5 AR-15 Tools To Build and Maintain Your Rifle With

Everyone who works on their AR-15s probably has some or most of the equipment they need, but many don’t know which tools to buy and which are pointless.

Today’s blog will explain what AR15 tools a former Special Forces Operator prefers to use when cleaning and improving his rifle.

We’ll discuss how to build an AR-15 in our next blog, but this one is about cleaning and preparing your already-built rifle for use as a self-defense gun. We hope you enjoy it and learn something new. Good luck with your AR setup!

5 AR15 Tools To Build and Maintain Your Rifle
A U.S. Soldier assigned to 1-10th Special Forces Group cleans his weapon after participating in a weapons training exercise at the Panzer Range Complex, Boeblingen, Germany, Nov. 08, 2016. (U.S. Army photo by Visual Information Specialist Jason Johnston)

1. Delta Series Mag Well Vise Block

When cleaning and preparing your AR for use, there are so many considerations that it’s best to take it one step at a time. I chose the Delta Series Mag Well Vise Block because it’s the best tool for securing your lower receiver. This mag well vise block can be mounted directly to any workbench you have with the fasteners that come with it, giving you much-needed versatility in where you work.

There is a locking mechanism that ensures your receiver is sturdy and firmly locked into place from the mag well. To protect your lower receiver, a built-in hammer guard prevents marring, scratching, or gouging from the vise. I appreciate the versatility of this tool because it allows me to remove the mag well arm if I decide to clamp it in a vise for more serious maintenance or installs. Remember that the Wheeler Mag Well Vise Block is made for cleaning your AR and basic installation of pins or maybe a safety lever. The vise block is made to be used in conjunction with the Tipton Best Gun Vise for the ultimate security and mobility while you work. 

One of the best features everyone I know seems to appreciate is the bolt service station that locks the bolt in place. This feature ensures you don’t pinch your fingers or hands or cut yourself trying to work on your extractor pin. Another tip to remember is that it’s best to remove the mag well arm and secure it to your workbench if you need to do any gunsmithing. Even though this tool isn’t meant to do the heavy torquing and load-bearing work that building an AR requires, you can do most light work with the addition of this tool. 

Delta Series Mag Well Vise Block

at Wheeler
Prices accurate at time of writing

2. Wheeler Delta Series Compact Multi-Tool

Most of us use multi-tools with our guns and gear, and they even help process animals in a pinch. However, not all multi-tools are the same, and most are not meant for work on your rifles. The Wheeler Delta Series Compact Multi-Tool fits into the nylon belt sheath included with the purchase. Having the ability to always have your multi-tool on you is important if you shoot a lot and need to maintain your gun collection. I’ve included the list of tools in Wheeler’s compact design. I can tell you that it’s saved me more time than I can count and has worked great for the 2 years I’ve owned it. 

  1. AR Carbon Multi-Scraper Tool
  2. 5/64 Hex Wrench
  3. 7/64 Hex Wrench
  4. 3/16 Flat
  5. 3/4 Wrench
  6. 1/2 Wrench
  7. 1/8 Hex Wrench
  8. Pivot & Takedown Punch
  9. #2 Phillips Head
  10. Bolt Waist Scraper
  11. Interior BCG Scraper
  12. T10 Torx
  13. T15 Torx
  14.  T20 Torx
  15. A2 Front Sight Tool
  16. Castle Nut Wrench

Wheeler Delta Series Compact Multi-Tool

at Wheeler
Prices accurate at time of writing

3. Wheeler Delta Series AR Front Sight Tool 

Every AR owner should always have a front sight tool, whether you’re gunsmithing or just maintaining your rifle. The Wheeler AR Front Sight Tool is a 4-prong tool designed to install or adjust the A2 front sight found on the M16, M4, or any AR-15 on the market today. It’s finished with black zinc and made from Stainless Steel to provide durability and longevity without rusting or getting chips in the metal. Even though it’s a small feature, the keyring that’s kept on makes it easy to bring with you for a day on the range without worrying about forgetting it. You can also use the keyring as a handle to give yourself a little extra torque. This Wheeler tool is a must-have tool for any AR owner and will benefit you more than any other product you buy for $10.00. 

Wheeler Delta Series AR Front Sight Tool

at Wheeler
Prices accurate at time of writing

4. Wheeler’s Delta Series Professional Armorer’s Wrench

Whether you’re just trying to clean, maintain, or do some gunsmithing on your AR-15, this wrench will get the job done. It’s a solid stainless steel construction with a non-slip rubber grip. It fits any Mil-SPec castle nut wrench, 5/8" fixed stock receiver wrench, 1/2" torque wrench, Mil-Spec barrel nut wrench, and 3/4" muzzle brake. I know this wrench is more for building your AR, but this Wheeler wrench provides enough versatility to work on anything you could ever want to loosen or tighten on your AR without marring the finish. One thing to remember with the Wheeler Delta Armorer’s wrench is that you always need to ensure that whatever you use it on fits its specifications and capabilities. If you try to use this wrench outside of its intended purpose, you’ll mar the hell out of your finish and cause irreparable damage to your AR-15. 

Wheeler’s Delta Series Professional Armorer’s Wrench

at Wheeler
Prices accurate at time of writing

5. Wheeler Delta Series AR-15 Complete Brush Set 

You may already have a cleaning brush set, but you need one specifically for your AR if you don’t. Wheeler is built from a high-quality and durable nylon fiber spun around steel cores to ensure the durability and longevity of the bristles. The threading on the brush end is an 8×32 thread, which will fit into the handle it comes with, as well as any other cleaning rod with an 8×32 thread. It has a magazine/upper receiver brush, magazine takedown tool, bolt carrier brush, chamber brush, .22 Cal bore brush, and handle. You can use this brush set to keep your AR-15 clean and ready, but it also works great for your magazines, especially if you shoot in a sandy or dirty environment. 

Wheeler Delta Series AR-15 Complete Brush Set

at Wheeler
Prices accurate at time of writing


There are many tools to keep your AR-15 up and running, but these 5 AR15 tools should be included in any kit. Every person is different, with different shooting styles, accessories, and even cleaning strategies.

However, with as many SOF guys as we have in our shop, I trust their opinions and recommendations on what works in the field. In short, if it’s good enough for Army Rangers and Green Berets, it will work fine for any of us with less experience and expertise. Good luck, and we hope you enjoy our blog post.

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