IRS: Tax Refund for Disabled Veterans Available, but not for Long

Depending on when you filed your taxes and if you received a notice from the DoD, some combat disabled veterans qualify for a significant refund from the IRS. If for some reason you paid taxes on your disability compensation (a tax-free benefit) between January 17, 1991 and January 1, 2017, then the IRS owes you money.

Unfortunately, you can only reclaim your refund within a certain period of time, otherwise, you’ve lost the ability to get that money back.

• Must file for a refund one year from time of DoD notification or
• Three years after the due date for filing or
• Two years after you paid taxes on your disability benefits

To file a claim with the IRS, you will need to mail a copy of your 1040X and your notification letter received from the DoD to:

Internal Revenue Service
333 W. Pershing St. Stop 6503, P5
Kansas City, MO 64108

If for some reason, you have paid taxes on your disability benefits after January 17, 1991, but never received a letter for the DoD, you will need to either contact the National Archives, National Personnel Records Center, or the VA so they can send you the proper documentation needed to go with your 1040X. Once you receive the letter, then you can include it with your 1040X and get your tax refund.

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