RANGE: 5-yard line

STARTING POSITION: Gun holstered and shooter facing downrange. There should be 1 round chambered and 0 rounds in your magazine in order to cause the firearm to go “dry” after the first shot is fired. The first replacement magazine should have 2 rounds and the second replacement magazine should have at least 3 rounds.

TARGETS: #15, 14 and 12

DRILL: On the buzzer, draw and fire 1 round into target #15, reload and fire 2 more rounds into target #14, reload and fire 3 rounds into target #12.

END GAME: The point of this drill is to perform it as quickly as possible. You should be most focused on speeding up the split times.

SCORE: Your score is your best split time of the 10 different iterations.

TIPS: If you want to know your reload time, look at the split time on your shot timer between shots 1 and 2 as well as shots 3 and 4. 

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