The Second Shot: Tulsa Man Shoots and Kills Home Invader

If you’ve ever wondered why you should practice your shooting skills, maybe Mr. Charles Sweeny can give you a little insight.

This man, out of Tulsa, OK had an individual break into his home. He told fox news he felt like his life was in danger. Well, apparently the only life in danger was the intruder’s since Sweeny’s shot was deadly.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time Sweeny encountered such a situation. Just a little over five years ago, the same thing happened, only that intruder was lucky his life wasn’t taken.

Now, imagine if Sweeny hadn’t been properly prepared. He might have ended up being the one who lost his life, an innocent man, simply trying to live his life in his own property.

Everyone should have a right to live in peace, without the fear of someone breaking into his or her home. Unfortunately, that’s not a thing these days, as we’ve seen with Mr. Sweeny. So, what better way to prepare yourself to protect the ones you love than with a little target practice.

Here’s a list of our top three targets to help you prepare for such a situation:

1. A-Zone Splatter Target

The A-Zone splatter target is great for practicing your home defense. It shows you where you’ve hit on the target and attempts to make you shoot for that A-zone, the chest. This is also a great option for novice shooters, who most likely won’t be making headshots.

2. Steiner CQB Target

The Steiner CQB Target is great as a realistic practice target. First, you have the picture of a real man on a target. Then, you also have that whole CQB thing, Close Quarter Battle, which is great, considering if you have an intruder in your home you’re most likely going to be in close quarters with one another.

3. Blue Man Target

Finally, we have the Blue Man Target. This is a great option for citizens wanting to practice home protection. The Blue Man Target is the silhouette of a man, so you’ll be practicing on something that at least resembles what you’d be shooting at if someone broke into your home and tried to harm you or your family. It also has various zones marked on it so you can practice those moneymaking shots and understand the importance of shot placement.


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