmore”? I see it every day on websites that sell ammo and it’s embarrassing to not be able to get a name right. Other than that, let’s get started and educate everyone on how awesome of an online store that Creedmoor Sports has.

What is the Creedmoor InfoZone?

As a former educator and avid reader, there is nothing better than a collection of articles, videos, and advice columns about topics that I want to learn about. The Creedmoor InfoZone is created for the hunter and competitive shooter in mind. After all, the 6.5 Creedmoor bullet is known mainly in the competitive shooting community because of the accuracy over extended ranges of the bullet. I know a few hunters that are starting to use the 6.5 Creedmoor out in the high elevation of the Rockies and Cascades due to its flat trajectory and incredible accuracy. 

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If you want to learn about why you should torque your rifle when traveling on an airplane, or why a hollow point is more accurate than an FMJ, Creedmoor Sports answers these questions with free resources for all of us to enjoy. This is such a great resource for anyone who wants to learn about reloading their own ammo, or which cartridge is going to get the best results in a competition. I really like reading about the new and upcoming gear to the market because it gives me an idea of the newest technology coming out. As a writer in the gun community, this is incredibly advantageous to developing a full understanding of the market.

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What Does Creedmoor Sports Sell?

Creedmoor Sports caters to the gun and ammunition market by providing all the equipment you’ll ever need for sustainability in your firearms. Before I give you a full scoop of the items they sell, I would like for people to think about firearms with sustainability in mind. For example, being able to reload your own ammo will save you thousands if you shoot regularly. Being able to fix small parts, such as iron sights, buttstocks, and sling attachments will ensure that you keep your guns functioning longer. Creedmoor Sports will give you the tools you need to save money and become proficient hunters or elite competitors. 

Inventory of Creedmoor SportsDescription
AmmoCreedmoor Sports sells rifle ammo, pellets for air rifles, and rimfire ammo. The most common ammo they sell is either made by Hornady. Hornady has an incredible reputation in our community. I personally regard Hornady as the best rifle ammo for my two rifles (30-06, 7mm Rem Mag). If you’re looking for pellets or rimfire ammo, they have that all too. 
Ammo ReloadingWhen someone mentions Creedmoor, most people instantly think of the bullet caliber named after them, but they have some of the best and exclusive reloading equipment on the internet. Whether you’re looking for reloading dies, measuring tools, casings, or reloading presses, Creedmoor has it all. I recommend reading through the articles on the InfoZone before you buy the things you think you need. This will save you money and enhance your understanding of reloading. 
OpticsIf you’re looking for the newest and best Vortex or Leupold, this isn’t the store for you. But if you’re looking for the tools needed to replace your sights or lens’ on your AR, Creedmoor has you covered. They have great spotting scopes, but they don’t have a very big selection of rifle optics. You’ll find shooting platforms and a good selection of rifle mounts in this section, as well. 
Firearms Parts & ToolsWithin the past decade or so, aftermarket triggers and sights have really taken over the publicity in the gun communities. Creedmoor sells some of the best and most rare after-market triggers, such as the famous Milazzo-Krieger M-K trigger. You’ll find individual parts for your AR-15 and the proper wrenches and tools to build your own AR-15. 
Cleaning and Maintenance From bore brushes and patches to CLP and cleaning rods, Creedmoor sells everything you’ll need to properly clean and maintain your weapons. It’s probably easier to just buy the whole kit if you’re in need of cleaning supplies, but it’s always a great thing to be able to purchase items individually. For example, if I need a bore brush, but I have a cleaning rod and all the patches and lube, I don’t want to buy an entirely new kit for one piece. Creedmoor Sports allows you to buy in whatever quantity you want. 
Small Bore & Air RifleOne of my favorite guns to shoot on the range is a .22 Long Rifle because it has a kick like an air rifle and is so much fun t plink around for an hour or three. Creedmoor provides all the necessary equipment you’ll need, from making repairs and cleaning to buying the actual Smallbore rifles. 
JROTC GearJROTC students in high school compete all over the world in air rifle competitions and other military activities, such as marching and PT. If you’re able to give your student a leg up on the competition, this is the place to do it. 
Range SuppliesCreedmoor states that over 90% of all shooters use their own home ranges to fire their weapons. Personally, I thought that was a little high, but I understand that most rural brothers and sisters have the room to create their own ranges. In order to create your own range, you’ll items such as metal/paper targets, spotting tape, windage flags, scorecards,  and silhouette targets for self-defense and LEO training
Books & VideosAs an educator, I believe in the power of knowledge and the biggest tool to increase your knowledge of a topic is to read. There is more peer-reviewed research on how the act of reading is the best way to improve knowledge and maintain that information. Creedmoor Sports has books and videos on everything from how to reload your own ammo to how to properly use a gun vice. 
Creedmoor Shooting CoatsShooting coats are not really something that I’d ever wear, but I understand the importance of keeping yourself and the people around as safe as possible. A shooting coat is normally made of some type of Kevlar composite material that is capable of stopping penetration from shrapnel or a ricocheted bullet off a steel target. There is no doubt that if you’re worried about your safety at range hat these coats will help give you peace of mind and keep you safer. 
Gifts & ApparelShooting apparel can make a huge difference in competitive shooting with the use of specific gloves made with a cut-out for your trigger finger. These gloves prevent any brass from burning your hands or bruising if a rifle falls onto your hand. Creedmoor Sports has many items, such as range shoes, pants, coats, and headwear that are specifically designed to enhance your effectiveness on the range and your safety. 

What is the Bargain Bunker?

The Bargain Bunker is the discount page with all the gear and supplies that are rated at a significant discount. I look here before I go look through their inventory because sometimes you’ll find the item you want for 15%-25% off MSRP. I just recently bought a pair of Peltor hearing protection for 20% off on the discount page. Use this page to your advantage anytime you browse this site because it’s updated constantly and the best deals don’t last more than a day or two. 

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Prices accurate at time of writing

Why Should I Choose Creedmoor Sports?

Anytime you look to spend your hard-earned money at a business, I believe it’s important to know who they are. Creedmoor writes a lot about doing things differently than their competition; They call it the Creedmoor Way. As every other company says similar things like “we care about our customers” or “customer-first policy”, Creedmoor uses the word friends. When I contacted their customer service, I was treated with respect and they were really friendly and helpful. I’ve only had a few experiences with them but I have enjoyed it enough to write an entire blog on who they are and what they sell. 

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