Renters insurance seems to be something people only get when their landlord requires it, but what does it cover? Specifically, what does USAA cover?

What You Need To Know

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  • Renters insurance is now required for military housing
  • USAA covers food spoilage due to a power outage
  • USAA covers water damage from flooding

USAA Renters Insurance

USAA Renters Insurance
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USAA hasn’t always been who we know them as today, which is more than a bank, more than a car insurance provider, more than a financial advisor. Today USAA offers renters insurance, something almost everyone in the military will need at one point or another—even if you live in base housing. That’s why we’ve decided to put together everything you need to know about USAA renters insurance policies.

About USAA

USAA started out with 25 army officers who wanted car insurance. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find any. In turn, they decided they’d do their own thing and insure each other. And that’s how USAA got started. Originally, the plan was to only insure active duty service members but they started to expand, taking on veterans too. Today, they insure even more people than that. While, USAA stays within the walls of the military family—those in relations to a military member or veteran—they didn’t use to. And we must say, we’re pretty happy that changed.


USAA Renters Insurance

You might be thinking, I don’t really need insurance. Do I? Well, if you’re living in an apartment complex, they’ll pretty much force you to have proof of renters insurance before you move in. The real difference is in the amount of coverage you are asked to get. Some apartment complexes will ask that you get a minimum amount of coverage, while others do not list an amount. Either way, you’re getting renters insurance if you want to live there. What you need to do is find out who you’ll be getting it through. In most cases, renters insurance isn’t going to break the bank, but the type of coverage you get and your payments will depend on who you get it through. So, while you might save a few cents here and there with one insurer, you might not get the same type of coverage.

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Who is USAA Renters Insurance for?

Despite USAA exclusive membership, you might be surprised to know a lot of people qualify. You either need to be currently serving as active duty or a reservist/guardsman, be a veteran or be related to one through marriage. If you are the child of a former or current service member, you also qualify. And that’s it, that’s the only requirement to be a part of USAA’s club. Not only can you set up a bank account, but you can take advantage of their insurance policies, such as renters insurance.

USAA Renters Insurance Application Process

Signing up for USAA renters insurance isn’t very hard. I personally did it over the phone, just because I like talking to people over using the internet. But, you can do it online if you want or through the mobile app. If you aren’t already a member of USAA, that will be your first step. If you have that knocked out, here’s what’s next:

  1. Sign-in
  2. Click on “Products” at the top of the page
  3. When the menu drops down, click on “Renters Insurance” on the far left-hand side under “Insurance”
  4. Click “Get A Quote”
  5. Fill out the renter’s location form
  6. Get your rental insurance offer

Proof of Renters Insurance

Getting proof of renters insurance is a straightforward process. There are several ways to go about it. You can access the documents under “my documents,” you can have it mailed to you, emailed to you or sent to the landlord requesting proof.

USAA Renters Insurance Claim Process

Filing a claim through USAA isn’t very difficult either. All you have to do is file your claim through the claim center. I personally just call USAA and talk with a representative in the claims department. They’ve always walked me through each step and explained everything in detail. Including how long it could take for the claim to process. If you don’t want to call USAA, you can also file a claim online or through their USAA Mobile App.

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USAA Renters Insurance Coverage

USAA renters insurance covers more than you might think. Below is an entire list of what they cover.

What USAA Covers

  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Silverware
  • Phones
  • Military Equipment
  • Jewelry
  • Storage
  • Fine Art
  • Bicycles
  • Sports Equipment
  • Cameral
  • Liability
  • Coins
  • China or Crystal
  • Music Equipment
  • Guns
  • Furniture
  • Stamps
  • Antiques
  • Computers
  • Appliances
  • Furs
  • Hearing Aids

When USAA Coverage AppliesFire and lightning

  • Flood and Water
  • Windstorm or hail
  • Collapse of building
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Earthquake
  • Smoke
  • Freezing
  • Falling objects
  • Explosion
  • Theft
  • Aircraft
  • Vehicles
  • Vandalism and malicious mischief
  • Riot and civil commotion
  • Sudden and accidental tearing apart, cracking, burning or bulging
  • Sudden and accidental damage from artificially generated electrical current

How much is Renters Insurance

The price of your renters’ insurance will vary based on where you need coverage, the type of coverage you get, and how much of it you want. The amount you agree to be deducted in the case your insurance provider will pay out will also determine how much your coverage will cost.

USAA Renters Insurance Quote

As of this post, USAA provides basic coverage for $12/month. Again, this will depend on a lot of different variables. So, if you’re in the market for renters insurance, the best option is to talk with an actual representative who can let you know what you need and how much. Again, you can get a quote online by following our steps listed above. There won’t be any obligation to accept the quote, meaning there’s nothing to lose, except maybe a few minutes of your time.

How much coverage do you really need? 

How much renters insurance you need will depend on how much you have. Are you a huge stamp collector, do you have a lot of hi-tech equipment, clothes, antique clocks, china, etc.? If so, you probably want more coverage than an 18-year-old with less than $100 to his or her name.

With that being said, only you can determine how much renters insurance you need. But, keep in mind, most renters require a minimum amount of liability coverage, and you’re going to pay at least $12/month through USAA for that.

