Women have it hard enough with all the stupid questions people ask about why YOU carry. I mean, couldn’t a man do it for you? Or…what if the gun goes off??—yeah that’s a question people ask—Despite the stupidity and the sarcastic reply in your head, you still carry. But how you carry, that depends upon too many things to discuss in a single paragraph. What’s really frustrating is the amount of crappy concealed carry purses on the market, what’s more shameful is how pricy the—advertised as—good quality purses are. That’s why we’ve put together an article to help you pick out a concealed carry purse that’s both structurally sound, made of good quality, and won’t break the bank, starting with some of the best concealed carry purses on the market today.

Top 5 Concealed Carry Purses

1. Slim Cross Body-Distressed Buffalo



  • Subtle elegant Pebble Grain American Cowhide
  • Lightweight
  • Year Round wear-ability
  • Soft Hand that will get softer with use
  • Matte texture
  • Outside front Wallet Organizer
  • Held closed with 2 rare earth magnets
  • Zippered pocket and one open pocket
  • Clear ID window
  • 14 card slot pockets
  • Chrome gold plate accent
  • Cross Body timeless styling
  • Slash Resistant Shoulder Strap
  • 1 Ply steel wire tastefully reinforced
  • Cross Body Length
  • Easily clips on and off
  • Adjustable
  • Designed for Left or Right handed use
  • Special padding to prevent gun imprinting
  • Includes our Mini Holster ( designed by Mernickel Holsters)
  • Tested w/S&W M&P Shield – 9mm, Glock 27
  • Subcompact 40C, Sig P238-.380 auto, Ruger LCP 9mm,
  • Walther CCP-9mm, Springfield XD-9mm
  • Main Compartment
  • Zippered Top closure
  • Extra pockets with zippered interior back pocket
  • Fully lined with easy-to-see khaki Gun Tote’n Mamas
  • logo lining
  • Overall Bag size: 9- 3/4″ Tall x 10″ Wide x 3 – 1/8″ Deep
  • GTM Gun compartment size: 7 – 1/4″ Wide x 7 – 1/8″ Tall
  • Zipper opening: 7″ Tall
  • Gun Footprint in holster: 5 – 3/4″ Wide x 6″ tall

2. Cross Body Quilted Sac



  • 100% Quilted Microfiber Polyester
  • With smooth Microfiber accents and leather trim
  • Luggage grade Microfiber
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Outlasts Handbag microfiber
  • Designed for either Left or Right handed use
  • Special padding to prevent gun imprinting
  • Slash Resistant Shoulder Strap
  • 11 ply steel wire tastefully reinforced
  • Cross Body Length
  • Easily clips on and off
  • Adjustable
  • Includes our Standard Holster (designed by Mernickle Holsters)
  • Tested with Glock 43, S&W Shield and S&W Air Lite PD revolver
  • Chrome color hardware
  • 2 front chrome metal zippers
  • Gun compartment uses nylon coil zippers for safety
  • Leather zipper tabs
  • Two outside Front pockets fit most Smartphone sizes
  • Zippered main compartment
  • Interior zippered pocket and 2 open pockets
  • Easily holds wallet, glasses, lipstick, book etc.
  • Fully lined with Gun Tote’n Mamas logo lining
  • Overall bag size:
    10″ Tall x 9-1/2″ Wide x 3-1/2″ Deep
  • GTM compartment size:
  • 9″ Wide x 7″ Tall
  • Zipper opening: 6-3/4″ Tall
  • Gun footprint: 8″ wide x 6-1/4″ Tall

Price: $86.99

3. Urban Moxy aurora Concealed Carry Gun Tote


  • 12 “(Top)
  • 14″ (Bottom) wide
  • 11″ long
  • 4″ deep
  • 6″ handle drop length
  • Holster dimensions are approx. 6.75″ x 8.25″ x 2.5″
  • Measures 14″ at the bottom widest part and 12″ at the top.
  • 11″ long and 4″ wide with a drop strap length of 6″

4. Ali Concealed-Carry Cross-Body Purse


  • Adjustable shoulder strap – adjustable from 22″ to 40″ length
  • Turn-Twist clasp closure
  • A separate concealed compartment on the back with 2-zipper-openings for both right and left-hand draw
  • Lockable gun compartment
  • Removable universal holster included
  • Dimensions: 11″L X 6.5″W X 11″H
  • Concealed pocket measurement: 9.5″W X7″H
  • Made with Faux Leather

