USAA Motorcycle Insurance

USAA motorcycle insurance is required if you want to ride your bike in any state in the country. And it’s absolutely necessary, especially when you start considering the chances of getting into an accident. According to The Department of Transportation, 4,985 people were killed in motorcycle accidents; with 75% of all motorcycle crashes involving another vehicle, being a defensive driver is incredibly important on a bike. Whether you have a Harley or Ducati, you’re assuming more risk of serious injury and death than driving a car.  USAA Insurance policy is backed by Progressive Insurance, which has one of the most respected names in the Veterans community. Progressive is consistently rated in G.I. Jobs as a top 100 employer of veterans in the world.

Progressive Motorcycle Insurance

Progressive separates their motorcycle insurance into 8 different categories, which are ATVs & UTVs, Cruisers, Custom bikes, Dirt Bikes, Scooters & Mopeds, Sportbikes, Touring bikes, and vintage bikes. For access to the entire Veteran and Active Military communities, Progressive won the bid with its extensive coverages and discount options. USAA chose to partner with Progressive because of its reputation and specialized coverage options. Regardless of the vehicle, most coverage options are the same, except for money.

What Are The 8 Motorcycle Insurance Categories?

ATVs & UTVs, Cruisers, Custom bikes, Dirt Bikes, Scooters & Mopeds, Sportbikes, Touring Bikes, and Vintage bikes are the different categories that Progressive covers. The coverages for all 8 categories are roughly the same with small changes based on the type of bike.

8 Motorcycle Categories
ATVs & UTVSAny 4-wheel off-road vehicle designed for enhanced suspension and torque for climbing elevation and navigating multiple terrains.


The typical looking motorcycle with a V-twin engine. Think of Harley, Honda, GLX, and Triumph. This is the most common of all motorcycle insurance packages offered by Progressive
Custom BikesCustom bikes are pretty simple to understand because they are made specifically for you or by you. Custom bikes have to be a one of a kind type of bike with some feature that separates it over the mass sold supply.
Dirt bikesAny off-road bike with an enhanced suspension and rugged tires designed to grip on any terrain.

Typical bikes covered by Progressive are::

  • Pit bikes
  • Motocross bikes
  • Honda CRF Series
  • Yamaha YZ, WR and TT Series
  • Kawasaki KX and KLX Series
  • Suzuki RM and DR Series
  • KTM SX and XC Series
Scooters & MopedsSmall lightweight vehicles that can either be pedaled or powered by a small engine. The most common types of Mopeds and Scooters are:

  • Vespas
  • Honda Forza, Ruckus and Metropolitan
  • Yamaha Zuma
  • Suzuki Burgman
Sports BikesSports bikes are generally motorcycles designed for incredible speed and agility. These bikes are capable of hitting speeds up to 150 mph (if they have no governor chip). The most common Sports bikes are:

  • Honda CBR
  • Kawasaki Ninja
  • Suzuki GSX-R, GSX-S
  • Yamaha YZF
  • Ducati Panigale, Supersport
Touring BikesTouring bikes are often much larger than typical bikes and are designed to give the most comfort for long-distance riding. These bikes have a tremendous suspension, comfortable seats with backrests, and normally great sound systems and navigation technology. The most common Touring bikes are:

  • Honda Gold Wing
  • BMW K 1600
  • Harley Davidson Road Glide
  • Kawasaki Vulcan
  • Suzuki Boulevard
  • Indian Roadmaster
Vintage BikesA Vintage bike is described as any motorcycle that is collectible, historic, or extremely rare. Most companies have a vintage bike but think of a 1943 BMW R75 or the 1974 Honda CB 750.

Coverages that are automatically included

These 3 coverages are automatically included in every motorcycle insurance package to cover the basic cost of ownership.

Progressive Motorcycle Coverages
Full replacement and no depreciationEvery year you own your bike it will depreciate a few %. This coverage allows any part that needs to be replaced, will be replaced in full by Progressive.

Accessories and custom parts/equipment (CPE)

This coverage gives you an opportunity to insure any custom features you added to your bike after you bought it.  Items typically covered are custom-stitched seats, custom handlebars (surprisingly can get up to $1000 for custom handlebars), and aftermarket sound system. Even if you didn’t know about needing accessory insurance, you’ll be covered if something happens to your bike.

OEM parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are expensive and often times are not covered if you need a replacement part. It’s much cheaper for an insurance company to use generic parts to replace covered parts, but Progressive automatically insures all OEM parts. If you have custom parts in your bike, you’ll be given those same custom parts in return.

Standard Motorcycle Coverages

Standard insurance is the basic protections that are included in every package before they specialize in the type of bike.

Base Coverage for Progressive Motorcycle Insurance

Bodily injury and property damage liability (BI/PD)

The majority of motorcycle accidents happen because other drivers don’t see them in their blind spot and drive them off the road. However, if you’re at fault in an accident and hurt the other driver, you’ll be covered under this liability coverage.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM)

Believe it or not, there are thousands of drivers every year that drive without insurance for one reason or another. Progressive covers you in case the other driver doesn’t have insurance.

Comprehensive and collision

One downside of a bike over a car is the fact that if you hit a deer, your bike will be totaled for sure. Whether it’s deer or another animal in the road, it can total your bike. Comprehensive coverage will pay the full cost of the bike after the deductible.

Medical payments

If you lose control around a corner and hurt yourself or a passenger, this medical policy will pay most of the costs, but not all.


Extra coverages

Extra coverages are optional add-on policies that are designed to fit your specific needs and coverage options. I personally think they should all be included, but can be added independently of each other for customization of your plan.

Optional Coverages

Total loss coverage for a new motorcycle

Total loss coverage works by replacing your totaled bike with a brand new model year bike, but only if it’s within 1 model year. If you bought a 2019 bike and totaled it in 2020, Progressive would buy you the 2020 model of that bike at full cost.

Roadside assistance and trip interruption

Things happen during long trips and there is a chance at some point that you need roadside assistance for a tire or engine issue. As long as your in the U.S. or Canada, you’re covered for the tow to the nearest town and trip interruption coverage. If you’re away from your house, Progressive will pay up to $500 for a hotel, dinner, and cab rides to get to those places while your bike is being fixed.

Carried Contents

This coverage insures your wallet, camping gear, overnight bag, hunting gear, and anything you brought onto the bike that is worth money.

Disappearing deductible

A disappearing deductible rewards you by taking off 25% of the original deductible for every month you don’t have a claim. The longer you go without getting into an accident will save you hundreds on the overall cost.

Enhanced injury protection

This coverage will pay you up to $250 per week for up to 2 years if you’re unable to work due to a motorcycle accident. Progressive will also pay your beneficiaries $25,000 if you’re killed in a motorcycle accident.


Motorcycle insurance is mandatory in most states in our country and will protect you and other motorists on the open road. USAA Motorcycle Insurance is sponsored by Progressive Insurance to ensure military members and veterans have the best opportunity to obtain fair, affordable, and complete motorcycle coverage.  Read through the optional coverages and determine which add-on policies fit your way of life the best. Having motorcycle insurance along with life and travel insurance will ensure you are doing your part to protect not only your family but every other driver’s family on the road.