If you’re going to conceal carry, you should do it properly. Most do it with the intent of knowing if they had to defend themselves or someone else, they could. However, just because you’re acting in defense doesn’t mean you won’t get sued for your actions. This is why it’s a smart idea to have CCW insurance such as that of U.S. Law Shield—they’re actually more than that, but we’ll get to that soon enough.

This way, you have someone to defend you when everyone else is against you. You could save a small child from being murdered and we can promise you, someone out there will have something negative to say about you intervening and stopping the killer. That’s why you get CCW insurance. Because even when you’re doing the most good, some will think otherwise. And the next thing you know, you’re stuck in prison because you didn’t have the legal knowledge or support to defend your actions properly.

U.S. Law Shield is a legal defense for self-defense. Their services stretch out to the hunter’s environment as well. So, if something happens, but you’re carrying a legal shotgun, or maybe a rifle, they’ll be there to back you up. So, with all that being said, let’s get into our U.S. Law Shield review so you can make the best choice about your CCW insurance for you and your family.

About U.S. LawShield

Most CCW insurers provide just that, but U.S. Law Shield is so much more. They’ll defend you in any case of self-defense, not just when you’re carrying concealed. If you’re using a firearm, so long as it’s a legal weapon, you’re covered. If you had to use a bat or shovel for self-defense, you’re covered then too. Their goal is to protect those in cases where they might not otherwise be able.

Let’s face it, the legal system is like trudging through mud. So, why not let the experts do the trudging for you. Better yet, win your case. Instead of risking the chance of conviction after legally defending yourself because you don’t know how to state your case, U.S. Law Shield will do it for you,

U.S. LawShield Coverage

If you’re going for basic coverage, the below are included in your membership. There are additional services you can add to your membership for extra fees—we’ll talk about that shortly—but the following is available for every member in the states U.S. Law Shield services.

Single and Two-Adult Memberships 

  • 24/7/365 access to Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline
  • Member perks with special offers and discounts on LTC classes, firearms, optics, gunsmithing services, tactical training classes, range time, and more!
  • You pay zero attorneys’ fees for covered events
  • There are no caps, no hourly limits, and no deductibles
  • Legal representation for both Criminal and Civil proceedings
  • Member seminars with face-to-face time with experienced attorneys, instructors, and experts in self-defense law 

Coverage Options

One of the questions you might be asking prior to selecting coverage through U.S. Law Shield is whether or not they’ll represent you in a case where you don’t have a state-issued handgun carry permit. Again, coverage is available in any case where a legal firearm was used. Therefore, if you don’t have a carry permit, you’re still covered. And if you select their multi-state protection, you’ll have representation in all 50 states, plus D.C. and Puerto Rico.

Legal Protection

If you need legal help, whether criminal or civil, you will be represented. If you’ve used a firearm that doesn’t belong to you, you’ll also have representation—so long as it was a legal weapon. This includes the use of any legal firearm to protect yourself, your family, your life, and even your property.

Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline

If you’re in an emergency situation and call the emergency hotline, you won’t be talking to a receptionist who refers you to an attorney who calls you back in 2-4 business days. Instead, you’ll call and the person on the other end will be an actual attorney. You can call this line 24/7, 365 days a year. Yes, even on Christmas you’ll talk to an attorney.

Independent Program Attorneys

If you don’t have a pressing issue, meaning it’s not an emergency, you can call a non-emergency line. That doesn’t mean you won’t talk to an attorney. You’ll still talk to one, they’ll be through a local independent program.

What’s not covered?

While U.S. Law Shield has amazing coverage, there are still things that aren’t included in your membership. For instance, unless you live in Oklahoma, Texas or Pennsylvania, expert witness fees and bail bonds aren’t included. Government fees, identity theft, stolen firearms, and investigation fees aren’t covered either.

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Optional Member Coverage

If the basic coverage through U.S. Law Shield isn’t enough, they have a few additional options, from hunter’s protection to including your children on your membership. They’ll even represent you in cases where your identity is stolen.