Price: $59.99

5. Leather RFID Travel Tote


  • Superb South American Cowhide
    • Buttery Soft hand
    • Rich patina develops with use and age
    • Naked finish shows leather at its natural best
    • Natural markings makes each bag distinctly individual
  • 3.75 lbs.
  • Over 1100 Cubic Inches of room!
    • 5 extra large interior pockets + a zippered pocket
  • Generous Capacity! Main compartment Easily holds so much:
    • Laptop, IPads
    • Shoes
    • water and baby bottles
    • work-out clothes
    • diapers
    • baby blanket
    • binders
    • umbrella
    • make-up / toilet kits
    • newspaper
    • snacks
    • etc
  • Airline Carry-on size approved
  • 4 outside large pockets can carry:
    • bottles of most sizes, phones of any size in protective covers, pepper spray, flashlight
  • RFID interior zippered pocket
  • Zippered top closure
  • Fully lined with easy-to-see-in khaki Gun Tote’n Mamas logo lining
  • Flat Shoulder length straps
    • Drop length: 10”
    • Mini D-Rings allow the use of favorite lock
  • Designed for Left or Right handed use
  • Special padding prevents imprint
  • Cross Body Slash Resistant Shoulder Strap
    • 11 Ply steel cable tastefully reinforced
    • 1.25” wide to disperse weight
    • Easily clips on and off
    • Adjustable
  • Includes our Standard Holster (designed by Mernickle Holsters)
  • GTM gun compartment size : 9 – 1 /2” Wide x 10” Tall
    • Zipper openings: 9” Tall
    • Tested w/ Glock 19, Heckler & Koch VP9 full size, S&W M&P 2.0 full size, S&W, M&P Shield, Sig Sauer P320, Springfield XD 9 mm
    • Gun footprint in holster: 8 – 1/ 2” Wide x 9” tall
  • Antiqued brass color metal hardware Color: Tan

Price: $199.95

How we rate our Concealed Carry Purses

Disclaimer, our list is based on structure—for safety reasons—quality, and price, however, the purse you like will also depend on your personal taste. So, while the above are the top purses based on our three standards, style is also a consideration, though, you might find yourself in disagreement because everyone’s style is different.

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Structure and Quality

The structure is one of the most important considerations when it comes to picking out the perfect concealed carry purse. If your purse isn’t structurally sound, you might find it hard to draw your weapon. Your purse needs to have a good quality structure. This doesn’t mean it has to be costly—more on that next—but it does mean you should be able to handle and safely use your purse as a concealed carry option.

If you can’t safely remove your weapon for use, then what good will it do you? If your purse is made of such low quality that the zipper or button holding your concealed weapon, concealed, breaks or falls off, it’s probably not worth it, especially if you’re considering safety and that little one standing next to your now exposed weapon. 


Why are concealed carry purses so expensive? A purse with a single compartment designated for your handgun constitutes a $300 price increase? I think not! With that being said, you should know, you don’t have to spend half your paycheck on a concealed carry purse. While we have listed some purses that are more than $100, know that they are also real leather and can be used for more than concealed carry, combined with quality; this is what constitutes the price. Also, keep in mind, there are much more expensive, high-quality purses out there, so in the grand scheme of things, a $300 purse isn’t that expensive (comparatively).

Concealed Carry for Women

The problem with a lot of concealed carry purses out there is their blingy, cheap, and/or not structurally sound. They’re either ugly, but work like they should or they’re “girly” and you probably shouldn’t actually be using it to carry anything more than a spare set of keys and an unwrapped sucker in the bottom. At least, that’s how it’s been. Luckily the population of female shooters and carriers has increased, and so has the market.

Concealed Carry Challenges

As a woman, we have a few more challenges than men do. First, we have curves and second, our clothing is made in a variety of styles, but typically more form-fitting than that of mens’ clothing. This challenge means that we have to find ways of concealing both properly and safely, and then make sure we practice drawing the weapon from that source, whether it be from a purse or in the waistband holster.

