RE Factor Tactical is excited to announce the release of our all-new Detainee Pouch. The Detainee Pouch was designed to be used by U.S. and allied military and law enforcement members to maintain personal property, sensitive documents, and evidentiary items found at a crime scene or raid site and keep them with the associated detainee found during SSE. This product allows important items, whether they be evidentiary or not, to stay with each individual detainee throughout the post-operation process. This ensures that crucial evidence is not lost or mixed up with evidence associated with another detainee during  SSE.

Detainee Pouch

The Detainee Pouch is a 6.5″ x 7″ mesh pouch that maintains important documents or items that that is associated with a specific detainee i.e. Identification card/ passport, cell phone, money, paraphernalia, prescription drugs, photographs, etc… The top of the pouch can be sealed with a 1/2″ durable velcro strip to ensure that no items fall out of the pouch during movement. On the front side of the pouch, we have included a 3″x5″ clear panel that is large enough to house an identification card or name placard for easy identification and association if the pouch is ever separated from the corresponding detainee at any time. This ensures that all evidence discovered will be associated with the corresponding detainee throughout the detainment process regardless of extract platform. Additionally, the Detainee Pouch has a 550 cord lanyard/necklace so the detainee pouch can be placed around the corresponding detainee’s neck for ease of identification or for field expedient suspect identification photographs (mugshots).

The idea for the Detainee Pouch was inspired by feedback from law enforcement officers and SOF operators who needed a product that could easily house important evidentiary items and documentation and could easily stay with the detainee throughout the custody transference process. The solution also needed to be compact in order to be carried during a mission without adding significant weight to their already cumbersome load-out. The Detainee pouch is not a new concept, rather a permanent fix to an old problem. In the past, SOF teams have used large ziplock bags with a taped 550 lanyard. This method isn’t exactly top of the line and can easily be lost or come unattached from an individual. The Detainee pouch offers a much more durable design than the homemade alternative and includes the clear identification sleeve in the front which makes it easier to associate the pouch with the correct individual if the pouch and corresponding detainee are separated for any reason.

The Detainee Pouch is a patent-pending item by RE Factor Tactical, LLC.

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