Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance is simply a type of insurance to cope with veterinarian bills when your animal needs medical attention. With millions of pet owners in our country, this type of insurance could literally mean the difference between life or death for your family’s pet.  As horrible as that sounds, my childhood Beagle’s life was saved because my dad had insurance for the two dogs. We lived in a horrible place called, Sierra Vista, Arizona, and my Beagle was bitten on the leg by a baby rattlesnake while running around our yard. As every southerner that encounters rattlesnakes knows, it’s the babies that release the most venom because they can’t control it. My dog was instantly in pain and swelled up like a basketball, and the anti-venom for pets was going to cost us $2,000 that we did not have. Luckily, the Insurance brought the price down $300 and we were able to save my dog from an unfortunate and miserable demise.


USAA Pet Insurance

USAA partnered with Embrace Pet Insurance to offer a discounted service to the military and an extra 15% for being a military member. Not only could you save up to 25% on your total vet bill, but you’ll also get a great insurance package for either your dog or cat.  Embrace claims to get you up to 90% savings on your vet bill, but that is tricky because a lot of that depends on the pet. For example, if your dog is 11 years old it’s going to be more expensive to insure because older animals are more prone to illnesses and injuries.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance prides itself in taking complete care of your pet with the most comprehensive coverage you could ever ask for. If your family is anything like mine, your pet is a glue that keeps the family happy and reduces the impact of family strife. Embrace will make sure the most vulnerable member of your family is taken care of, whether its bit by a rattlesnake, swallows poison (chocolate), or gets Lyme disease from a tick.



Embrace Nose-To-Tail Pet Insurance
AccidentsI’ve seen everything from dogs tearing their ACLs running in circles to going into chocolate shock from a candy bar left in reach. Dogs are going to be dogs and we can’t avoid the fact that they will get hurt or sick at some point in their lives. Accident coverage insures all broken bones, ligament damage, and poison ingestion.
IllnessesDogs eat pretty much anything they can and attract ticks like deer if they’re not protected, so stay covered by this with the illness protection.
Dental IllnessesIt’s no secret that your dog always has bad breath, but if it’s almost unbearable bad breathe, it could be any of the following: periodontal disease, gingivitis, or oral masses.  Root canals, crowns, and many other specific procedures are covered up to $1,000 per year.
Breed Specific & Genetic ConditionsPets can suffer many genetic disorders, much in the same way humans develop similar disorders, such as hip dysplasia, allergies, patellar luxation, and elbow dysplasia.
CancerCancer is one of the most devastating diseases to hit the animal kingdom and takes no mercy on our pets, either. According to Embrace, 25% of all dogs get cancer and 50% of all dogs over 10 years old get cancer. These treatments are incredibly expensive and can force you to make economic decisions that could change the dynamic in your household. Personally, I don’t believe in giving me dog chemotherapy, but if you do, you’ll save thousands in the radiation, chemotherapy, and consultation fees.
Chronic ConditionsIf your dog suffers from allergies, diabetes, or arthritis, they’re covered under the chronic conditions policy.
Exam FeesYour pets need to go to the Veterinarian at least once a year for a check-up examination to ensure your dog isn’t suffering from something you cant see. All exam fees are paid by Embrace Insurance.
*One way to get a potential discount is to show the insurance companies that your home is taken care of an secure. This will help them if your dog ever bites an intruder. Research through this table and ask questions about all available discounts.
Covered Treatments by Embrace
Alternative Therapies & RehabilitationExploring alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, and therapeutic laser treatment may be a better option than surgery for your pet. I always recommend exploring every option before you get your pet surgery.
Behavioral TherapyIf you adopt a dog from the shelter, you really never know what you’re going to get. Many pets are physically abused by horrible people before they find their way to a dog shelter. Dogs are much like humans in the way of physical abuse and alter their behavior. Embrace covers therapy for a dog to help with the PTSD from abuse.
Emergency Veterinary CareIf your dog or cat gets hit by a car and you have to take it to the emergency room, Embrace will cover costs for all emergency care, even in after-hour clinics.
Specialist CareIf your dog gets cancer and needs to see an oncologist, Embrace will cover your pet 100% during this expensive visit.
Diagnostic TestingDiagnostic testing includes fine needle aspirates, biopsies, urinalysis, fecal exams, and more. Embrace will cover any of these tests for covered conditions. this means if your dog swallows an unknown poison and needs fecal exams and a urinalysis to test what’s hurting the dog, Embrace will cover you.
Surgery and HospitalizationAs we all know by now, hospital bills can get outrageously expensive, especially when it comes to surgery and anesthesia and surgery. Without insurance, you could be looking at bills over $8,000 for veterinarian time, exam fees, physical rehab, and follow-up care.
Prosthetics & mobility devicesThe majority of injuries to pets are either dental or to their legs, which can cause mobility issues for your beloved pet. If your pet has to have surgery on their limbs, they’ll need carts, wheelchairs, or even prosthetics from catastrophic injuries. The most common mobility device is a hip brace designed for pets with an elbow or hip dysplasia.
Prescription Drug CoveragePrescription drug prices are notoriously high for pets and could cost in the thousands of specialized drugs. the most common drugs that are accepted by Embrace are:

