The Best Veteran Owned Coffee Company

Choosing the best veteran owned coffee company can be a difficult task and of course it’s extremely subjective.  However, we did some research to try and find the best Veteran Owned Coffee companies currently out today.

Coffee is one of those things that just about everyone drinks.  This is a daily spend that if you like, can support the veteran community.  When looking for the best veteran-owned coffee company we decided to look for a few key items.  The first is how does that coffee company support the veteran community and give back?  This is based on the company giving veteran jobs, donating to veteran charities, and representing the veteran community in a positive light.  Second, we looked at the quality of the coffee.  Are these companies simply re-bagging someone else’s coffee with their label or are they actually pushing for a quality product.  Finally, we looked at the price.  At the end of the day, this is a daily spend that can break the bank if you’re not careful.  So you of course want your go-to Veteran Coffee Company to be a good price.  So without further adieu, here are our top-rated veteran-owned coffee companies.

  1. Black Riffle Coffee

This probably won’t come as a surprise, but Black Rifle Coffee is our top-rated veteran-owned coffee company.  Now, we know we may seem like we are just drinking the kool-aid because they are the cool kids on the block right now, but hear us out.  First, we know BRCC’s owner Evan Hafer on a personal level after working with him long before he started the company.  Evan is one of those guys that people always seem to like and he is as honest as the day is long.  Also, as Special Forces Veteran, he’s done more for his country than most and has sacrificed himself time and time again for the good of our nation.  Evan has built the company with a strong dedication to the Veteran community.  Evan and BRCC seek out vets when hiring and they have an incredibly strong staff of veterans from all walks of life.  One thing Black Rifle also excels on is their quality.  BRCC roasts all of their beans in house, overseen by master roasters.   These guys have a serious dedication to coffee and taste and are constantly seeking new ways to make their coffee better.  Finally, BRCC offers its coffee at a very reasonable price.  In fact, they are priced almost the same as most major brands on the market.  If you’re looking to spend money on coffee, consider BRCC, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

2. De Espresso Liber

De Espresso Liber is a Special Forces Owned coffee with a strong dedication to donating back to the veteran community.  They have partnered with one of our favorite charities, the Green Beret Foundation, to offer a full range of products that help give back to the Special Forces community.  They also have their Gold Star Blends which represent individuals who have been killed in combat.  Any Gold Start Blend purchase donates 10% to the charity of choice of the that product’s Gold Star family.  In short, these guys do a great job of giving back.  Like Black Rifle Coffee, De Esspresso Liber roasts their coffee in-house which allows for a much better product.  We’ve personally ordered and drank this coffee while deployed and can say they make some amazing coffee.  Finally, De Espresso Liber coffee prices out very competitively and will definitely not break the bank.  These guys are certainly an awesome option when considering who to go with when choosing your go-to coffee company.

3. Military Java Group

Why do we like the military Java Group?  Well for starters they “donate 50% of all profits to the Semper Fi Fund”.  For any business to donate 50% of their profits to anything is actually a big deal.  So the fact that these guys are willing to donate 50% of their profits to a charity is a big deal to us.  This long-standing coffee company was started by Matt Phillips in 1979 which means they’ve had plenty of time to develop their brew.  Matt, the son of a WWII veteran, decided to focus his brand on giving back to the veteran community.  In addition, the military java group has some very competitive pricing, especially if you’re willing to buy in bulk.  They sell a case (12 bags of coffee) for $91 which comes out to around $7.60/bag.  That’s a lot less than what you can find a bag of coffee for in most stores.  We will admit we haven’t personally tried their coffee but they do get some great reviews.  All in all, a great company to consider!

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