This Is Called The Burner


The Burner:

The burner is designed to test your ability to quickly place rifle rounds on target both before and after physical activity.

Range: 5 yards

Target: #13 on the Essentials Target

Starting Position: Weapon on safe at the low ready

Drill: At the sound of the buzzer fire 5 rounds to the #7 target.  Turn and run to the 15  yard line then run back to the 5 yard line and fire 5 more rounds to the #7 target. Any round outside of the #7 adds 2 seconds to your overall time.

Times: We ran this drill and had 13.84 seconds as our best time.

Tip: When you run the first five rounds go as fast as you can accurately engage the target.  You should be able to get off the first 5 rounds in about 1.50 seconds in order to obtain a decent time.

Did you complete this drill?  Let us know how you did!

The Essentials Target is available at

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