  • Antibiotics
  • Allergy medication
  • Insulin & supplies
  • Eye & ear drops
  • Oral chemotherapy
  • Steroids
  • Pain relievers
  • Anxiety medication

Wellness Rewards from Embrace

Wellness Rewards Plan is often confusing for new customers because they think it’s the actual insurance plan, instead of an additional coverage type. Embrace Pet Insurance pays for the Veterinarian bills for your sick or injured pet, but doesn’t include the cost of the items you buy to keep your dog healthy.  Think of this plan as a preventative care plan that encourages pet owners to be more proactive in caring for their pets. For example, if you buy flea and tick medicine to prevent your pet from being infected, you can recoup those costs with this plan.
Why Should I Buy The Wellness Rewards Plan?

The Wellness Rewards plan is a great idea because they reward you for things you’re already going to buy for your pet anyway. It’s much more like a forecasting budgeting tool for pet owners who don’t want to have to worry about paying upfront every visit. Embrace offers 3 separate payment plans to remain flexible for pet owners who visit the Vet more or less. For example, puppies, kittens, older dogs, and cats will need more than young and stable pets because they’re more susceptible to illness and injury. Embrace offers a $25 annual reward for every policy so you can recoup more money at the end of each policy date.

Reimbursable Items
Wellness exam feesMedicated shampoosPreventative teeth cleaning
Vaccinations & titersToenailPrescription diet food
Flea, tick, & heartworm preventativestrimmingTraining
Spay/neuter surgeryRoutine anal gland expressionRoutine chiropractic care
Fecal & routine blood testsWearable pet activity monitorsReiki, massage therapy, acupuncture
MicrochippingCremation or burialHip dysplasia exams, radiographs, or other OFA testing
Nutritional supplementsGastropexy

How Do I Apply For Pet Insurance Through USAA/ Embrace?

Applying for Pet Insurance is as easy as any other insurance package you’ve purchased through USAA. One added benefit of applying for USAA Pet Insurance through Embrace, is the rewards you accumulate for opening multiple accounts with USAA. No other company will offer you the discounts that Embrace is prepared to offer, due to their agreement with USAA.  You can also call Embrace at (800) 511-9172 to speak with them directly, just remember to let them know you’re a USAA member.

What is Catastrophic Insurance for Pets?

Catastrophic Pet Insurance is an option for those who don’t want to spend full coverage of their pet, but ensures if something life or death happens it will be taken care of without destroying your financial health. If you know your pet is healthy and doesn’t need to see the Vet more than once a year, this is a great option for you. This coverage is designed for a high deductible of $1,000 and provides up to $15,000 for a major accident to your pet, such as getting hit by a car or if your dog contracts Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever hiking in the Rockies. With a higher deductible, you’ll pay less than 50% of the regular insurance premium, meaning you’ll save a lot of money if this plan fits your pet.


Pets are not only just a way to clean up food when you drop something or the most effective way to get rid of rodents, but they’re also valuable members of our families. Pet insurance isn’t for everyone because you may have the healthiest dog or cat and never need to go to the Vet. However, it’s no secret dogs can and will get into trouble by just being dogs and Vet bills are exceedingly expensive year after year. The best way to protect your wallet and your family is to ensure if and when something happens, you don’t have to make a financial decision on the life of your pet.