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Liability coverage is to help protect you from spending a bunch of money on an accident. It’s typically the minimum amount of coverage you’ll need to get approved for an apartment complex. Before you sign a lease, your leasing office should tell you how much liability you need. If they do not, talk with your insurance representative about your specific needs. USAA recommends these considerations when applying for liability:

  • How much your landlord requires
  • How much you have in assets or as your net worth
  • How much you’re at risk for being held liable for injury or damages. For example, you have dog or you live with roommates

Personal Items

According to USAA the average amount of coverage a person needs in a two-bedroom apartment starts at $20,000. They recommend you start by creating an inventory of your things to help figure out how much coverage you’ll need.

Your Stuff is worth more than you Realize

Believe it or not, you have more than you think you do. You’ll quickly realize this when you get ready to PCS and don’t have enough boxes to pack up the kitchen, let alone the entire house. Now, imagine all that stuff you didn’t have enough boxes for, yeah, it adds up. While you might not think it’s worth much because it’s old, USAA knows better. In fact, if you were to try and buy all the stuff you had again, and replace it with new things, we almost guarantee you’d start saying things like, “do I really need a new one of these?” Luckily, with USAA renters insurance, you don’t have to ask that question, because all your things will be replaced, even the old stuff

Personalized Renters Insurance

Because your things are worth more than you think, you probably won’t consider everything you have when looking for a renters insurance quote. But, if you call and talk with a representative, you might find out you have way more to consider than you thought. They will ask you about your computers, guns, jewelry, clothes, electronics, you name it. Simply tell them what you have. Don’t leave something out because it’s only worth a few dollars. All that stuff adds up, so USAA will give you a personalized quote on your insurance. You have different needs than other individuals. You have different things, at different costs, worth a different price (personal value) than what your neighbor has. USAA realizes this, which means your quote will be tailored to your needs, not your neighbors’.

USAA Renters Insurance Details

USAA renters insurance is competitively priced. On top of that, they have a lot of great representatives willing to help with any questions you have. Whether you are just looking around or need to file a claim, the representatives are extremely helpful. One individual even said that after filing a claim, she got a quote with a repair price. The cost ended up being less than what was quoted and USAA let her keep the remaining value.

Why get USAA Renters Insurance

  • Your stuff is safe and protected
  • You’re covered for flood
  • Earthquake coverage is standard
  • USAA replaces the old with the new
  • Move, take and store your stuff, worldwide

How to Cancel USAA Renters Insurance

If you’re looking to cancel your renters insurance because you’re moving or want to switch to another provider, simply call USAA. The process is smooth. Call USAA, tell them you wish to cancel. They’ll probably ask why to ensure you’re going to be covered under your new circumstances. But they won’t try to sell you a product just to keep you like some providers.

Despite how good USAA is—in most cases—they do make mistakes. Therefore, make sure after you cancel, your policy was actually canceled. If for some reason it wasn’t, USAA will back-pay you for the coverage you weren’t using but paid for. This comes from personal experience, so know, it does happen—while unfortunate; USAA typically does a good job righting any wrongs they’ve made.

Renters Insurance and Military Housing

If you’re still serving, you probably already know this. But if you got out before 2015 or came in after 2015, this might be news to you. Have you ever wondered why you haven’t been asked to get renters insurance when you move into base housing? Well, you never have because renters insurance used to be a part of your BAH. However, in 2015, the DoD decided to remove this from BAH.

Because of the changes, service members have gone from not needing renters insurance for base housing, to needing it. If you use USAA for banking and other insurance needs, you can get renters insurance for pretty cheap. I personally pay less than $2 a month for renters insurance, but that’s including a discount. Typically, starting out—no discount included—you’ll pay $12. However, this will depend on what you have, where you live, and how much coverage you want.

USAA Renters Insurance FAQs

You’ve got questions, USAA has answers. Below are some of the most asked questions people are wanting answers to about USAA and renters insurance.

Does USAA renters insurance cover mold?

USAA does cover mold damage. However, they do not cover damage that was caused strictly from the mold. They will cover mold due to water damage and will remove the mold, so you have a safe place to live.

Does USAA renters insurance cover lost jewelry?

If you accidentally lose your jewelry, USAA will not cover it. However, if your jewelry was lost due to a fire or other disaster, they will replace it.

Does USAA renters insurance cover water damage?

USAA does cover water damage. If there is a flood, you’re covered. If there’s a long-standing leak, however, they typically will not cover the damages.

Does USAA renters insurance cover food spoilage?

Yes, USAA does cover food spoilage as the result of a power outage. From personal experience, there was an outage for days in my area. USAA made a notice saying they would cover any spoiled food as a result of the outage.

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Does USAA renters insurance cover natural disasters?

Yes, USAA covers natural disasters. Simply file a claim with USAA and tell them you were affected.

USAA Renters Insurance Phone Number

210-531-USAA (or 210-531-8722)

800-531-USAA (or 800-531-8722)

USAA Policy Disclaimers

The below comes directly from USAA’s webpage as of April 19, 2019:

  1. Countrywide average price for policyholders who have $2,500 personal property coverage, $100,000 liability coverage, and $5,000 medical payments coverage as of January 2017. Rates vary by location and risk. Rates are subject to change.
  2. With replacement cost coverage, at our option, subject to policy limits and policy deductible, if you actually replace the property we will pay you the lesser of our cost to restore, repair or replace the damaged property or the amount you actually spent to restore, repair or replace the property.
  3. For coverage to apply, property must be under a bill of lading or other professional shipping document before being shipped. Policy must be in force before goods are placed in transit. Breaking, and marring & scratching are excluded.
  4. Availability of renters insurance to residents of another country is limited to qualified members.

USAA Renters Insurance

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