It looks like the Marine Corps have thrust themselves back into the media’s line of sight.

Two Marine aviators out of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing were reportedly grounded after an aesthetically pleasing image of a penis was picked up on a radar, Oct. 23.

We can’t be sure if their maneuvers involved the same skillful strokes as that of our favorite PBS painter, Bob Ross, but we don’t think Marine Corps leadership cares that much about their artistry or the skills involved.

It also has yet to be confirmed that the sky was able to give consent or not to this penetrating event, therefore the two Marines’ are still being probed for information, as the investigation continues.

Maj. Josef Patterson, a Marine spokesman, told Marine Corps Times, “Although not flying for the time-being, the two Marine Corps aviators are still providing vital squadron ground support functions.”

The Marine Corps has yet to release any further statements on the type of punishment the two Marines will receive, due to the pending investigation.