Gun Owner Identity Theft 

Theft of your legal weapon(s) or ID is not included in your membership cost. However, it is an optional addition. This means if someone were to steal your firearm and use it (or not), or your ID, you’ll have representation. The cost of this addition is either $6.95/month or $83.49 for the entire year.

Multi-State Protection

If you have basic membership, you are only covered in the state you sign-up under. However, with multi-state protection, you receive criminal and civil defense in all 50 states, including D.C. and Puerto Rico This will cost $2.95/month or $35.40/year for each member.

Minor Children

If you have a minor living at home and intentional or accidental use of a firearm occurs, U.S. Law Shield offers coverage. The child will receive the exact same representation as their parent(s). Keep in mind, this is only coverage for minors. If you have an adult child living at home, they will need their own adult membership or you will need to get the “two adults membership.” Minor coverage will cost you $2/month or $24/year.


Guns aren’t just used for home protection. A lot of us spend a considerable amount of time in the woods hunting. U.S. Law Shield will follow you there too because accidents and self-defense don’t just happen at home. If you shoot your hunting partner unintentionally—maybe you should practice better hunter’s safety—or you’ve violated game and fishing laws, you’ll be represented. The cost of this additional service is $2.95/month or $35.40/year.

*Bail Bond and Expert Witness

Unfortunately, this service is not available in every state. But, for those of you who qualify, it includes up to $25,000 and covers expert witness fees. This will cost you $2.95/month or $35.40/year.

*Only available in Texas, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania

U.S. LawShield Perks

Additional to your membership, a variety of perks will be available to you. Discounts from shooting ranges, tactical stores, and so much more. You’ll have over 100 perks to select from, which you can see after signing up.

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U.S. LawShield Seminars

U.S. Law Shield offers more than legal defense for self-defense. They also offer plenty of seminars, located all over the good ol’ US of A. You can attend seminars such as, “Surviving a Shooting,” “Gun Law” seminars, and “First Aid for Gunshot Wounds.” They offer even more seminars than that, but the list is a bit too long to include here. You can check them all out on their seminar page.

Self-Defense Educational Resources

You can also find plenty of educational resources outside of the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) and seminars. There are book series, a video library, and even a newsletter you can take advantage of.

Self-Defense Law Forums

For those of you who have questions about the intricacies of self-defense laws, there’s also a self-defense law forum you can utilize. You can ask general firearms law questions, see what’s going on in the news as it pertains to firearms, you can ask a lawyer without actually calling them on the phone, and of course, you can discuss guns and gun accessories.

Membership Cost

Membership costs will depend on a few things. You get a small discount for signing two adults up for a year. Also, there are plenty of additional options you can select from. Standard membership for one adult is $10.95/month or $131.40/year. If you have two adults it will cost you $21.90/month or $240 for the entire year. There’s also a one-time start-up fee for each member, which is $19.95.

Is U.S. LawShield worth it?

At the end of the day, when you purchase a product you’ll typically ask yourself, “is it worth it?” Purchasing a self-defense legal service is no different because let’s face it, the cost adds up. Unfortunately, this isn’t a one size fits all answer. Where do you live? Are you likely to use a weapon in self-defense? Is there a Castle Law in your state? Would you be able to afford legal help for your case without someone like U.S. LawShield? How you answer these questions will determine if U.S. LawShield or any other legal defense service, like CCW Safe or USCCA is worth it to YOU.

Law Enforcement Program

U.S. Law Shield also offers law enforcement representation. This service is extended out to both on and off duty cops who engage in use of force. Similar to the other services, there is 24/7 access to a real lawyer. Coverage includes all expenses, such as attorney travel, expert witness, officer’s share of arbitration expenses. The only fee you’ll pay upfront is for your membership.

Your membership can include an optional spouse, minors, multistate coverage, employer/employee relations coverage. And no matter your status, active, reserve, or retired, as a current or past officer of the law, you’ll get the representation you deserve.