The Turret Drill


This pistol drill focuses on multiple aspects of shooting to include; draw speed/efficiency, trigger speed, proper trigger manipulation, recoil management, target identification, accuracy, and places a significant emphasis on target transitions. This pistol drill is for intermediate to advanced shooters and includes multiple target transitions. We have added alternate variations to increase difficulty, emphasize accuracy, and challenge advanced shooters.

The Iceman Target

The Iceman Target allows shooters of all levels to improve their shooting skills, focusing on accuracy and target transitions. Capable of being used with rifle or pistol training, this target allows shooters to understand the importance of their shot placement, becoming more proficient in their shooting fundamentals and abilities. It works exceptionally well for this drill because it features the traditional silhouette design with the colored bulls-eye/ kill zone located center mass. The color differentiation makes transitioning between targets much more manageable than single-colored targets because it provides easily distinguishable visual references for aiming.

The Iceman Target


To conduct this drill, you will need to set up two Ice Man Targets on-line horizontally with approximately one yard between them. The shooter should begin this exercise at the ten yard-line facing down-range (facing the targets). The shooter’s pistol should be holstered with a full magazine (at least nine rounds) and a round in the chamber, totaling ten rounds. The standard variation for this drill requires a total of ten rounds. This drill requires a shot timer to be scored appropriately. The time begins with the sound of the buzzer and concludes when the tenth and final round has been fired.


At the sound of the buzzer, the shooter will draw their pistol fire one round into the left target’s blue x-ring, immediately transition and fire one round into the right target’s blue x-ring, directly transition and fire one round into the left target’s blue x-ring. Continue transitioning back and forth in this pattern until you have fired a total of ten rounds. If the drill is completed successfully, both of the  Ice Man Targets will have five shots in them.

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This drill simulates transitioning between two enemies at a close distance in a repetitive and exaggerated manner. The repetition in this drill tests the shooter’s ability to quickly and accurately transition between multiple targets repeatedly. Transition speed and proper target identification and acquisition are critical in this drill, but smoothness, efficiency, and rhythm are also equally crucial if the shooter intends to get a competitive time. The best scores for this drill are achieved by shooters who maintain consistent shooting rhythms and split-times between shots throughout the entirety of the drill and lead with their eyes while transitioning.


***There are multiple variations of this drill that change the desired training emphasis.

1. The standard scoring variation for the Turret Drill emphasizes accuracy over speed. The score for the drill is the time it takes to complete the drill with zero rounds impacting outside of the Blue bulls-eye area. This area includes both the blue x-ring and the additional blue ring just outside of the x-ring. If a single round lands outside of the blue bulls-eye area then the iteration is a failure regardless of time. Speed is critical in this pistol drill, but one misplaced round will result in a failure.

2. This scoring variation emphasizes accuracy and the shooter’s solution. When the shot timer sounds, the shooter has ten seconds to complete the drill. Each round is scored based on where it lands on the target, i.e., the five-ring is worth 5 points, etc. The inner blue x-ring is worth 10 points, and the blue ring just outside of that is worth 8 points making the perfect score 100 points. Any round fired after the ten-second mark will count as 0 points. Any round fired outside of the outer 3 rings will also count as 0 points. Total the score for all shots fired within the ten second time limit to find the total score.  You have a whole ten seconds to complete the drill so take as much time as you need to shoot accurately without going over the time limit. Having a time limit can cause shooters to rush shots. Try and maintain a consistent rhythm that allows you to shoot both quickly and accurately. If you achieve a perfect score, try again with an eight or six-second time limit.

3. This variation includes both the rifle and pistol, so there will be a transition involved. The shooter will need to load their rifle and pistol with four rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber each. Totaling five rounds in the rifle and five rounds in the pistol. The shooter will start at the ten-yard line with the rifle in the “hunt” or “ready” position and the pistol holstered. At the sound of the buzzer, the shooter will follow the same pattern as before by firing one round into the left target and transitioning to the right, etc., with the rifle. The rifle will go dry after five rounds forcing the shooter to transition to the pistol to finish the final five rounds, still transitioning between each shot.  The drill can be scored by using either of the two methods used above depending on what the desired training emphasis is.