The 9 of Diamonds Pistol Drill Card is from our Dead Man’s Hand Shooting Deck and is intended to be used in conjunction with our IQ Pistol targets. This pistol drill focuses on several different aspects of shooting to include; draw speed, shot placement, target transitions, and the identification of multiple targets.  Any pistol drill in the Dead Man’s Hand Shooting Deck can be made increasingly difficult by having a partner call the drill out with the shooter immediately executing the drill with minimal delay.

Dead Mans Hand Shooting Deck
Dead Mans Hand Shooting Deck-  9 of Diamonds Pistol Drill



We recommend the shooter stands and faces the target at the 7-yard line or closer for the first iteration. The shooter may move further back after this pistol drill is mastered. The Shooter should begin the drill from the holstered position.

Pistol IQ Target


Facing the target; at the sound of the buzzer from the holstered position, draw and fire (3) rounds to every white shape with a number inside of it.

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Variation1: Conducting the drill with the non-dominant hand,

Variation 2: Beginning the drill facing up range (away from the target).

Variation 3: Loading your mags with an unknown number of rounds to force a reload.