Practice with your Purse 

While there are better ways of carrying your concealed weapon, we understand that a purse is sometimes the best choice, it’s at least better than leaving your carry weapon at home and not having it when you need it. Unless of course, you haven’t actually practiced with your purse. Yes, this is pertinent. If you haven’t actually practiced, and it comes down to using it, you might find you have trouble withdrawing that revolver. You might find that it gets hung up on something because you have the wrong purse. Or, maybe you didn’t realize you’d have to shoot through your purse for time, and can’t get a proper pistol grip to do so.

These are all reasons to practice. It’s no different from the necessity to practice drawing from your holster. However, where you practice might be a different matter. Make sure you talk with your range before you practice this maneuver. There’s a chance that this won’t be allowed for safety reasons.

Once you find a place that will let you practice, do so—with an unloaded weapon first. Practice until it’s muscle memory. Also, make sure you’re practicing from the same position you carry your purse. Keep in mind your strong and week hand as well—although it’s advised to practice with both.

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Concealed Carry Reciprocity

If you’re carrying, the first thing you need to do is make sure you know the laws. Know where you can carry, how you can carry, and if you have a permit, what the reciprocity is of the other states. This basically says which states will accept your permit and the ones that will not.

Concealed Carry Permit

Depending on where you live, getting your concealed carry may be easy, near impossible, or completely impossible. Some states have strict laws and it’s near impossible to get a permit. Others, it’s a simple matter of getting a background check.

Where to buy Concealed Carry Purses

There are plenty of places to look for a concealed carry purse than from the list we’ve provided. You could look on eBay or Amazon for instance. However, take caution because not all of the purses you get from here will be made of quality. They may be cheap on the wallet, but they might also be cheap in quality too.

Concealed Carry Purses

It’s true, there’s no better way to carry your weapon than on your body. However, it would be unrealistic to think you’ll always be in a circumstance to wear a weapon on your person. Because of this, many women look to alternative carry options, such as a purse. With this, though, becomes a new level of responsibility.

Because your weapon is no longer on your body, there’s the chance of someone other than you gaining access to it. Are you prone to taking your purse off at the grocery store and placing it in the cart? You’d better get used to not doing that. Do you often remove your purse and place it on the sink in a public restroom and then forget it? That’d be a terrible mistake to make. If you’re prone to either of these things, we’d advise you to look at another carry option outside of purse carry.

Crossbody Concealed Carry Purses 

If you’re going to carry concealed in a purse, your best option is a crossbody option. This is because a shoulder bag is more likely to get ripped from your side—because someone just had to have that quarter covered in gum at the bottom of your bag. Now you have a crook running around with a weapon with your name on it.

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Why a concealed carry purse over a normal purse?

Aren’t all purses the same? Well, no, not really. A concealed carry purse shouldn’t just be an extra pouch. It should be an extra, concealed carry dedicated pouch with the ability to safely secure your weapon. If you keep your weapon in a pouch with other things, you risk the chance of getting something stuck in your trigger guard.

So, when you go shopping for a purse to conceal in, look for one dedicated to concealed carry. Start with a Purse you like, and then look to find a concealed carry purse that is similar to the style you normally carry. The reasoning for this is not just for aesthetics. It has to do with what you’re comfortable with. If you start with something familiar to you, something that is similar to what you’re already carrying, it will make using it as a concealed carry purse safer and more enjoyable for you. However, this does not mean you can forgo your practice sessions. You’ll still need to practice drawing your weapon from the purse.

Remember, when you’re practicing do not forget safety. Practice with an unloaded weapon. There’s no reason to risk safety with a loaded weapon when you’re simply practicing drawing your weapon. When you get to the point where you’re practicing shooting with your purse, do so with safety in mind, always. Make sure you have permission from your range. Make sure you’re still pointing in a safe direction. You need to make sure you’re prepared to take action in the case of an adversary, but never forget safety in your practice. Otherwise, you might be seen as an adversary.

Concealed Carry Purse Accessories

We haven’t personally used this, but a user did recommend this, so we thought we’d add it. If anything, do your own research on this product and see if you can find anyone who uses or has something similar and see what they think.

The product is meant to be sized to the purse or bag you carry. However, keep in mind if you’re putting it in your everyday carry purse, one that isn’t meant for concealed carry, to keep it free of other items which could be a safety hazard or cause difficulty for getting a proper pistol grip and draw.