Stately Asset Protection Gear (SAP Gear) Review

We wanted to take a second and put the spotlight on a company that features some of the coolest products we’ve seen in a while. Stately Asset Protection Group (SAP Gear) is run by a group of guys with a deep knowledge of operating individually in austere environments. We will save their resume for a later date since they have active members still working overseas but what you do need to know is they carefully select their products based on what actually works.

SAP Gear’s product line currently specializes in survivability products to include E&E kits, hostage rescue kits, and other items to help keep you safe while traveling. Their Instagram page @statelyassetprotection offers a wealth of knowledge on a wide range of survivability topics.

One of our favorite products of the SAP Gear product lineup is their Handcop Counter Escape Restraint. These are constructed from Technora 960 cord that it much harder to break through than traditional 550 cord. These cords are great for hasty restraint of an attacker and are a perfect addition for CCW holders, undercover/off-duty officers or other security personnel. At $9, it is an inexpensive addition to your EDC and it wears comfortably on your wrist when not in use.

While SAP Gear is a relatively new company they certainly come with years of experience. We are excited to see what products they end up coming out with in the future. Certainly, one to keep your eye on.

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