Staying ahead requires innovation, precision, and a relentless dedication to excellence in the rapidly evolving world of firearms and ammunition.

Enter HOP Munitions. Established by a team of experts passionate about elevating the shooting world, HOP Munitions has dedicated itself to reshaping the trajectory of ammunition design and manufacturing.

At the heart of HOP Munitions is a mission that goes beyond merely producing bullets. They aim to redefine the future of ammunition by integrating advanced materials, pioneering design principles, and rigorous testing methodologies.

HOP Munitions Polymer Coated Bullets
9mm – 147gr Poly – 500 Rounds

Committed to supporting those who’ve bravely served, HOP Munitions prioritizes providing combat veterans with long-term, stable employment in an industry they’re intimately familiar with. This mission, combined with their relentless drive for innovation, has caught the attention of both civilian shooters and law enforcement organizations.

One of their groundbreaking contributions to the industry is the introduction of the new poly ammo. Moving away from traditional metal casings, this product promises enhanced performance, reduced environmental impact, and the potential for reshaping shooting experiences.

Who is HOP Munitions

House of Payne Munitions, popularly known as HOP Munitions and based in Hayesville, Ohio dedicates itself to the production of premier-grade ammunition, unmatched in quality.

The company takes pride in its team, which consists of skilled combat veterans who have served and now employ their meticulous attention to detail in the ammunition production process. Each bullet undergoes a rigorous process; they are first tumble polished, ensuring a clean and smooth finish.

Following that, they are hand-gauged, a process to ensure each bullet is of the right dimensions and will function properly. Lastly, with utmost care and precision, each round is packaged.

Furthermore, catering to the diverse needs of shooters, House of Payne Munitions offers an array of calibers, each engineered for specific shooting purposes, be it competition shooting, self-defense, hunting, or other shooting activities.

HOP Munitions Mission

Founded in 2020, House of Payne Munitions was built to create the best ammunition possible while providing the community’s combat veterans with long-term stable employment.

When HOP Munitions first started they were looking for a way to give back to first responders and military veterans.

HOP Munitions is currently roughly 75% veteran staffed. Although HOP Munitions heavily relies on hiring veterans, the non-veteran staff also bring skills to the table that support the veterans.

For example, one of the guys on staff is also an auto mechanic, so if someone needs auto work done on their vehicle, they don’t necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars to get that done, it can be done in-house which saves that Veteran the time and money otherwise spent.

Shawn Payne, owner of HOP Munitions, has found that if you can give a combat veteran roughly 2 years of stable employment, it gives them a solid foundation to move forward in their career if they choose to move on.

In addition to all the standard ammunition that is produced at HOP Munitions, they’ve introduced a new type of training round called Poly Bullets to meet a growing demand in the shooting industry.

These more economical rounds have become quite popular among competition shooters and firearms trainers.

HOP Munitions Poly Ammo

These more economical rounds have become quite popular among competition shooters and firearms trainers.

The Polymer Bullets contain a lead core coated in a high-temperature polymer.

These poly-coated bullets offer several benefits, such as reducing barrel wear, preventing barrel fouling, improving accuracy, and most importantly, being more affordable.

HOP Munitions 300 AAC Blackout Poly Ammo
300 AAC Blackout – 220gr POLY – 50 Rounds

Optimized for competition shooting and training, this is an incredibly affordable training and practice round!

Also safe for shooting steel at distances greater than 10ft! You can’t do that with standard FMJ ammunition.

Advantages of Using Polymer Bullets

Shooting our Poly Bullets comes with several advantages over other types of ammunition.

Unlike lead rounds, they do not release toxic gases into the air, making them a safer choice, particularly for indoor shooters.

Polymer-coated rounds ensure smooth feeding from the magazine to the chamber, reducing the likelihood of a failure to feed. They tend to cycle more consistently into the chamber when compared to standard FMJ or even jacketed hollow points.

Polymer Coated 9mm
9mm – 115gr POLY – 50 Rounds

Another advantage is that they produce less fouling in the barrel compared to lead round-nose bullets. The soft lead can leave residue in the barrel, affecting accuracy and performance. Polymer-coated rounds, however, leave less or no residue, contributing to improved barrel longevity.

The overall purpose of using a polymer coating on bullets is to enhance performance by reducing friction, resulting in smoother and safer shooting experiences.

For more information about HOP Munitions and the ammunition they manufacture, visit their website at

HOP Munitions Polymer Coated Bullets
Our Polymer Bullets are designed to meet the growing demand in the shooting industry. They reduce barrel wear, prevent barrel fouling, improve accuracy, and most importantly, they’re affordable.