Why We Made The RE Factor Tactical Blasting Cap

After going through countless “tactical” hats that never fit properly and wear out quickly, RE Factor Tactical decided to take matters into our own hands and create the most advanced tactical hat on the market.  To us, a hat isn’t just something that covers your eyes from the sun, especially when used in an operational environment.  Because of this, we sought out to develop a hat that is specifically designed for use in the field.  For years the owner of REFT has been modifying Flexfit hats by sewing velcro on them for use downrange.  Because of this, we met with Flexfit and developed a hat designed specifically for the operator.  Below are just a few of the features of this hat.

Click to purchase the RE Factor Tactical Blasting Cap   Problem- Many tactical hats are uncomfortable out of the box and take prolonged use before breaking in. Solution- We made our hats on a Flexfit base which offer a perfect, comfortable fit right out of the box.  The hats come in S-M and L-XL for a universal fit.

RE Factor Tactical Blasting Cap

We teamed up with Flexfit to offer the highest quality possible

Problem- Most tactical hats on the market come with only one Velcro patch that frays quickly due to shoddy sewing. Solution- We asked Flexfit to embroider the outside edges of the front and rear  2.5″x3″ Velcro patches.  These allow for a more durable hat and multiple removal and adhesion of Velcro.

Embroidered edges allow for prolonged Velcro use

Problem- Most tactical hats place velcro patches on the front but nothing on top for identification from aircraft. Solution- We placed a 1″x1″ velcro patch on the top of the hat, specifically designed to accommodate an IR patch

A 1″x1″ Velcro patch on the top of the hat allows for use of an IR marker

Problem- When not using IR patches, Operators will take them off and can often lose them or forget to put them back on before a mission. Solution- We placed a 1″x1″ velcro patch on the inside of the hat for storage of the IR patch when not in use.

An interior 1″x1″ velcro square allows for storage or IR patches when not in use.

Problem- VF-17 Panels are cumbersome to carry and are often left behind due to space restrictions.  However, these are essential when marking the Operator’s location during daylight hours. Solution- We tasked Flexfit with finding the brightest neon orange possible and then integrating it into the cap.  This allows the Operator to have the ability to be seen in emergency situations or as a near recognition signal.

A VF-17 panel is sewn into the hat for emergency signaling

Problem- Most tactical hats offer no breathability in hot environments. Solution- We outfitted the back half of the Blasting Cap with a sport mesh, breathable material for rapid cooling during extraneous activity or in hot environments.

The back half of the hat comes with sport mesh for increased breathability in hot environments
The back of the hat comes with a 2.5″x3″ patch in the back

In addition to fixing common tactical hat problems, we added a few extras.  First, we reduced the pitch of the front of the hat allowing for a lower profile look.  In addition, we added the RE Factors of various explosives along the inside of the hat for quick reference for breachers, EOD and anyone else working with explosives.

Top 10 Tactical Hats

Finally, on the tag, we included the RE Factor Tactical TNT molecule logo.  To add to this, our Operators tested the hats downrange prior to releasing them on the market to ensure 100% quality and usability to the end-user.  We firmly stand behind our products since we trust our own lives to their dependability. 

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Alternate use of the velcro for a headlamp adhesion pad

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