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Hunting knives are a dime a dozen in today’s market, so why would I even bother writing a review on my favorite knives? The answer is there are so many companies that will take your money and leave you with a knife that can’t cut melted butter. I’ve used more than a dozen hunting knives that I can remember and this blog is going to be about my top 3 favorite knives to use. I use different knives based on the animal, but all the ones I review today can be used on almost any animal we’re legally allowed to hunt or fish for in our great country. Use this blog as a guide to some of the better companies that are more about taking your money and running from that commitment.

What Should I Look For in a Hunting Knife?

Hunting knives come in all shapes, sizes, styles, metals, and plastics. From my experience, I look at the material used to make the knife, because if it’s low-grade aluminum or steel, you’ll know the first time you wash your knife off. Untreated metal or lower quality metal will almost always degrade faster, dull faster, and stain the metal from blood and flesh. For example, SOG Knives use the S35VN Steel (or stronger) for their knives to ensure the highest standards of durability, longevity, sharpness, and hardness are maintained.

Most of the styles of knives are all about personal preference and what people think looks the coolest. Personally, I like my knives heavy, thick, and a nice Kydex grip for control, even in water, rain, or through, meat, bone, and blood. Obviously, you don’t want a really thick knife with a lot of rigidity for filleting a fish because you might lose some precision. I prefer my hunting and fishing knives to have a longer blade (5"+) to be able to field dress a deer or other ungulate without worrying about if my blade has enough depth. I also like my blade to have a nice fine point when I’m dressing out a deer because I can cut through the entire anis without worrying if I cut it all the way through.

SOG Pentagon 5" Blade

Before I get torched by my fellow hunters for straying outside the box with a different style of knife, let me explain. As I’ve said on many blogs before, the “right" product for you is the one that feels the best for you. With that being said the SOG Pentagon knife is perfect for almost any animal I hunt due to its unique blade design. The pointed blade is perfect for the way I cut because it gives me exact precision when I’m trying to cut my tenderloins out of whitetail. The pointed tip is so sharp that I’m able to make tiny precise cuts when I need to on turkey, deer, duck, and rabbit.

The Pentagon is built from AUS-8 Steel, which is known for its rigidity, easy cleaning, corrosion resistance, and versatility. This blade can take a beating from processing your own deer. A gut hook on a knife is a great thing to have and that’s why I always carry 2 knives when I’m processing my deer. Carrying 2 knives also helps keep your knives fresher longer without having to sharpen while your processing your deer. The grip of the Pentagon is very comfortable and aggressive enough to ensure it doesn’t slip or slide through liquids. Finally, the Pentagon has a serrated side and straight-edge on the other side of the blade. This allows you to make fine cuts with one side and tougher cuts around ligaments and bone with the other.



at SOG Knives
Prices accurate at time of writing

Bubba Blade™ 7" Hunting Knife

I recently bought the 7" hunting knife because I loved my previous Bubba Blade™ so much. So far, every knife I’ve held from Bubba Blade feels incredible in my hand the carbon fiber stainless steel blade is heavy and rigid. I know some hunters like a flexible blade when they skin an animal, but I only use flexible blades when I need to be precise or I’m filleting a fish. This 7" blade is a bit long for many hunters, but the quality construction doesn’t give up any control from the handle to the tip of the blade.

My favorite feature of the Bubba Blade™ is the unique and distinctive handle. I’ve filleted fish in the river (helps with clean up), skinned deer in the woods during the rain and I’ve never lost my grip with a Bubba Blade™. The blade itself is durable, stainless, and thick enough to power through joints and bone. I sometimes look like I work for them with the knife collection I’m building up. My only complaint would be the sharpness of the blade needs more attention than some of my more expensive blades. That being said, if you use a nice rock set or take your time with a handheld sharpener, the edge will keep much longer.


Bubba Blade 7" Hunting Knife

at Bubba Blade™
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Benchmade Saddle Mountain Skinner

I know I said I prefer a 5" blade and I still stand by that, but my brother-in-law has a Saddle Mountain Skinner with the gut hook that he for Christmas and it’s incredible. The blade is smaller than I normally use because even though I have smaller hands, when the blood and water get everywhere, it’s easier to grip something bigger. The blade is only 4.2" long and is much lighter than my normal knives at 4.3 ounces. The blade is finished in satin and the handle is real hardwood. I really get the nostalgia of holding a wooden handle and appreciate the beauty of it. This blade really keeps its edge and my brother has had this knife for a couple of years now. If you like a smaller more precise skinning knife, this is an incredible option if you have the money for it.

Benchmade Saddle Mountain Skinner

at Sportsman’s Warehouse
Prices accurate at time of writing


Even though everyone is different and we all like different styles, feels, and blade types, any of these knives will do great for you. Whether you’re hunting deer, turkey, duck, or boar, these knives will make sure you’re precise, safe, and able to do it again next time. Before you buy a knife, make sure you look at the type of metal used to make the blade and how they finish the blade. If it’s a great raw material, chances are it’s going to be great when put together. Price is important when buying a knife, but I always feel like it’s better to spend a little more once than a little less more often. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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