RE Factor Tactical presents Combat Reference Guides.  After receiving such good feedback on our original 9 Line MEDEVAC stickers we decided to showcase 4 more combat reference guides that we feel are essential in combat.  Included in the REFT Combat Reference Guide list are: 9 Line UXO Report 9 Line MEDEVAC 9 Line NATO MEDEVAC Call For Fire Format Close Air Support Format.

How to Call in a 9 Line MEDEVAC and MIST Report

Each small Combat Reference Guide is specifically cut to fit on the back of a PRC-148 Radio or the buttstock of a rifle for ease of use.  This allows the operator to keep from having to put down their weapon when calling airstrikes, MEDEVACs, UXO reports or close air support.  Our most recent round of stickers were also upgraded to a tough marine grade material to help withstand battlefield elements and ensure longevity.

The combat reference guides were developed by one of our operators, who constantly carried laminated Call for Fire, 9 Line MEDEVAC, Close Air Support and 9 Line UXO reports in his cargo pockets.  These laminations were easy to lose and took his hands away from the tools required to complete mission.  By printing the different formats to a premium grade sticker the operator can now place the stickers on radios, the buttstock of a rifle, vehicle dashes or any other clean, flat surface. Each small sticker is $4.95 and can be purchased at