Images courtesy of SAAB

During the 2017 AUSA Annual Meeting held in Washington D.C., SAAB showcased the all-new and more lethal Carl Gustaf M4. Built with a number of special upgrades, the new weapon system is lighter, smarter, and deadlier than any of its previous generations.

Since its debut in 1948, the versatile weapon has been a favorite among infantry and Special Operations units alike, supporting missions in theaters all around the world. SAAB states that “The new Carl-Gustaf M4 is a man-portable multi-role weapon system that provides high tactical flexibility through its wide range of ammunition types.”

The new 84mm recoilless anti-tank rocket weights nearly 6.5lbs lighter than the M3 model and includes specialty ballistic sighting systems with programmable ammunition, providing the user with a number of lethal options for combatting their current situation. The advanced computer system will not only allow troops to lase their target but will also provide follow-on aiming points and the ability to set ammunition to impact, delay, proximity, or airburst.

The intelligent M4 adds new meaning to the term 3-dimensional warfare, as SAAB claims that soldiers can not only penetrate the target but also shoot around it, as well as beyond. “The M4 enables soldiers to deal with any tactical situation – from neutralizing armored tanks or enemy troops in defilade, to clearing obstacles and engaging enemies in buildings,” says SAAB.

The new generation is currently under evaluation with the U.S. Army and is estimated to be completed in approximately six months.