Secure Your Gun Room With a Vault Door From Lockdown

When people hear the word vault, most automatically think of a massive bank door with human-sized turn wheels. However, most modern-day vaults for personal use are only the size of a standard door frame and include some sort of technology.

Today, I’d like to discuss the Lockdown 36" Vault Door for your home. Just as the Banks secure their valuables behind a vault door, you can do the same in your own home, whether that is a gun room, safe room, or secure home office.

With many Americans fighting for more room in their houses, putting a massive gun safe in their home or condo is out of the question. The whole point of a vault door is to provide a secure and aesthetically pleasing gun room or safe room at an economical price. From my research, there is no better product than the one Lockdown is producing now.

Why Should I Buy a Vault Door instead of Gun Safe?

Vault doors have started to take the place of gun safes and vaults all over the country. The best thing about a vault door is the versatility it brings to a market that has been stuck in one way of thinking for the last century. One company, known as Lockdown, is leading the way in bringing vault doors to every American wanting a higher level of security, without the hassle and logistics of getting a safe into your home.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Vault Door

  1. Vault doors are more affordable in both the short and long term
  2. Vault doors provide much better versatility with the space of your gun room
  3. Having a vault door installed in your home will give you the ability to store any other valuables without giving up space for your guns, ammo, and tactical gear
  4. Vault doors are very easy to install and some can be done without professional
  5. Vault doors can also be used as a safe room in case of a home invasion

Why Choose the Lockdown 36" Bunker Vault Door?

There really is nothing revolutionary about a vault door as many gun owners around the world have been using them for about 5-7 years now. However, the Lockdown vault door separates itself from the competition with the unique technological features listed below. My favorite feature of the door is the pry-resistant handle that slowly releases from the recess in the door. It’s super cool just to see the door handle open and close.

Every time I see this door, I feel like we’re finally in the future of gun ownership and storage. The price of this door is $2,179.00. For what you get for this price, you can secure an entire room in your home or business with the most advanced technology in the field of gun storage and security. Simply put, there is no other door on the market today that can give you the features of the 36" Bunker door, at the price Lockdown is selling it for.

Lockdown Logic 36" Bunker Door

If you told me that I get one door to choose from, it would be the 36" Bunker Door from Lockdown. The very first thing that I look for in a vault door is what is it rated to resist. If I buy a door and someone can just use a high-end metal saw or blow it down with a 7mm Rem Mag, it’s no good for me. The 36" Bunker Door will withstand up to 500,0000 lbs of sheer force. To put this in perspective, the Jaws of Life used by fire departments to rescue trapped citizens from metal cars or structures is about 58,000 lbs of force. As anyone has seen from a video, a firefighter can cut a car in half and open it up like a can of tunafish with the Jaws of Life. However, It still stands zero chance against the Lockdown Bunker Door, and that gives me the peace of mind to trust my family with their product.

Logic 36" Bunker Door

at Lockdown
Prices accurate at time of writing

The Lockdown Bunker door is made of AR500 Stainless Steel, the same steel used to create bulletproof armor capable of stopping a 7.62x51mm bullet from close range. Another very important question to consider is whether or not the vault door is fireproof or not. Lockdown claims the 36" Bunker door is fireproof with walls that are at least 8" thick, which is the standard building specs of most homes. This door weighs 750 lbs, which is heavier than the smaller models, but will take a few people to help install the door. To ensure the vault door is as secure as possible, it’s made with 11 gauge stainless steel and includes 8 locking pins that only release when the correct code is given.

Which Bunker Door Is Best For Me?

There are 2 separate options to choose from for the Lockdown Bunker Door; left-handed opening or right-handed opening. This is kind of a loaded question because it all depends on the style and size of your home. I recommend figuring out which way you’d personally rather open the door, to the right or left.

Maybe you have less room and your door has to open to the left, or vise versa. Either way, before you buy this door, make sure you get the correct way of opening that’s best for you. The 36" Bunker Door can only open inward, but other models can open outward or inward. Personally, I prefer to open the door to the inside because it saves room and I feel more comfortable pushing than pulling.

