We are excited to offer those who serve our nation 15% off our product line as a way to say thank you for your service.  Here is all you need to know to get yourself set up!

Who Qualifies?

The following personnel may apply for our discount program.  Please note your status must be CURRENTLY EMPLOYED; we do not accept applications for retired/veteran status individuals.

  • EMS/1st Responders
    • Police
    • Fire Fighters
    • EMS
    • Search and Rescue
    • Medical Services (RN, Doctor, etc.)
  • Active/Guard/Reserve Military
  • International Military Units
  • International Police

How to Apply:

  1. Go to https://www.refactortactical.com/account/register
  2. Create an account using your OFFICIAL government email address.  We only accept individuals with active government email addresses.
  3. AFTER you have made your account send an email to [email protected] with your email address and name with a request to receive the military discount.
  4. We will then confirm your change, and you are ready to shop!


  1. Can I stack my military discount with other discounts?  No, you will receive 15% off your order; however, you cannot add any other promotions, offers, or discounts to your already discounted profile. 
  2. What happens when there is a store-wide sale? We will disable your 15% discount for the duration of the sale. 
  3. Why don’t you offer discounts to veterans and or retired personnel?  We can offer our military/LE customers discounts because they make up a smaller percentage of our customer base.  The rest of our customer base is comprised almost entirely of Veterans and retirees.  So if we extended that discount to them, we would be offering discounts to our entire customer base.  Unfortunately, our company can’t run if we offer discounts to our entire customer base. 
  4. Why am I required to enter my official email address? We ask for your official email address to verify employment. 
  5. Can I just send you an image of my credentials and or DD214? Please DO NOT send us a photo of your CAC Card or DD-214.  It is against DoD policy to scan your CAC card. However, if you are from a police department or EMS service and do not have an official email address, you may send us a copy of your photo ID, ONLY if it has an expiration date on it that is not expired. 
  6. Are any products not discounted?  Yes, we do not offer any discounts on our holster product line.
  7. Can I buy products for friends and family?  We ask that you only use the discount for yourself.
  8. What if I have more questions? Please email us at [email protected]