Polymer80 (P80) Buyer’s Guide to Building Custom Glock Pistols

How many people have heard about a custom gun company, called Polymer80 (P80)? I actually just heard about Polymer80 last year when I came to the office and the guys were putting on the P940SS slide on a Glock 43 Gen 3. 

After learning more about their company, I have come up with a (list of considerations) for our readers before they buy anything from P80. 

I recommend using this blog as your own personal buyer’s guide to understanding how they can improve your pistols. 

Polymer80 Buyer's Guide to Building Custom Glock Pistols
Polymer 80 PF940C Frame Kit using Glock OEM internals, Ameriglo Defoor Sights, and a Tenicor Velo Holster.

What Does Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Mean?

It’s important to always check where you buy your gun parts, especially when it comes to Glock parts. Glock, as everyone knows, is the most popular handgun brand in the world and there are more spare parts and alternatives than any other pistol brand. 

It’s awesome to always have access to parts to customize your gun in almost any imaginable way, but there are a lot of parts that are not made specifically to Glock standards. This causes many problems, but for starters, it can cause serious injury or death if you install parts that are not meant for a gun. Most likely, it just won’t fire, but if everything was correct except the slide or trigger assembly, you could have an explosion in your hand as you pull the trigger.

OEM Glock means that the parts listed are certified by Glock with the exact specifications that Glock uses for each pistol. Polymer80 is an OEM Glock company that produces parts for Glock with extreme precision and safety considerations.


Polymer80 got its name for providing 80% pistol kits to build custom pistols with compatibility with Glock and Sig Sauer pistols. For example, if you wanted deeper front and rear serrations on your Glock 17 or 19, you could change the stock slide out for a P80 PF940SC slide Assembly. Whether you want to change the grip, slide, barrel, or spring, P80 has compatible parts for your Glock or Sig. 

In the past year or so, we’ve noticed there is a lot of attention paid to P80 in the gun community and most people I know have raved about their new custom pistols. Since their increased success, P80 is now selling fully built custom pistols with its PF-Series pistols, pistol conversion kits, and AR-15 parts. 

Polymer80 separates itself from its competitors with the emphasis on building custom pistols with varying features to accommodate almost any style shooter. Similar to when I first learned how to load ammo, building a pistol from scratch is much easier than it sounds.

Building a pistol with Polymer80 parts offers a completely different feel than most pistols with its unique custom features, such as the Stainless Steel Locking Block Rail System (LBRS) and the Stainless Steel Rear Rail Module System (RRMS).

P80 Frame Kit

I think it’s best to start with the place that Polymer80 started and that’s the P80 Frame Kits. There are 4 different sized pistol frames that P80 offers, including the sub-compact, Compact, single-stack, full-size, and large-frame.

For this blog, I want to focus on the compatibility with the Glock 19, 23, G17, 34, 17L, G22 (40S&W), 35, 24, and the G31 (.357Sig). 

Polymer80 PF940v2 Full Size 80% Pistol Frame Kit

at Natchez Shooters Supplies
Prices accurate at time of writing

With as many acronyms as we all see every day, it’s impossible to know every single one without looking it up. The names of the P80 pistols are all based on the 5 different sizes available. Depending on the size of the pistol you’re wanting, there are many different color options, such as FDE, Cobalt, Grey, Black Nitride, Black, and my favorite Blue Titanium


  • Enhanced Ergonomics and Features
  • High-Strength Reinforced Polymer Construction
  • Aggressive and Adaptable Grip Texture
  • Picatinny/STANAG Compliant Accessory Rail
  • Blank Serialization Plate
  • Stainless Steel Locking Block Rail System (LBRS™)
  • Stainless Steel Rear Rail Module (RRM™)
  • Hardened Pins for LBRS ™ and RRM™
  • Complete Finishing Jig and Drill Bits are included
  • Compatible with Gen 4 Glock® G43 Slide Assemblies
  • Compatible with Glock® G43 Magazines

P80 Sub-Compact Pistol Frame

PF940SC is the sub-compact frame that’s compatible with the Glock 26 Gen 3 subcompact pistol. Like many people that I know that own a Glock 26, it’s awesome to see compatible parts to switch with the Baby Glock to make it more comfortable and practical for you. 

