Importance Of Having A Well Built IFAK

The Aggressor is designed to be a low profile pack that allows the user to carry more lifesaving medical items than a conventional IFAK. The large design allows the wearer the ability to effectively treat multiple casualties much more effectively than other systems. The unique design of the Aggressor eliminates the need for smaller bulky medical pouches that are traditionally mounted on the side of the body.

Traditional medical pouches tend to get in the way and take up needed space on the plate carrier while housing far fewer medical supplies. The Aggressor can be mounted directly to the back of the plate carrier or patrol vest with an easy to use ambidextrous design. This allows the wearer to maintain a streamlined profile which is beneficial for any mission set.

The inner component sleeve that houses all the medical items can be retrieved using either hand.  This is accomplished by utilizing a secure pull-tab which completely unzips the pack allowing easy access to the life-saving equipment.  The Aggressor also allows the user to carry a 1.5L hydration bladder in an outside sleeve which is accessible via a built-in hydration port for drinking hoses.

Included with the Aggressor are two removable backpack straps that allow the system to be worn as a backpack if desired. It also can attach to the interior sleeve as a sling allowing the user to sling the sleeve around themselves and continue handsfree movement.  Finally, we have included a 4″ x 3.5″ pocket that is tucked behind a patch panel, this can be used for storing survival accessories.  For more information watch the video below or visit

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