The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) is the premier organization for gun owners outside of the National Rifle Association (NRA). We wanted to get into USCCA because of the level of high-quality training and the legal defense options available. This blog will focus on the benefits of having a USCCA membership, how to find a concealed carry class, and finally, everything you need to know about a concealed carry license.

USCCA Membership

A membership with USCCA is divided into 3 subscriptions, depending on how much coverage you want and how much you’re willing to pay. The 3 subscriptions are broken down into Gold, Platinum, and Elite memberships that offer protection and benefits in case you need legal help or training. We’ve included a chart for the different memberships, but we’ll still break down each membership starting with the Gold Membership.

Gold Membership

The Gold Membership is the most popular subscription that gives you the basics of protection, education, and training. The subscription starts at $22 per month, which includes the digital and a printed copy of the USCCA magazine, a reciprocity map with notifications on expiration, and $500,000 of legal protection in case you have yo use your gun in a real-world situation.

Gold membership Education
CCW Reciprocity Map/Permit Expiration Reminders Firearm Reciprocity has to do using your state Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) across state lines during travel; it’s your responsibility to know each states’ laws regarding CCW. This membership takes the hard work away from you by showing you where you can carry and when your permits expire.
Member-Only USCCA App Features The mobile app is designed to show you everything you need to know about a concealed carry gun. You can check your status on applications, find reciprocity maps, find training locations, and read the eBooks about owning a CCW.
Weekly updates on news, changing laws and gear reviews With the volatility of mentality unstable American’s using guns to commit mass murder and other atrocities, the laws are changing rapidly.  It’s almost impossible to be up to date on all the laws related to gun control because they change so often. You’ll receive up to date notifications if any law in your state changes in regards to a CCW.
10 Lifesaving Checklists These checklists are designed to give you the confidence you’ll need to carry in public, comfortably, and inside the letter of the law. I use checklists like these to help me prepare before I start carrying in public because there are many things you won’t consider without having the knowledge to avoid mishaps.
Lifesaving Digital Guides and eBooks These guides and eBooks will help you find the right concealed carry class, the right CCW, and, most importantly, the fundamentals needed to be the best you can be. The Gold Membership comes with 15 of these books that you read on your own time.
Gold Membership Training
Weekly Training Drills The experts at USCCA provide weekly drills for you to practice on your own time to improve your skills. These drills come with video guides for your convenience, as well.
Nationwide USCCA Certified Instructor Network Access I think this is one of the best benefits because the USCCA instructor knows everything you’ll ever need to know about a CCW.
Member-Only Online Video Library: There are 33 videos on everything from finding a CCW class to gear reviews.
Proving Ground Training Series This incredible training is based around concepts that give you specific scenarios that you could face in public while carrying a concealed gun.


Gold Membership Legal Defense
Self-Defense SHIELD: Civil Defense & Damages Protection $500,000 worth of legal defense if you shoot someone, and you need legal help. With the way the world is today, you could be sued if someone breaks into your house and you shoot them in self-defense. With this legal fund, you’ll be protected through any possible litigation.
Self-Defense SHIELD: Criminal Defense, Bail Bond Funding & Attorney Retainer If you’re arrested due to a gun charge, you’ll receive $100,000 for bail and to retain an attorney.
24/7/365 Critical Response Team The Critical Response Team is on call to guide you through tragedy and inform you of the rights you have in regards to the use of your firearm.
Your Choice of Criminal Defense Attorney Often times, when you buy a service that you need, you have to take what they give you. However, the USCCA wants you to be as comfortable as possible, so they encourage you to use whatever lawyer you’re comfortable with.
Up-Front Funding for Criminal Defense & Bail Bonds There are no wait times to get your bail money ready, which means you won’t be spending time in jail (if bail is available to you).
Protection for the use of All Legal Weapons This sounds like logic, but the average American is not protected, even if they use their gun in a self-defense situation. Learn your rights and stay protected against overzealous lawyers.