All P80 frames are built with an extended beavertail, double undercut trigger guard, and thumb ledge to reduce the felt-recoil, avoid slide-bite, and provide more room in the trigger guard for bigger fingers and shooters with gloves in cold weather.

Polymer80 PF940SC Sub-Compact 80% Pistol Frame Kit

at Natchez Shooters Supplies
Prices accurate at time of writing

P80 Sub-Compact Pistol Slide Assembly

If you want to build your own pistol instead of changing out the Glock 26 frame, it’s easy to do with the sub-compact PF940SC Slide Assembly. The Slide assembly includes the barrel and spring system that is already put together before they ship it to you. You can’t buy the PF940SC barrel separately, but if you want to change out the Glock 26 Gen 3 pistol with a new slide and barrel, this is it.

PF940SC Slide Assembly

P80 Sub-Compact Pistol Trigger Assembly

One of the reasons that Glock is so popular is the limited amount of moving parts in their pistols. It can be difficult to try and replicate a Glock, but P80 has does a great job of providing a lot of the same ergonomics and performance as a Glock with their custom slide and trigger assembly

What is Included in the PF940SC Trigger Assembly?

Building your own pistol doesn’t have to require being a gunsmith anymore with some great companies like P80 creating kits that can be easily understood y people that don’t have a ton of experience with guns. The best part about this trigger assembly kit is the fact that it works with the full-size, compact (single-stack), and sub-compact 9mm models.

Polymer80 PF-Series Full Pistol Frame Parts Kit w/ trigger assembly

  •  Flat Trigger Shoe
  • Curved Trigger Shoe
  • Trigger Safety
  • Trigger Bar
  • Trigger Spring
  • Trigger Housing
  • 9mm Ejector, Connector
  • Magazine Release
  • Magazine Release Spring
  • Slide Lock Lever
  • Compact Slide Lock Spring
  • Full-Size Slide Lock Spring
  • Subcompact Slide Lock Spring (coil spring type)
  • Slide Catch Lever
  • Trigger Pin
  • Locking Block Pin

P80 Compact Pistol Frame

The SF940SC is meant for the Glock 26 and the P80 SF940C is meant to be compatible with Glock 19/23/43 parts. The PF-Series frames feature the same characteristics (extended beaver tail, double undercut trigger guard, and a thumb ledge).

There are 2 types of compact pistol frames; the SF940C and the P80 PFC9. The PFC9 is a very popular model because it’s meant to be compatible with the Glock 19 and Glock 23 Gen 3 pistols. The SF940C is compatible with the Glock 43. 

P80 Compact (Single-Stack) Pistol Frame PF940C

at Primary Arms
Prices accurate at time of writing

P80 Compact Slide Assembly

The PF940C Slide Assembly is specifically made for the Glock 19/23 Gen 3 pistol frame, magazine, and barrel. For example, if you really want a threaded barrel for a compensator or suppressor, you can use the P80 PF940C Slide Assembly and still keep the original grip and trigger assembly. 

Why Would I Buy the P80 PF940C Slide Assembly?

It’s compatible with both the Glock 19, 23 Gen 3 pistol magazines, frames, and trigger assemblies. It’s no secret that if you own a Gen 3 Glock 19 that you’re missing out on the Marksman’s barrel, fingerless grip, and a better coating on the metal. 

P80 PF940C Slide Assembly

at Sportsman’s Warehouse
Prices accurate at time of writing

Replacing the slide on an old Glock allows you to keep the grip if you like the finger grooves, but it’s a cheaper way to get a better Glock barrel with more features than buying a Gen 5 Glock. Even though the barrel is stainless steel with a black nitride finish, it has polymer components inside the slide to reduce the weight that an all-steel slide Gen 3 would have. 

The serrations on the front and back are much more aggressive than the standard Glock slide and it doesn’t matter which generation it is. P80 did a great job with creating a slide that can be racked back with little to no effort with either hand. Some people really like optics, but the night sights on the P80 slide are crystal clear with a bright yellow dot at the center of your aim. 

