Kelty Tuck 0 Degree Mummy Bag on Sale

Everyone that has stepped foot outside their house, has heard of Kelty backpacks and rucks. I currently own the Redwing 22 and I absolutely love it for quick day hikes in and out of the mountains. Kelty typically produces a great product and I will continue to support their gear if it continues to impress me. The Kelty Tuck 0 Degree Mummy Bag is built for incredibly cold temps as low as 0 degrees before you start to feel the chill. Make sure you always know the conditions of where you’ll be camping and read the rating before buying. You probably don’t need this bag if you’re not in places where the temps reach below 0 in the Spring, Summer, or Fall. Most people don’t camp in the winter, but this would be the bag I take in the winter. Normally this sleeping bag is $119.99, but they have it on sale at Sportsman’s Warehouse for $89.99 right now.

Kelty Tuck 0 Degree Mummy Bag

at Sportsman’s Warehouse
Prices accurate at time of writing

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