The FML Run-Down came from some of the guys constantly saying “f*&^ my life” after trying this rifle drill over and over.  The rifle drill is a great combination of precision, dynamic movement, reloads, fast target acquisition and rapid fire techniques.


Set up one of any of our Human Resources Target.  The shooter will begin at the 25-yard line, standing.  We recommend running this one in a kit.


At the sound of the buzzer, the shooter drops to the prone and fires 2 rounds to the “T” box.  The shooter conducts a reload and runs to the 15-yard line and shoots 3 rounds to the center circle.  The shooter then reloads and runs to the 7-yard line and fires 4 rounds to the inverted triangle at the bottom of the target.  The shooter can reload while on the run if allowed.

For more drills, check out our shooting drills page.


When we ran this rifle drill we made each miss count as two seconds.  This helps keep guys from blowing off the “T” box shot.

Make it harder

A quick and fast way to make this drill harder is to have the shooter start at the 100-yard line or with 20 burpees.  It makes the “T box” shot a real bearcat.