5 Best Shooting Targets You Can Buy

There are many different shooting targets that I would recommend, but there are some great sales going on right now that can’t be ignored.

With more Americans turning to guns for self-defense, it’s imperative that we get the practice we need to be efficient with our firearms. It can’t be overstated enough the importance of practice, not only to shooting accurately, but to comfort, and understanding of the weapon.

5 Best Shooting Targets You Can Buy
The Steiner Target series are made in conjunction with Steiner Optics. These targets come in two variations, CQB (close quarters battle) and long range. The CQB target comes with shapes over a normal human’s vital sign areas. In addition we have varying shapes on the side of the target to allow for multiple training opportunities.

I’ve included 5 shooting targets that I highly recommend buying before the supply runs out or the deal ends. One thing to keep in mind with shooting targets is that it’s always better to buy a few more than a few less.

5 Best Shooting Targets on Amazon

Splatterburst Targets – 12 x18 inch – Silhouette Shooting Target$31.99 on Amazon
EasyShot Premium Shooting Targets$30.59 on Amazon
Splatterburst Targets – 12 x18 inch – Bad Guy Shooting Target$12.99 on Amazon
AR500 3/8" Stringer Hostage Reactive Dueling Tree T-Post$259.99 on Amazon
Highwild Double Spinner Shooting Targets$27.99 on Amazon

When you can get a great deal on really helpful training targets, it’s always best to buy in bulk. 

Splatterburst Targets – 12 x18 inch – Silhouette Shooting Target

I don’t know many that haven’t at least used a Splatterburst shooting target and haven’t been satisfied every time. My only knock on Splatterburst targets has been the price of a pack of 3 targets. I recommend buying the 50-pack of targets for $31.99 because I don’t think there is going to be another time when you get that many targets for under $32.00. My favorite feature of the Splatterburst targets is the change in color to bright florescent green upon impact.

The 12X18" target is suitable and recommended for every type of weapons training, including hunting rifles, pistols, shotguns, and ARs. You simply peel the target onto a piece of cardboard or box and it sticks onto the surface, making it a legitimate target on the go. I carry a pack of these every time I go to the range to dial in my sights, but I use them sparingly due to cost. I’ve already bought a pack of 50 and saved about $20.00 on the overall price.

Splatterburst Targets, Silhouette Shooting Target

at Amazon
Prices accurate at time of writing

EasyShot Premium Shooting Targets

The Easyshot Premium Shooting Targets are a great option with 25 sheets in all 4 colors (fluorescent orange, neon green, electric blue, and neon yellow). They may not have the change in color upon impact, but they provide a clear, lit-up view of the Human silhouette. 

The Easyshot targets work with any type of gun including pellet gun, shotguns, and pistols. The highly visible colors ensure the Easyshot targets display the same amount of contrast when a bullet hits its as the Splatterburst targets do. It may be a little easier on the Splatterburst, but these targets are durable enough to carry in the woods to set up on a tree or have multiple clips put through each target without having to replace them. Of all the colors, I prefer the Neon Yellow because I feel like I can focus on the details of the silhouette better. 

EasyShot Premium Shooting Targets

at Amazon
Prices accurate at time of writing

Splatterburst Targets – 12 x18 inch – Bad Guy Shooting Target

Like I’ve said before, anything from Splatterburst is going to be easy to use and fun to shoot at. The bad guy shooting target is something I encourage my wife to train with her CCW because the scene happens all the time. No matter what, I always encourage people to comply if someone has the drop on you if that means keeping your life. Every situation is different and only you at that moment will know what you need to get done. With that said, this target presents a realistic view of possible gunmen pointing a gun at you.

This target is a great training tool because of the high contrast in bullet marks. Being able to talk through where we hit our targets allows us to have a better understanding of where our bullets are hitting on a human silhouette. This is also a great training tool with shotguns because it gives the shooter a complete understanding of where your shots are hitting on a person trying to break into your house or garage. This target is how I encouraged my brother to get a shotgun over a pistol for home defense. 00 Buckshot in a 12 gauge is going to convince anyone who sees the damage to buy a shotgun. 

Magnum Target AR500 3/8" Stringer Hostage Reactive Dueling Tree T-Post

Steel targets are a must for the avid shooter because they last forever and prevent you from having to purchase the relatively expensive Splatterburst targets every time you want to shoot. I’m not above drawing a target on the back of a pizza box and shooting in the middle of the woods, but steel targets provide you with an eco-friendly way to train as often as you’d like.

This specific target is made for pistols and rifles up to a .308 Winchester and rated to 3,200 fps at 100 yards. Just like the previous 2 companies above, all of the targets are made entirely in the United States. The quality of steel you get with this target is second to none and is intended to last 10 to 20 years without breaking down. The Dueling Tree T-Post allows you to train to alternate between multiple targets with precision. As far as a steel target, you really can’t ask for much better. 

Stringer Hostage Reactive Dueling Tree T-Post

at Amazon
Prices accurate at time of writing

Highwild Double Spinner Shooting Targets

The Highwild Double Spinner Shooting Targets are specifically designed for handgun use from 9mm all the way up to a .44 Magnum. Each target is 3/8" thick and 4.5" in diameter for one and 3.5" for the other. These steel targets are great for pistol training with interchangeable targets and different sizes for more difficult shot training.

Every time you hit your target it will spin and rest at the same position. This fluid spinning motion allows for rapid-fire drills with your CCW or home defense pistol. The best part about these targets is you’ll never have to manually reset your target and step on the range until you’re done shooting. For $32.99 this is a great deal for training with your pistols and will save you hundreds each year in Splatterburst targets.

Highwild Double Spinner Shooting Targets

at Amazon
Prices accurate at time of writing

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