Finally, adding a flared magwell to the P940C can have a huge impact on the speed and accuracy of your reloads. A Flared magwell is not too expensive, you just have to make sure you get the right specs.  

Polymer80 PF940C Black Magwell

at Natchez Shooters Supplies
Prices accurate at time of writing

P80 Full-Size PF940V2 Frame

The PF940V2 Frame is compatible with the most Glock pistols of any other P80 model. The best thing about the full-frame PF940V2 is the compatibility with 9mm, .40 S&W, and .357 Sig pistols. If you had multiple calibers of Glock pistols like most of the people I know, this is a great way to customize multiple guns while spending a fraction of the money. 

I would try out the frame on my Glock 17 and Glock 22 to see how the frame handles a 9mm and .40 S&W recoil and keep it on whichever I like best. 

  • GLock 17
  • Glock 34
  • Glock 17L
  • G22 (40S&W)
  • Glock 35
  • Glock 24
  • G31 (.357Sig)

P80 Full-Size PF940V2 Slide Assembly

There are so many different ways to customize your Glock 17 and I know many people that like the Gen 3 barrel, but would rather have a newer slide with more aggressive serrations. The package below is listed at Brownells and includes an alternative frame with aggressive grip texture and a full-size slide with great night sights. 

P80 Full-Size PF940V2 Slide Assembly with Frame

at Brownells
Prices accurate at time of writing

P80 Full-Size PF940V2 Trigger Assembly

With most trigger assembly kits, you get a choice of whether you want the flat trigger or curved trigger to install in the frame. the flat-faced trigger is the one installed when shipped and for good reason.

Many shooters have used plat-faced triggers in ARs and handguns before, but I think this P80 Assembly is an absolute steal for $51.99. You can adjust the trigger pull weight from 5-14 lbs to dial in what feels best for you. 

Frame Parts Kit for Glock Gen 3 9mm W/ Trigger Black

at Brownells
Prices accurate at time of writing

Polymer80 PFC9 and PFS9 Complete Pistols Now Available with Optic Cut Slide at No Extra Cost

The popular Polymer80 PFC9TM and PFS9TM complete pistols will now come with an optic cut slide that fits the RMR footprint. Better yet, this upgrade is available at the same MSRP as the previously offered non-optic cut pistols — $549. "There’s no doubt that, for most shooters, a red dot sight enables faster target acquisition, greater accuracy, better speed and both-eyes-open target focused shooting – all good things," said Dan McCalmon, Executive Vice President. "With more and more handgun purchasers looking to add an optic to their pistols, this no-cost upgrade provides them with a quick, easy way to mount a wide variety of optics."

The PFC9 and PFS9 complete pistols combine innovative ergonomics and features to provide the ultimate in shoot-ability and comfortable concealment. Built with high-strength reinforced polymer construction, the P80 pistol frames include an aggressive standard texture on the sides, front, and backstrap for a superior grip in multiple environments. The complete slide features front and rear serrations coupled with clean, modern lines and a heavy front chamfer which allows effective manipulation and holstering of a P80 pistol while maintaining a low-key aesthetic profile. A black carrying case with foam insert and instruction manual is included with every PFC9/PFS9 complete pistol package.

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Table of Contents

  • What Does Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Mean?
  • Polymer80
  • P80 Frame Kit
  • P80 Sub-Compact Pistol Frame
  • P80 Sub-Compact Pistol Slide Assembly
  • P80 Sub-Compact Pistol Trigger Assembly
  • What is Included in the PF940SC Trigger Assembly?
  • P80 Compact Pistol Frame
  • P80 Compact Slide Assembly
  • Why Would I Buy the P80 PF940C Slide Assembly?
  • P80 Full-Size PF940V2 Frame
  • P80 Full-Size PF940V2 Slide Assembly
  • P80 Full-Size PF940V2 Trigger Assembly
  • Polymer80 PFC9 and PFS9 Complete Pistols Now Available with Optic Cut Slide at No Extra Cost

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