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Fix It Sticks is a multi-tool system that is specifically designed to repair, perform maintenance, and install either gun parts or bike parts. Fix It Sticks is your answer to all of your problems or issues with other equipment.  If you haven’t heard of Fix It Sticks or just haven’t bothered with trying them out, this blog is for you. Similar to fishing gear, I’ve gone through multiple parts, such as, wrenches, bits, and brackets during the past decade either fixing scope mounts or replacing a blown tire on my mountain bike. Most of the time, I find myself taking my gear into a professional for minor maintenance and fixes. Regardless of the problem, it seems I always walk out of a bike shop spending over $100.00 (on the low end).

Let Fix It Sticks save you money, time, and problems with their ergonomic t-handle frame that supports all of their gear. One of the biggest issues I’ve always had with my previous gear was either under or over tightening my screws and bolts. Once you over-tighten a bolt or screw, you can strip the metal and degrade your bike or gun so much faster than you would with professional equipment. If you’re one of those guys/girls that has been on a trail and had your front tire fly off after you hit the dirt, this tool is for you! You’ll never under-tighten bike or gun parts again with Fix It Sticks.

What is a Fix-It Stick?

The main tool for this unique system is 2 hex bits that fit inside each other for a t-handle to use for torque, leverage, and comfort. Simply just place one hex bit inside the other to form the t-handle. The hex bits will lock together and stay together so you won’t have to worry about any kind of injury when you’re working on your gun or bike. Even though you can use one Fix It Stick on both bikes and guns, they come with different bit attachments and torque pieces based on each purpose.

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What Can I Do With My Fix It Stick?

When I first learned about this company, my first question was, “why should I spend the extra money when other products do similar things?” After I started to research them, I started to notice their products in bike shops and gunsmithing shops. In short, you can use a Fix-It-Stick to repair, install, or perform maintenance on your bikes and guns without having to own boxes of tools.

To give you an example of what I use my Fix It Sticks on, I’ll explain a few purposes that I use regularly. I carry The Works and it does the job I need it to for all of my weapons, including pistols, shotguns, and rifles. I’m able to tighten my iron sights on my AR-15 and my Mossberg 500, while still having the right tools to place a bracket on my pistol for a red dot sight or laser. I use my Fix It Stick every time I hunt and jump on my mountain bike for a trail run. I use it to tighten my rifle scope brackets after I drive to my hunting location and always check to see if my scope got off zero from the rattling of the old unpaved mountain roads.

Why Should I Choose Fix It Sticks?

Whether you want to thoroughly clean your bolt carrier group with the scraper attachments or ensure your scope is level, this product will give you all of it. I use Fix It Sticks because I’m not the greatest with tools or fixing gear. I don’t know how to do most things on my bike, but I’m very well trained with guns. This tool allows me to do things that would normally cost me $150 per visit to a shop. The Fix It Stick is the most portable and modular tool kit that I’ve ever had and it’s included in my backpack for both hunting and biking. The Fix It Stick is one of the easiest and most dependable tools that you can carry with you, in our opinion.

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Where is Fix It Sticks Located?

Fix It Sticks is out of Chicago, IL where they design, engineer, and test all of their products, before being shipped to a manufacturing facility in Taiwan. Although they’re not 100% American made, they still have their headquarters here and provide jobs for Americans. That’s good enough for me because I understand having the cost of manufacturing and how difficult it is to produce a product.

Which Bits Fit Into a Fix It Stick for AR?

If you’re worried about which bits will fit inside your tool, stop worrying, and read the list below for a better understanding. The Fix It Stick is capable of using 4 styles of screws and bolts (hex, slotted #2, Phillips #2, and Torx). The Fix It Stick is designed for the hex bits because those are more common in guns and gun parts. It features the ability to use 12 hex bits of varying sizes to accommodate any need that I can think of. These individual items can be found in kits, such as the AR-15 Tool Kit and The Works instead of buying individual parts.

Compatible bits For the Fix It Stick

  • A2 Sight Adjuster
  • Bolt Carrier Group Scraper
  • Castle Nut Wrench
  • Pin Punch
  • Metal Cleaning Pick
  • Non- Marring Takedown Punch
  • Nylon Cleaning Brush
  • 8-32 Adapter (Male & Female).

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What is the Mountain Kit?

Fix It Sticks are so versatile that you don’t need too many more parts to use for both mountain biking and shooting. The Mountain Kit features items that exclusive to biking and will save you potential hours replacing a chain or tire. This kit comes with very specific gear, such as the Chain Breaker and replaceable hex bits for a bike. I place mine in my backpack or if I’m going on a short ride, I put the carrying case in my camelback. Whether you break your chain, bust a tire, throw off your gears during a crash, or just need things tightened after a day on the mountain, this kit will give you confidence that you’ll finish your ride.

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How-To Use Fix It Sticks?

Fix It Sticks are simple and easy to use, but some parts and tools look similar and can be confusing to some. This is why the company decided to create a How-To section on their web page to guide you through some of the more common questions and concerns you have with the gear. If you need to know how to use a torque limiter, you’ll find it in the How-To section, along with other products and bits. When you’re deciding which bit to use for the task, you can check out the diagrams they provide to get a better understanding, without pulling out manuals.


For all the cyclists and hunters out there reading this article, I strongly advise you to give Fix It Sticks a chance at your business. They make a quality product that is a little expensive on the front end, but more than makes up for it after a few months of hunting or biking. The Fix It Stick is incredibly lightweight, portable, and modular, with the ability to be carried without notice on a bike ride or hunting expedition.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Fix-It Stick?
  • What Can I Do With My Fix It Stick?
  • Why Should I Choose Fix It Sticks?
  • Where is Fix It Sticks Located?
  • Which Bits Fit Into a Fix It Stick for AR?
  • What is the Mountain Kit?
  • How-To Use Fix It Sticks?

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