How Do I Ensure the Vault Door Will Fit Inside My Door Frame?

  1. Measure the height of the door by opening the door and measuring from the very top (above the trim) to the very bottom (below the trim). If your door is 80" tall, then your door will fit perfectly inside the door frame without any modifications. However, if the door is more or less than 80", you’ll need a contractor to come in and fix the frame to the vault door.
  2. Measure the width of the door from one end to the other end, keep the door open to do this and it will make it easier. In order to fit the 36" Bunker door, you’re going to have to make sure that your door frame is between 35-38" wide. If not, a contractor can widen the door frame to fit the specs of the Bunker door for affordable prices if you shop around.
  3. The final measurement is for the thickness of the door frame. Open the door all the way and measure the total thickness of the frame, but make sure you don’t include the trim. If the frame measures 8", the bunker door will fit perfectly with no modifications.

One important thing to consider for the Lockdown vault doors, is they’re all built with their own frame to make them easier to install into your home. I’ve never seen a product with this much technology and one that doesn’t require a professional to install it for you. I’m a firm believer in hiring professional contractors for any work on my home, but I’m also a big believer in saving thousands of dollars if I can. You get the best of both worlds with the Lockdown vault door.

What is the Logic App?

With the addition of the free Logic App, you can track your temperature and humidity from the palm of your hand. You can set your temperature and humidity to specific ranges so you always know if/when your thresholds go above those marks. Anytime your temps or humidity reach unsafe levels for your guns, the Logic App will send an alarm to your phone and alert you to fix the issue before you risk your gun collection.

Lockdown Digital Hydrometer

at Amazon
Prices accurate at time of writing

The Logic App is Lockdown’s free app that works with most of its products and provides real-time updates and alerts for all Lockdown products you have. You can customize who receives alerts if your gun safe or vault is tampered with or your settings go past your threshold. I love the fact that I can monitor any activity around my gun safe with the App because it provides me with a great sense of peace. I also travel once or twice a month for work and the fact that I can talk to my neighbors and send them alerts along with my brother (Sheriff Deputy in town). No matter what scenario I encounter the Logic app ensures that my guns are secure and safe from nefarious men/women and damaging levels of humidity and heat.

Lockdown Handgun Vault

at Amazon
Prices accurate at time of writing

Do I need a Wifi Connection to Use the Vault Door?

No, you don’t need a wifi connection, but you won’t get the most out of the product without it. With Wifi, you can set a 2-factor authentication for enhanced security and receive real-time alerts on your phone if anyone touches or tries to log in to your vault door. You can even power the vault door with your Logic App if you have Wifi.

If you don’t have a Wifi connection, you can still set up to 10 different entry codes for family members or employees if you use this door at your place of business. Instead of getting alerts on your Logic App, you can set a very loud alarm on your keypad if anyone ever tries to tamper with your door in any way. You can also still see your humidity and temperature on the keypad, but you won’t get to see it on your app without Wifi.

When is the Lockdown Vault Door Expected For Release?

Originally the door was supposed to be released in the summer, but I think everyone in the world has been affected by the pandemic and things get delayed with worldwide emergencies. The last word we got from Lockdown was that it will be released in early to mid-February.

Lockdown 36" Bunker Vault Door

at Lockdown
Prices accurate at time of writing

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Table of Contents

  • Why Should I Buy a Vault Door instead of Gun Safe?
  • Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Vault Door
  • Why Choose the Lockdown 36″ Bunker Vault Door?
  • Lockdown Logic 36″ Bunker Door
  • Which Bunker Door Is Best For Me?
  • How Do I Ensure the Vault Door Will Fit Inside My Door Frame?
  • What is the Logic App?
  • Do I need a Wifi Connection to Use the Vault Door?
  • When is the Lockdown Vault Door Expected For Release?

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