Why Should I Choose The Gold Membership

The Gold Membership is going to give the basic coverage everyone who carries in public should have to protect themselves from litigation and to get the necessary training to be proficient with your pistol. At $22/month, this subscription will help with discounts on everything from holsters and optics to lights and lasers. I highly recommend buying at least the Gold Membership because you’ll have the confidence of being protected legally, and you’ll learn how to physically protect your family through the dozens of training videos designed for you.

Platinum Membership

This package starts at $30/month and gives you more training and much more coverage for your potential legal expenses. You’ll receive up to $1 million in legal defenses and up to $150,000 in bail and retainer fees, which should cover everything you’ll need. As far as the differences between the Gold and Platinum Memberships, it starts with the extended legal defense funds and ends with perks like entry into Expos and conferences for free. The tables below will only focus on the perks that the Platinum package adds from the Gold package.

Platinum Membership Education
Interactive “Ask An Attorney” Monthly Webinar This is a really cool option that allows you to join a webinar every month and ask an attorney any question you have on owning a gun and concealed carry issues.
Lifesaving Digital Guides and eBooks 30 eBooks that will focus on tips and step-by-step guides on how to use your CCW.
Platinum Membership Training
Situational Awareness  Situational awareness training is an incredible asset to have to be fully prepared in any situation. One of the most underestimated skills is what we call “street smarts,” which is your ability to understand the environment you’re in and if you’re in any danger. This will help you build those “street smarts” to be more aware of your surroundings.
Platinum Membership Legal Defense
Self-Defense SHIELD: Civil Defense & Damages Protection $1,000,000 in defense fees should be enough to offset any litigation you’d need in an emergency.
Self-Defense SHIELD: Criminal Defense, Bail Bond Funding & Attorney Retainer $150,000 for a retainer fee or bail bond will significantly help you avoid jail time until after the potential court case.

Why Should I Buy The Platinum Membership

The Platinum Membership is going to leave you much more prepared for an extra $8/ month in case of an emergency involving your gun. This package is going to give you more than half a million in lawyer fees and adds vital “Situational Awareness” Training. You’ll also receive discounts on gear and training, which could really be the difference between life and death.

Elite Membership

The Elite Membership starts out at $47/month and makes the biggest difference in the level of training you’ll receive and doubles the amount of money for legal fees. The complete archive of every published article, guide, and eBook since 2004 is open for you anytime you need it. We highly recommend reading as much as you can to fully understand your rights and the rights of others when it comes to self-defense. Learning when to use deadly force and the fundamentals of a CCW will give you confidence that you and your family will be safe and in line with the law.

Elite Membership Education
Lifesaving Digital Guides and eBooks You’ll receive at least 70 guides and eBooks to read and educate yourself for the time you’ll need to use your gun.
Plus Complete Archive Every article, eBook, and guide since 2004 will be available to you anytime you need it. It would take you a year to read through all of these guides if you read one every day.
Elite Membership Training
When To Use Deadly Force In our opinion, this should be included in every membership because it’s the most important and life-changing decision you can make. Nobody wants to take a life unless it’s needed, and this training is instrumental in understanding the laws involving self-defense shooting.
eLearning Training Systems ($344 value) This eLearning training system is incredibly well put together with more advanced information and skill development than the eBooks that come with each of the packages.
Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals Everyone should always start with the fundamentals of any new skill, especially one that involves a permanent consequence.
Emergency First Aid Fundamentals Unfortunately, hundreds of people every year accidentally shoot themselves from a lack of fundamentals. This first aid training will help you understand what to do if someone is accidentally shot or hurt, involving the use of a firearm.
Platinum Membership Legal Defense
Self-Defense SHIELD: Civil Defense & Damages Protection $2,000,000 in defense fees should be enough to offset any litigation you’d need in an emergency.
Self-Defense SHIELD: Criminal Defense, Bail Bond Funding & Attorney Retainer $250,000 for a retainer fee or bail bond will significantly help you avoid jail time until after the potential court case.

Why Should I Buy the Elite Membership

If you can afford the $47/month, this is by far the best membership package you could ever ask for. The level of training and money of the legal defense fund will keep you and your family safe when any responsible use of your firearm is employed. We encourage you to consider all resources available to you, and the Elite Membership gives you everything you could ask for in training and education.


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