High Speed Gear

High Speed Gear is one of the biggest tactical gear companies on the East Coast. They started out in 1999, catering to the United States Marine Corps at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.  As High Speed Gear picked up steam with more Marines buying their products, they were able to build their company into the largest full-time employer in Swansboro, NC. All of their products are built with comfort, practicality, and versatility in mind, with no other product exemplifying this than the Taco Mag Pouches. This blog will focus on the versatility of the Taco Mag Pouches and why we recommend buying them. Law Enforcement Officers (LEO), Soldiers, and any 2nd Amendment loving American will benefit from HSGI products. There are 6 distinct Taco Mag Pouches that are designed for different magazines and purposes. The HSGI Taco MOLLE Single Rifle Mag Pouch, The Double Pistol Taco Molle Mag Pouch, Triple Pistol Taco Molle Mag Pouch, Extended Pistol Taco Molle Mag Pouch, The Polymer Mini Taco Pistol Mag Pouch, and the Double Decker Taco Mag Pouch.

HSGI Taco MOLLE Single Rifle Mag Pouch

The Taco Mag pouches are the number 1 seller for High Speed Gear because of the practicality and versatility. As any soldier and LEO can attest to, sometimes magazines stick in the pouch as you try to pull them out. Other magazine pouches require excess velcro that ensures everyone within 100 yards will hear you open the pouch, thus losing any tactical advantage you had.

What Makes the HSGI Taco Rifle Mag Pouch Universal?

The whole point of this mag pouch was to make it as universal as possible so the user didn’t have to carry an unnecessary amount of gear on their bodies. The HSGI Taco Rifle Mag Pouch is designed to hold almost every single rifle magazine in the world. It’s flexible and tightens to the actual size of the magazine, so there is no guesswork on which mags will fit. The Nylon and bungee cord exterior allows for any AR-15 (M4) or AK-47 style rifle magazine to easily fit without any adjustments being made. Since there is no velcro or added straps on the mag pouch, you will be able to load and reload your rifles faster than most other products on the market today.

How is the Taco Rifle Mag Pouch Versatile?

It’s not enough to just fit any size rifle magazine in the pouch because HSGI understands the importance of keeping your loadout streamlined and light. With this idea in mind, you’re able to place your radio, flashbacks, smoke grenades, incendiary grenades, and even snacks for a long patrol (judgment-free zone). Regardless of what you want to put in your mag pouch, the adjustable bungee cord allows you to tighten and securely fasten anything you want without losing your tactical advantage and functionality.


Where Can I Place the Taco Rifle Mag Pouch?

The modular design of the pouch ensures you can mount the Taco Rifle Mag Pouch on your duty belt, shooters belt, or any MOLLE system. HSI produces its own proprietary MOLLE clips that easily attach to any vest, belt, or other MOLLE system. At 1.2″ wide and 3″ in height, this mag pouch should be able to fit on any vest or MOLLE system you’re issued either through the military or LEO organization.


Length 3″
Width 1″
Height 5″
Weight .18 pounds
MSRP $35.00



How Do I Attach the HGSI Taco Pouch to Molle?

One of the biggest complaints about the HSGI Taco Mag Pouch is the time it takes to thread the MOLLE into the pouch. I have to give them credit for fixing this issue with their HSGI Clips. All of their magazines come with the clips (after 2015) for quick and easy installation. All you have to do thread the clip into the MOLLE and fasten it into itself, instead of trying to manipulate the pouch to secure it to your MOLLE system.


Where are HSGI Products Made?

One reason I like to support HSGI is the fact that all of their products are made in Swansboro, NC. It’s one thing to support a company and it’s another to support a company that provides dozens of jobs for Americans. All of HSGI products are tested by local police officers, Marines, and even the U.S. Army Special Forces at Ft. Bragg, NC. Through this stringent testing program, products are put through all types of environmental conditions. It’s great to see that the products that make it to the store are trusted by our nation’s elite soldiers and Marines.

Does HSGI Have a Warranty?

Yes, HSGI has a lifetime guarantee on all of their products, but make sure you read the fine print. For example, the warranty says HSGI will repair or replace any product that fails due to a manufacturing issue, such as bad sowing or defect material. However, if you put a lot of miles on your gear and it wears down within a year, it will not be covered by their warranty. Even if you accidentally snag your mag pouch on a tree limp and it rips, it will not be covered because it’ considered a user fault. The other caveat to their warranty is it only works for the original buyer of the product. So, if you buy 2 mag pouches and give one to a friend, that friend will not be able to recoup the warranty.

What’s the Best belt to Wear With the HSGI Taco Pouch?

The HSGI Slim Sure-Grip Padded Belt is perfect for the Taco Rifle Mag Pouch because you can easily attach multiple mag pouches on the outer lining of the belt with ease. The MOLLE system wraps around the entirety of the belt so you have as much space as you want. A couple things to keep in mind is this belt is designed to be worn on the outside of your pants belt, which could be uncomfortable to some users. In addition to the extra belt, these belts wear small, so make sure you order a size above your normal belt size. Other than that, this belt is sturdy and holds up great under pressure and doesn’t restrict movement.


High Speed Gear Double Decker Taco Pouch

The Double Decker Taco is not just my favorite at Taco Bell, it’s my favorite mag pouch from HSGI. The ability to have the same versatility as the single Taco Rifle Mag Pouch and combine it with a highly versatile pistol mag pouch is an excellent option. The best feature of this pouch is its ability to adjust both pouches with the pull of the bungee, instead of having to individually set both. Instead of placing a pistol mag in the pouch, I prefer to place a flashlight and use my belt for pistol mags. In the heat of the moment with bullets flying at you, it’s easy to fumble through the pouch and grab the wrong mag. For this reason, I always believe in keeping my magazines separate to avoid any issue when my adrenaline is running into overdrive. Regardless of how you set your gear up, remember to always train with your new set up to get that muscle memory needed for when the fog of war sets in.


Length 3″
Width 2.2″
Height 5″
Weight .25 pounds
MSRP $45.00




High Speed Gear Triple Pistol TACO MOLLE Mag Pouch

The HSGI Triple Pistol Taco Mag Pouch is perfect for wearing on your duty belt or the Slim Sure-Grip Padded battle belt. The MOLLE attached gives you easy installation and the belt allows you to customize your mags anywhere on your belt.  This is important because it works with both lefties and right-handed shooters without any added products or materials. A lot of other companies only make pistol mag pouches for either single-stack or double stack, but the HSGI Taco Mag Pouches are flexible enough to accommodate any size pistol mag. These pouches fit any 1911, M9 Beretta 92 model, Glock, any XD, and the HK45 by simply loosening or pulling the bungee cord. The best part about this Triple mag pouch is its ability to keep the magazines completely secure with no movement so you never have to worry about them falling out or making too much noise.


Length 6″
Width 1.6″
Height 5.5″
Weight .35 pounds
MSRP $77.00





HSGI is a solid tactical gear company out of Swansboro, NC that has supported the United States Marine Corps for more than 20 years. That alone deserves respect and gratitude for their contribution. The Taco Mag Pouches are their number one selling item because of its functionality, versatility, and comfort. The fact that all of their products are made in America is worth my business. The Taco MOLLE Mag Pouches secure your magazines with heavy-duty nylon and bungee cord for tightening or loosening the pouch to secure it to your belt or vest.